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Toronto Sun - Oct. 3, 2009 - By Ted Woloshyn, TED.WOLOSHYN@SUNMEDIA.CA

Is it Hazel's time to go?  Hell, no

Miller may be tired, but Mississauga's 89-year
old Energizer bunny Mayor McCallion is still more than capable

David Miller's decision to not seek a third term as Toronto's mayor surprised me.

Quite frankly it made perfect sense;  he was dogged by a swelling deficit he miscalculated, haunted by the garbage strike, and most likely did want to spend time with his young kids.

But his announcement really caused me to think about the future of another mayor, the Energizer bunny in my backyard, known simply as Hazel.

Hazel McCallion has ruled Mississauga for more than three decades, and should she run again next year, she would be three months shy of her 90th birthday.  Reason enough, some say, to step down.

Recently she's been under fire by councillors who have requested a judicial probe to examine a potential conflict of interest regarding a land deal connected to her son Peter.

The conflict-of-interest allegations stem from her involvement in a $14.4-million failed land deal Peter brokered.

Mayor McCallion apparently took part in two private meetings about the purchase, and didn't declare a conflict at a May 2008 council meeting, although the minutes state she did.

The results of this probe could alter the landscape of Mississauga in a monumental fashion.  No doubt this is causing her a substantial amount of stress -- not dissimilar to the type of stress Miller endured.  But she may walk away for the most part unscathed.


Still, in concert, these two points of discussion beg the question, "Does Mississauga need a new mayor for the next decade of the new millennium?"

I say no -- for two reasons.

I also need to say Mayor McCallion and I are friends, but sometimes the best advice a friend can give another friend may not be what they want to hear, and if I believed she should walk away I'd tell her.

But I don't think she should. Unless of course it's her decision.

First, I don't believe age is an issue here.  Hazel has shown no signs she can't continue, and I just don't buy into ageism.  You're either capable or not, and she is more than capable.

Second, of all those on council with Hazel, they either couldn't handle the job or have not indicated they want it.  Perhaps in deference to the mayor, or perhaps they shudder at the thought of trying to keep up with McCallion's schedule and commitments.

In other words if you want to follow Hazel, be ready to give up your life.

And then there's Coun.  Carolyn Parrish.  She wants the job worse than Jim Ballsillie wants a hockey team in Hamilton, and has done everything she can, in my view, to undermine the mayor's position.  So much so that McCallion can no longer get motions passed in council.

Parrish and five colleagues backing her simply out-vote Hazel whenever they desire.  Parrish also knows she can't run against the mayor because she'd lose, and if she did run it would be seen as throwing Hazel under a bus.

So what's her best option?  Make McCallion's life a living hell, and hope she quits on her own.


Parrish would be a disaster for Mississauga.  She tows a ton of bad baggage -- imagine her as mayor, welcoming a U.S. representative to Mississauga.  "Aren't you the woman who called us American bastards, and then stepped on a George Bush doll?"

Her demeanour would fly directly in the face of the Mississauga's positive reputation.

Does Mississauga need a new mayor?  Not unless voters want one or it's proven the current boss can't do the job -- and I haven't seen evidence of either. 

Certainly not if Carolyn Parrish is the alternative.

Comments by others, 14, to this web-page;

f    October 8th 2009, 6:09pm

hazel sold out to the developers,(orlando corp.) to name one in the seventies,her support comes from big business with bigger wallets that keep her in year after year.she is very well funded and no different than any other politician.

HaleysComet     October 6th 2009, 9:39pm|

Age bias is far too rampant in our society...we must all fight it because we are all human and we will all age...if we are lucky, that is.
To keep harping at Mayor McCallion to retire just because of her age is ridiculous....and unfair. When she had an accident..the first thing everyone mentioned was her age. Yet the highest amount of accidents are in the under 25 age group....think about it.
Mayor McCallion has more energy, drive, and focus than most people a third of her age...long live the Energizer Bunny of Mississauga!!!

MISSISSAUGAWATCH     October 6th 2009, 12:04pm

Dear Ted,

Let the comments here (and over at the Globe and the Star) bear testimony to how Hazel McCallion achieved her Cult Status.

A fanatic group of supporters (who have $$benefited$$ from McCallion's reign either financially or through favour (ie: funded for the Arts, Gardens, Festivals, special interests etc etc).

Her 5,000 plus employees, spouses, voting-age kids, Enersource employees, resident-employees from other municipalties.

A larger group who haven't a clue how McCallion really runs Mississauga (because they only base their "news" on traditional media or what the City itself feeds them in flyers.

Here's a fact. Hazel McCallion hasn't a CLUE how the City is run. She's left it ENTIRELY up to her Staff! ANYBODY can do that!

MISSISSAUGAWATCH     October 6th 2009, 11:55am

The secret to Hazel McCallion's success is the degree to which she and her Staff HID what was really going on in Mississauga.

I've been researching McCallion's Mississauga through Freedom of Information (FOI) since January 2007. I've spent over $2,000 on FOI's and have another bill for $65.00 today for City documents.

In addition I've attended (and videotaped) most Mississauga Council meetings since September 2006.

Here is a FACT. Even though Ted Woloshyn admits to be Hazel McCallion's friend, he hasn't TWO CLUES about how she runs the City.

HEY TED! Next time you see Hazel, ask her about her Security guards' ban and arrests kids! And ask her about the Conflict of Interest she condones with a Manager allowed to discipline --HIMSELF!

The Ram     October 5th 2009, 5:13pm

Caroline in the City?????

U R a Cartoon "Character", Madam!!!

Stay in the Kitchen; just Don't Hatch up your Witches' Brew, for Us to Retch Over.

To All Those who Voted for Her, in her Ward. . .

R U just Illeterates (in which case U have my Deepest Sympathy); OR Do you Hate the Rest of Us Mississaugans (and Our City) So Much, that you would Subject Us to Ms. Parish's Shenanigans?

Just think about it, people. . .


and U VOTED her IN??????

The Next Time Around, please Do Not Compound your Error. Get Rid of Her. She is an EMBARRASSMENT to ALL of US!!!!!!

Mississauga would Perish under Parrish    October 4th 2009, 7:41am

If Parrish were to ever be Mayor of Mississauga (The thought is stomach churning!), the City would go from having the 2nd best Mayor in the World to the 2nd worst!
It's Hazel all the way for as long as she wants!
I sure hope when Hazel decides to step down, someone WITH fortitude & comprehension steps up!

free froggy     October 4th 2009, 4:40am

Parrish would take Mississauga into the sewer where she does her best work!
If Hazel does decide to step down I would hope someone like Pat Mullins would step up to the plate!

mz     October 3rd 2009, 5:43pm

Parrish is an embarrassment to Mississauga even as a councillor. I can't bear the thought of her as Mayor - I cringe just thinking about it. She tries to dig up dirt on Hazel, but aside from the assinine things Parrish has done in public, I'm sure her closet is pretty full of skeletons. She is not as squeaky clean as she would like all to believe.

John L    October 3rd 2009, 5:06pm

Parrish was quoted as saying she had a "reluctant duty" to demand an inquiry into Hazel's actions.

It strikes me that someone actively campainging against the mayor and having ambitions for the job now crying crocodile tears over the matter suggests a major issue of character.

Even if Hazel is determined to be guilty of questionable wisdom on this matter she has a long history of good performance in the role of mayor. In contrast Parrish has a long history of bad judgement, infantile behaviour and failure to perform Keep in mind that she was expelled from the Liberal caucus for her behaviour. How in the world could she be perceived as a better option?

norm    October 3rd 2009, 4:18pm

Hazel will be known as one of the best mayors in Canadian history,

As for Parrish she needs to understand Americans don't hate all Canadians. Just STUPID ones.

Igor    October 3rd 2009, 3:01pm

I suppose you probably work for Parrish...

Frank     October 3rd 2009, 2:22pm

Why do some commenters spread their posts to ridiculous lengths by using one word per triple-spaced line? If it's to get attention, it actually has the opposite effect with me. I noticed, before I stopped reading them, that they are invariably a rant by an anonymous person, and not worth the effort.

par is , your lie bral roots are showing     October 3rd 2009, 2:03pm


par is

we, the good people of mississauga ....







has stated for the


her case for all to see



L O V E you



tim    October 3rd 2009, 1:12pm

Hazel has been a successful mayor largely because she uses something in very short supply amongst politicians---common sense!

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