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In Defence of Canadians Rights & Democracy

* Hazel McCallion - Mayor of Mississauga *
- 2009 -
* Conflict of Interest & Judicial Inquiry *

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!! A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost !!

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Political_Democratic_&_Legal_issues  of the
Persecution of persons we should take note of.

Donald Barber

Antonio Batista

BANNING those who are the Whistle Blowers

General items related to Persecution

Persecution of Donald Barber -
or the
-  by Mississauga City hall & its politicians

What have I done for the community?
here to see how the City of Mississauga attacks me.

- Repeatedly Attacked by City of Mississauga Staff and/or Peel police -






! Brampton Court Madness !
{ A Grenville & William Davis Courthouse }

How the legal system is perverted to by those in power to crush Canadians who do nothing more wrong
then trying to play by the rules and make the world a better place.

!!! City of Mississauga Staff ATTACKED me again !!!

Not recently - the Trial for what happened in 2011 just got started
& yes I was charged for being the victim of an Assault!

This is a classical case where the video shows (again) that City staff,
By-law time are making false statements to get me arrested.
That Peel police aided the effort not just by doing as Mississauga By-law inspector
told them to do but key evidence went missing and not investigated!

The Threatening Threat Assessment
Donald Barber
Community Leader & Educator. 

- 2012 -

The Legal way to Attack your neighbours,
Community Champions & Commit Crime
as it is approved by the Peel police & Peel Crown.

The web-page about the crimes being committed against me and Canadian Rights & Freedoms.

- 2011 -

The City of Mississauga in 2011, has really ramped up its attacks on me.
Stated with the usual assault by staff and Peel police obeying their instructions to arrest the victim - me.
Yes more details to come.
Then as I try to fix things - City staff go on the attack again - busy as usual.

Canadians pay for the adversarial legal & government system
that abuses us all!

How many uncivil servants in Mississauga City hall does it take to get a business card?
About 7 including a security guard and Ward Councillor.
Sound unbelievable?
Perfectly normal for those who are black-listed by City politicians.

City Hall - By-law/staff are the weapon of choice by City of Mississauga politicains.

Notice of Contravention
from the City of Mississauga
Against a Mayoralty Candidate in the current
Mississauga Elections.

Donald Barber

This sad story, includes, arrests on false charges and even being thrown in prison.

Click here for the general detailed notes.

The City of Mississauga Wanted Poster for
!!!! Don Barber !!!!

An Apology from a Peel  police  Officer
- How Rare -

The Donald Barber Defense fund

Over False Charges by Toronto - police & Crown
Proof that fighting it out
not letting them get the upper hand with you by way of fear
impatience, is not only worth while but best for Canada.

A Private Charge or Private Information has been laid

Sheri-Lynn Ruffo
City of Mississauga - Security Guard

Formal request to the Crown
Jennifer Goulin, Assistant Crown Attorney - Crown’s Office
to have Bail terms changed
Apr. 4th, 2007

Of course no response.

First of many postings on
has been made - related to the City's attacks on me!

Apr.  13 - 2007

My home page at YouTube
{Maybe not show recent up-loads - use link below}
Drop by to see the video of
Hazel McCallion telling the world there is a "COUP"
out to get her.

City of Mississauga politicians and their friends in the
Peel police and Courts are using the methods of

to attack a community representative in Mississauga's
first political show trial.  Who is also Mississauga's first political prisoner!
Just as the NAZIS used false accusations involving children,
so does Hazel McCallion's government to get its way.
Canadian Courts turned into the weapon of choice by morally bankrupt politicians.

Dave Cook

{Ex-Mississauga News reporter}
{Ex-City of Mississauga Councillor}
{Ex-Region of Peel Councillor}
{Ex-President of the Applewood Acres Homeowers' Association}
{Author of two books about Mississauga;
Apple Blossoms and satellite dishes,
Celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Applewood Acres.
From Frozen Ponds to Beehive Glory,
the story of Dixie Arena Gardens.}
For no apparent reason and left me scared for LIFE!

My Visits to Mississauga City Council & Others of Note.
They claim I attend City Council too often to address community concerns - not so.

! Unprovoked Attack by Toronto police !

Oct. 16, 2001, the Toronto police started mass unlawfully searches
at the Ontario Common Front Demonstration
and I was one of the innocence victims of this mass police action
aimed at destroying Canadians Charter Rights.

A call for witnesses

The surprise ending and how the judge expressed regret it ever happened!

The soulless
Persecution of Antonio Batista

Index of articles;

More details from my election page;

Antonio Batista
is a 75 year old man who dared to write and distributed a satirical poem
that was critical of a local politician
-  Mississauga City Councillor Pat Saito -
one of Hazel McCallion's coven.

Is the truth really that because Mr. Batista had previously interfered with plans to make new homeowners pay the taxes that the developers should be paying, that when Mississauga City Councillor Pat Saito called the police, it was more about revenge then feeling any kind of threat to her person?  The facts appear to support this reasonable conclusion.

CANCER on Democracy
Developing in City halls across Ontario!

BANNING those who are
the Whistle Blowers, Ask the hard & Intelligent questions
and are more successful than politicians at serving the greater good of taxpayers.

The police, lawyers and legal orders are now the WEAPONS of choice as
Security Insanity
Plague us all!

General items related to Persecution

They say:
Tell the truth and they will drive you from ten villages.
Well, I am going to tell the truth.

To my critics (who don't appreciate my sense of humour),
I have heard that to tell the truth, is to tell the funniest  joke  in the world.

This is a general overview of how the politicians of Mississauga are so hell-bent on stopping the residents of Mississauga from doing the right thing.  They openly violate the laws of the land and use the police to enforce their political agendas, greatly endangering all Ontarians' human and democratic rights.

This a must read for people who want to understand how the City of Mississauga has gone about stripping residents of their democratic rights, even employing the Peel police to serve their political agenda. Your tax dollars at work.  Discover both the biological issues and the underhanded political manipulation.  Discover just how far your elected officials and their staff will go to destroy both the Cawthra Bush and Donald Barber. Please keep an open mind, as what is disclosed is both documented and provable.

 Donald Barber is the author of this web-site and although I am the current President of the Friends of the Cawthra Bush & Greater Mississauga Area (FCB),  Chair of the Cawthra Ratepayers' and Residents' Association (CRRA), this web-site is my own work done outside the group, for reasons that will become clear later on, in this web-site.  This web-site is my personal report to FCB & CRRA members, as well as, to all the taxpayers and residents of Mississauga and to Canadians in general, in regards to what has happened since Jan. 1994, when outraged residents said NO to the City's logging and tree farming of the Cawthra Bush.  Personally, I will keep on trying to save the Cawthra Bush and empower residents with the truth as long as I am able to but the personal cost has been very great indeed.

Most of  the harassment you will read about was only possible because the residents and myself in particular don't have the money to fight back. The City of Mississauga and the Councillor for Ward 1 (where the Cawthra Bush and myself are located), knowing I am too poor to hire a lawyer, have undertaken a campaign of legal harassment and public slander.  It has escalated to acts of violence against myself, on more than one occasion.   The police and City staff are now, from 2000 on,  going after other supporters with threats of arrest and City staff  are willing to even harm seniors who are supporters.

 If you can help me legally (lawyer), or as a person who can help get the word out, your help could literally be a lifesaver. I have borne the blunt of City attacks to keep residents from being intimidated, and to keep their spirits high.  The City has approved a forest management plan for the Cawthra Bush, and we need to act now to make changes to it or watch the Cawthra Bush and its rare and threatened wildlife die slowly, along with its old-growth ecosystem.

 The City has made it clear that they will not listen to me and will just run over me.  If there was ever a forest worth saving, the Cawthra Bush is it.  As the most knowledgeable person in regards to Cawthra and the ways of City hall, I sure could use some HELP.  I have suffered enough and don't want to lose more blood or worse at the hands of pro-City bullies.


The City and its politicians are getting away with all you are about, because the media doesn't care to enlighten residents about how the Mayor Hazel McCallion and Councillor for Ward 1 Carmen Corbasson, really do business. About how they strip residents of the right to know, and the right to decide what goes on in their community.


Methods, Strategy & Tactics or the "Control Game"

Mouseland by Tommy Douglas
to explain why I was arrested
Mississauga voters should not vote for CATS!

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