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Pictures - of the Oct. 28, 2009, Council Meeting dealing with the Judicial Inquiry.

To the main Judicial Inquiry page - to the Hazel McCallion page.

Comments by others to this web-page 2.

Mississauga News - Oct. 30, 2009 - Mississauga Musings, BLOG by The Mississauga Muse {Ursula}, her two BLOG sites - Mississauga Musings & Mississauga Watch.

Conflict of Interest Judicial Inquiry:
Mississauga vs MYTHissauga
--A Tale of Two Cities


Hi there MYTHissauga, (yes, "MYTHississauga").

Not only was I at Wednesday's Mississauga Council meeting, I had two video cameras burning down battery after battery after battery. Huge job ahead to post this historic meeting to YouTube! Simply huge.

Surely it's no surprise that I was for the judicial inquiry. Why?

I've been saying for a long time now that Freedom of Information plus videotape since June 2006 reveals a private Mr. Hyde malignancy behind the smiling magnanimous public face of Dr. Jekyll MYTHissauga.

This is the picture.

Just about every City of MYTHissauga Dr. Jekyll public claim that I've aimed Freedom of Information at since January 2006 has popped like a bloated Mr. Hyde maggot in bright sunlight.

Put simply: Sunlight disinfects.

Serious question. Is there any other village, town, or city government in Canada that has enjoyed such total lack of scrutiny than MYTHissauga has enjoyed for 30 years?

Conflict of Interest Judicial Inquiry: MISSISSAUGA and MYTHissauga —A Tale of Two Cities

A picture's worth a thousand words. (and even more if it also has words)

Transcripts from video.

Donald Barber, citizen-activist speaking FOR the judicial inquiry.

"...and the wording is almost universally the same, that the mere APPEARANCE of Conflict of Interest is enough to justify legal action.... The universal promise to Canadians is good government. They don't make many promises to us but they do make that promise. And it is universally accepted in the legal world that this definition of Conflict of Interest is the foundation —one of the foundation-stones of good government."

—Donald Barber, citizen-activist Mississauga
Council, October 28, 2009


Harold Shipp, "Mega-builder" (as described by Toronto Star columnist, Royson James) speaking AGAINST the judicial inquiry.

"If I were sitting there among you, Ladies and Gentlemen, who serve on our Council today, I would be wondering what my position would be one year from now when an election is held and how many of you might have a chance for re-election —IF you proceed with the action you are contemplating now."

—Harold Shipp, "Mega-builder"
Mississauga Council, October 28, 2009


The ("In every item you vote on, please think, "How will this affect the children and youth? What can I do to make their lives safer and more successful?" MISSISSAUGAWATCH Council Deputation October 28, 2009) Mississauga Muse

"In every item you vote on, please think, "How will this affect the children and youth? What can I do to make their lives safer and more successful?"

—14 year old James Valitchka, Anti-Bullying address before Mississauga Council
September 30, 2009

Comments by others, 2, to this web-page;

Watcher0I0     Nov 2, 2009 10:37 PM

In case you are wondering, the Inquiry is aimed at more then just the Mayor and that will make the difference.

Spare no cost, we are dealing with the Mayor of the 5th., largest city in Canada and justice issues matter. At the Council love festival for Hazel, I was the only one who reminded everyone about the law by way of legal decisions, the wording of which goes like this - if a reasonable and unbiased member of the community is made aware of the facts and concludes there is the appearance of a conflict of interest or bias, then legal action is justifiable. I am no fan of Coun., Parrish, in fact on YouTube posted a video of her verbal attack on me, watcher0i0. If you want to see all the news articles about this INQUIRY then VISIT the-democratic-reporter com and in the Newest Postings will be the links or at the tops of the pages.

Think About It     Nov 2, 2009 8:48 AM

Media watch on Mississauga politics has never been as rigorous as in Toronto

It makes Mississaugan’s wonder if it’s inappropriate for Mrs. McCallion to send letters of appeal directly into the Attorneys Generals office boasting her success in helping to free the courts by moving time-consuming assessment appeals to the Municipal Board under this scrutiny the mayor was improperly recording minutes >>>

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