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!!! City of Mississauga Staff ATTACKED me again !!!

Not recently - the Trial for what happened in 2011 just got started
& yes I was charged for being the victim of an Assault!

Of course. 

- Repeatedly Attacked by City of Mississauga Staff and/or Peel police -

This is the E-mail sent out to inform those who care about what had happened.

Don Barber here with some notes about what happened in Court today regarding the false charges against me, in 2001, because the City of Mississauga told the Peel police to arrest me, as part of the on going political harassment against a community champion.

What an event, it was!  The Missing news no where in sight!

In 2011, a City of Mississauga By-law inspector came to my home and started to wander around in backyard on his own - no uniform on or anything else to say he was anything other than just some bum off the street.
I told him to get lost and was quickly attacked by him - Peel police came & just as quickly arrested the victim - me!

The Crown present its case and today the Defense goes on the attack {
Davin Charney - Lawyer} and never looks back.
A classic case of an attempt by both City & Peel to cover-up for their screw-ups - on purpose or otherwise!
Well the City guy looks like an Ex-cop, well he is an excop - hired by City Security for Enforcement!
Yes, it goes back to City Sec. and its Enforcers !!
Before I told him to get lost, got a video camera & audio recorder to make sure what really happened and for my protection.
He offered me his business card & bang I was on the ground!
Cops come and take everything.  What I say happened just didn't matter or the video had of the facts.
The recorder goes missing right away.
The camera was kept as it was claimed to the weapon used - how many people go running up to people and try to lay a beating on someone with a camera they are using?  Sorry trying apply some common sense to understanding this situation.

Well, from the start I tried to get the police to look at the video & see I was assaulted not other way around and come clean about the recorder.  
No way in "NO DEAL PEEL", especially for a person who say Hazel McCallion is a bad Mayor in their election campaigns against her. 
Charges not withdrawn - like they should have been & have many times in the past - to trail we go.
This started in Apr. 2011.

The By-law guy appears not to know what was on videos & when it was presented frame by frame,
he fell back to you can't tell that from video its not complete - well sir it is not about what is not seen but is!
Bring out the double talk, the non-answers & an order of change the subject to avoid the question.
He was standing there, yes stand there clearly not on the same page as the video.
He started to get up-set with how badly things were going for him  - a far cry from the day before where he gave his smiling , self serving account.

But wait there is more!
One of the Peel police was called - one thing for City security goon in plain cloths act like a dumb ape, another for a uniformed officer to have to act like he has no idea that a camera or audio recorder could have evidence on them and  that he didn't just arrest based on what City security said! 
Oh the look on his face - one of pain - not a happy camper at all. 
Sad no one there to draw.  Felt like we were telling him really bad news personal news.
Then the other cop started to get blamed.  The call was put out for that cop but no time for him, if he did come.
Like the City goon he tried the double talk but he got it even worse when it comes to you are not answering the questions.
What do you mean you took an audio recorder from a person who said they were the victim of the attack
- that you arrested and charged with assault with weapon
- then you just tossed the recorder back on the property in a pile of something, somewhere you just don't remember? 
He couldn't even remember what he actually did!

The there was the fact I am listed on the cops data base as a cop hater, who baits cops and recorders it
- how the hell does that get listed against a person, poisoning the mind of ever cop who reads it - besides not loving them or Hazel McCallion?

This was a whole day affair & still has to return OCT !!!!!
Oh yes, got home yesterday and City By-law had been around & left card, looks like try go after me again.
Come on Hazel should be a lame duck, on her way out - stop it already!

The Threatening Threat Assessment
Donald Barber
Community leader & Educator. 

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