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Dave Cook
his web-page

{Ex-Mississauga News reporter}
{Ex-City of Mississauga Councillor}
{Ex-Region of Peel Councillor}
{Ex-President of the Applewood Acres Homeowers' Association}
{Author of  two books about Mississauga;
Apple Blossoms and satellite dishes,
Celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Applewood Acres.
From Frozen Ponds to Beehive Glory,
the story of Dixie Arena Gardens.}
For no apparent reason and left scared for LIFE!

Have been waiting for a good time to post this and its deals when who the Peel police give permit to, to commit criminal acts without fear of charges and deals with private charges.  Who the Crown or Persecutor Prosecutor also gives the green light to do the same as the police.  It is timely.
I have filed Private Charges or Private Information against Sheri-Lynn Ruffo City of Mississauga - Security Guard.
As it is up to the Crown or Persecutor Prosecutor to decide on taking up the charges it is most likely they will not, as was the outcome in this case when I filed assault charges against Dave Cook.  After all I am a poor nobody without the right brown stuff on the end of my nose.  In this case I was only ordered out of the park and no charges filed against me, due to being witted at the time.
There were no police charges that my charge interfered with, none-the-less they tried to say there was no evidence while I stood before the judge telling her there was - well we all know who the judge would believe.
Bottom-line the charge went no where and I knew less about the law then, than I do now.

July 11, 1998.
The Applewood Acres Homeowers' Association was having its annual outdoor summer festival.
The signs in the area declared it open to & invited the public to it - not just members of or those who in the Applewood Acres.
It also invited people to set up tables to sell their wears etc.
Before hand, I called up the Vice-President of the Applewood Acres Homeowers' Association, who noted that they had no tables for me to set-up on for the Friends of the Cawthra Bush, to educate and gain public support (having set up our table at many events), other than that, I was welcome to attend.  So I took him up on his invitation.

First thing a person notices is a firefighting pump truck hosing down the children.
Well some one is pulling a few strings here, wonder if other Ratepayers groups get offered this same service?

Oh, any chance to sell cars is a good chance indeed.

Looked around a bit, talked to some people and happened upon a young fellow who was a vendor.  We started to talk about the Cawthra Bush's insect life as he was a student in that field and we were always looking for knowledgeable people to give the Cawthra Bush a look over to see if they could find something interesting.  He was very interested in the idea but then along came an Ex-Councillor - Dave Cook.  Who forcefully injected himself into our pleasant conservation.

As we can see in the above picture he got in my face right away and then he started to act very threateningly.  First things out of his mouth was - "I am Dave Cook former Councillor, of Mississauga", and he tries get me to follow him for a little chat. Told the strange threatening person that I am busy and the vibe he is giving off is none too pleasant.  Like an overstress person who could loss it at any time for no apparent reason.  The ones we fear we will run into while minding our own business on the streets.  So I take a picture him as evidence and hope he takes the hint, I will not be bullied by his show of attitude.

At this point I did not know him from Adam, he maybe an Ex-Councillor but I do not know everyone and he does not ring a bell.  But you know how it is, some people think they are so important that everyone MUST know who they are.  So I thought he just some nut case trying to see if they could order me around, having nothing better to be doing.

Dave Cook goes on to say - "you are not welcome here."  Well since when does an Ex-Councillor have the say so for such things or have the power to order people out of City parks?  You know like the janitor for City hall was trying to order you around in a City park - say what?   No doubt he is to trying to provoke me into to starting a fight.  Save him the trouble of making up a complete lie, after all the best lies, have at least a gain of truth in them.  I do not oblige him.  He starts threatening to call the police and tell him fine by me.  The fact I am standing up to his intimidation appear to enrage him further.  At which point I see his face is now a mask of rage and I try to photograph it as more evidence.  He then lunges at me grabbing my camera and I do my best to push him off.  Others had to aid in his removal from my person.

He would later claim that I was trying to assault him with my camera - of all the bizarre things to say to justify ones actions.

He turns, walks away and I turn around to see this - a person right behind me taking pictures!
Smell like a set-up McCallion style yet?

Strutting around without a care in the world after assaulting an innocence person in Mississauga.
Time to call the Peel police and try to get them asserted for what he did.

When the police come paper work is pulled out to show them (but me), to back-up whatever claims Dave Cook is making.  I will wager that no where does the City of Mississauga give him or the
Applewood Acres Homeowers' Association the right to attack whomever they care to, for political reasons - oh did I forget to note Dave Cook made it perfectly clear to me that politics were behind his actions?

The Peel police are putting on a show while just checking for who are the people who matter.  Who has the right brown stuff on their nose for their bias service.  At no time did they try to seriously deal with who assaulted who or why, that I could see.  Or about the right of members of the public to be in the park.  No that would not lead to the right outcome.  An interesting event takes place about now, see the fellow on the right smiling?  He is the
Vice-President of the Applewood Acres Homeowers' Association, Glenn Hewlett.  I get him to state in fact I was invited, which contradicts statements being made by Dave Cook to the police. Then Dave Cook apologies for saying I had no right to in the park!  Still who do the police order out - me!  Not the person who just admitted attacked me for no lawful reason.

It would seem clear the Peel police are more about giving license to those committing criminal acts, if they know these people have the right brown and not about being fair, unbias, not being political and not being afraid to charge the Mayor's friends or political allies.

Well, there were a number of cars already in the park for people to see, better get a Peel police car in to join the crowd and create a real scene.  All the better to blame the disturbance of their (& their kids), summer
festival on me.  To create lots of ill will in the minds of the public, by those who are the ones, who are really at fault.
You know, the ones who accuse others of being witches are not likely to be questioned if they are in fact witches.

I was injured by Dave Cook's attack but do not notice it at the time as the cut was not too deep and it did not bleed badly.
It happened when Dave Cook attacked me, he gabbed my camera, twisted off the lens and as a result of his pushing and shoving, he cut into me with it.
It had to be pointed out to me by the person who took this picture.
The cut never healed correctly so it left a scare I still bear to this day - from when Ex-Councillors' ATTACK!
But what would he care, it is all in the days work for a member of the Mayor's clique.


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