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Ontario Realty Corporation

    As the ORC has been setting records for "scandal", "criminal investigation", "police are investigating", "taxpayers were bilked", "shady deals", "audit", "taxpayers swindled", "stench", "bid-rigging", "evidence" and "wrongdoing or criminal behaviour in the ORC", all of which point to corruption both legal and moral. 

    It is time to post this site so people can find the articles that lay out the details of one of the darkest chapters in Ontario's history.  The complete BETRAYAL of the Taxpayer/Voters trust and faith in their government!  This history is often lost to most Web-suffers as the media companies that are the sources of these articles will only allow easy access to them for a day or week or so.  If you can not refer to the past, how can you learn from it?

Salary Disclosure for Ontario Realty Corp. (ORC).

This is the start of the list and more news articles are needed - if you have any please sent them;

Many articles were found at
The Association of Ontario Land Economists

1999  -  2000  -  2001  -  2002  -  2003  -  2004  -  2005  -  2006


Harris appointee resigns from ORC
Globe & Mail Jan. 26 2006, Thur. - by John Barber, Inside Toronto

Head of troubled ORC resigns Miele brought in by Harris to head agency
Credited with cleaning up real estate arm

Toronto Star Jan. 25 2006, - By Richard Brennan, Queen's Park Bureau

ORC Announces Departure of President and CEO Tony Miele
ORC Jan. 24 2006, Tues. - by Jim Butticci, Manager-Government Relations




Provincial realty arm hit with $20M suit
Developer alleges Mayor McCallion affected land deal

Toronto Star July 30 2004, - by Tony Van Alphen, Business Reporter - GTA Columnists




Interview of Tony Miele
Site Selection magazine Sept. 2002




Who let the dogs out? ... ORC THE KILLER SCANDAL
Eye  Dec. 28 2000,

McGuinty starting to look like a contender
Globe & Mail December 28 2000,Thur. - by John Ibbitson

Ontario to consider property sell-off Hospitals
Toronto Star Nov 10 2000, - by Richard Brennan, Queen's Park Bureau

Ontario Realty arm corruption claims grow
Toronto Star November 9 2000
, - by Tony Van Alphen, Business Reporter

Toronto Sun Nov. 2 2000 - by

Ontario selling public land like 'garage clutter'
Probe demanded as rules on environment ignored Watchdog blasts handling of sensitive areas

Toronto Star Nov. 2 2000, - by Brian McAndrew, Environment Reporter

Environmental report harshly critical of province
Toronto Star November 2 2000, Thur. - by
Richard Mackie

Search for graves holds up ORC sale
Globe & Mail August 23 2000, Wed. - by Matthew Sekeres

Employees colluded with developers: Ontario Realty
Toronto Star July 28 2000, - by Tony Van Alphen, Business Reporter

Ontario Realty Corp.'s right to sue questioned
Toronto Star July 27 2000, - by Tony Van Alphen, Business Reporter

Woman files notice over private well
Globe & Mail July 27 2000,Thur. - by Alanna Mitchell

Province-owned wells show contamination
July 22 2000, Sat. - by

Alarm, confusion over secret list of water
Globe & Mail July 18 2000, Tue. - by Susan Bourette and Richard Mackie

Realty corporation chairman resigns
July 8 2000, Sat. - by Richard Mackie

Numbers don't add up as land-deal suit ends
Globe & Mail July 5 2000, Wed. - by John Barber

New housing may be resting on an old secret
Globe & Mail June 22 2000
, Thur. - by John Barber

The Lyons King
Eye June 8, 2000, - by Bruce Livesey

Firm makes real tracks on land deal data
Globe & Mail June 6 2000, Tue. - by Deborah King

ORC alleges improper site cleanups
June 3, 2000, Sat. - by
Richard Mackie, Queen's Park Bureau

Milton residents battle agency over sale of Land
Globe & Mail June 3 2000, Sat. - by Renee Huang

Developer tips hand of ORC board
Globe & Mail June 1 2000, Thur. - by John Barber

Best financing rates in town offered by Ontario Realty
Globe & Mail May 31 2000, Wed. by John Barber

Ontario land agency in major overhaul
Toronto Star May 27 2000, - by Tony Van Alphen, Business Reporter

Land comparison reveals province's audacity
Globe & Mail May 25 2000, Thur. - by John Barber

ORC documents allege fraud
May 20 2000, Sat. - by Richard Mackie, Queen's Park Bureau

Globe & Mail May 20 2000
, Sat.

ORC alleges fraud, aims to unravel rich land sales
Toronto Star May 20 2000, - by Tony Van Alphen, Business Reporter

Developer says McGuinty slandered him
Toronto Star May 18 2000, - by Tony Van Alphen, Business Reporter

ORC 'practice' broke its own rules
Globe & Mail May 17 2000, Wed. - by John Barber

Tories sold land to reward friends
May 17 2000, Wed. - by Richard Mackie, Queen's Park Bureau

Valuable Bay St. property sold for a third its value: McGuinty
— May 16 2000, Tue. - by Richard Mackie, Queen's Park Bureau

Its hard to keep House in order
Toronto Star May 13 2000, --

Competition? Bah, humbug. This is Mike Harris Ontario
Globe & Mail May 13, 2000, Sat. - by John Barber

Another day, another scandal at Ontario Realty
Toronto Star May 13 2000, - by Rob Ferguson, Business Reporter

Bark Lake deal `stunk': Hodgson
Toronto Star May 13 2000, - by Richard Brennan, Queen's Park Bureau

Taxpayers fork out $20,000 to sweeten `peculiar' land deal
Toronto Star May 13 2000, - by Tony Van Alphen, Business Writer

Agency stalls sale of land to developer targeted in probe
May 11, 2000, Thur. - by John Saunders

Harris to blame for ORC's woes: McGuinty
May 11 2000, Thur. - by Richard Mackie, Queen's Park Bureau

Former ORC manager linked to firm in suit
Toronto Star May 10 2000, - by Tony Van Alphen, Business Writer

Land deal in controversy hasn't made profit: buyer
May 10 2000,

The 'disappearing' of a former ORC employee
May 10 2000,

Land scandal tests Mike Harris' ethics
May 10 2000,

Land deal benefited Tory backer: McGuinty
May 9 2000,

Professor's digging revealed Tory backers
May 9 2000,

Tories accused of `sweetheart' land deal
May 9 2000,

Land loan ripped by McGuinty
May 9 2000,

Public land agencies poor at deal-making: expert
May 8 2000,

Workers took kickbacks, Ontario Realty charges
May 6 2000,

Coincidences mounting in questionable land deals
May 4 2000,

Key to $3-million land profit: 'Luck'
May 2 2000,

Three more land flips net some tidy profits
May 2 2000,

Ontario Realty ignored advice in land deal
April 29 2000,

Land flip nets Vaughan firm $785,000 profit
April 28 2000,

Untendered land deal probed
April 28 2000,

Auditors probe why ORC called no tenders on land
April 28 2000,

Grit grills crematorium deal
April 27 2000,

Waterfront renewal lives or dies on financing
April 27 2000,

Memo links cabinet minister to land deal
April 27 2000,

Opposition directs ORC fire at Harris
April 26 2000,

Realty corporation saga has only just begun
April 26 2000,

Legislative Assembly Hansard Record - L048
Apr. 26 2000

Paper trail led to rare court order
April 25 2000,

Agency may seek to freeze land deals
April 25 2000,

Land deal scandal widens
April 22 2000,

ORC files seized in bid probe
April 21 2000,

Fraud alleged in Ontario land deals
April 21 2000,

Ontario Hydro sell-off needs scrutiny
April 14 2000,

'Ordinary Canadian' not so common
April 12 2000,

Legislative Assembly Hansard Record - L039A
Apr. 10 2000

Queen's Park flips out
April 8 2000,

Liberals call for freeze on land sales
April 7 2000,

Tories under attack for Ontario land deals Crucial documents missing
April 6 2000,

Critics demand minister resign as land-flip controversy grows
April 5 2000,

Party line on land flips contradicts itself
April 5 2000,

Five'll get you 10
April 4 2000,

ORC head, Hodgson will stay on during OPP probe
April 4 2000,

Harris defends minister in land probe
April 4 2000,

Legislative Assembly Hansard Record - L035
Apr. 3 2000

Police probe public land flips Deals revealed in Globe
April 1 2000,

A year later, ORC's sale of warehouse still raises eyebrows
March 31 2000,

Why would a motivated salesman sell land so cheap?
March 30 2000,

Integrity on the board
March 25 2000,

Government rejects calls for ORC chief to step down
March 24 2000,

Cushy landings
March 24 2000,

Accountants drew picture of 'fractured' Realty Corp.
March 24 2000,

Price leaped $3.2-million in federal land flip
March 23 2000,

Ontario land agency in trouble over sales
March 18 2000,

Probe into land deals to be expanded
March 16 2000,

Some informed speculation on what looks like speculation
March 10 2000,

See no evil given new meaning at the ORC
March 8 2000,

Probe of developer didn't halt association with Ontario agency
March 7 2000,

New head of Ontario Realty Corp. ordered audit last fall
March 6 2000,

May join Ontario Realty Corp. probe, Auditor says
March 4 2000,

Government land deals best viewed from inside
March 3 2000,

Province needs outside audit of public land sales:
March 3 2000,

Police probe of land flips urged by MPP
March 3 2000,


Muskoka Centre for sale sign goes back up
Dec 20 1999,

It's just about throwing up a 'For Sale' sign
Nov 10 1999,


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