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Opening comments:  More at the end.

    This is from small piece at the top of a page that everyone would see in the printed edition but not posted on the Internet issue.  Still, as the National Post is an all of Canada news paper - A National embarrassment AGAIN, for Mississauga!

    I showed up to address the City's first time ever Public Complaints Procedure and Councillor Pat Saito uses it for an excuse to go on a self-serving rant of falsehoods, that allowed Council to avoid the real questions.  A sickeningly long rant of I am better than you because I have no problems in abusing my position, power and authority by misleading anyone fool enough to believe me, just because I said it!  Can you imagine how hard it is to stand - listen - politely - to a bully just saying whatever bull shit they can think of just to make you look bad and she must know she what she was doing, was morally wrong.  Well, take her apart one lie at a time, soon enough - here is an overview.

    Listen to - Councillor Pat Saito Batista Rant - Dec. 10-08, City of Mississauga Council.  Talk about a B{female dog}-witch rant! Truth be damned say what ever will publicly hurt & harm.  I would not be surprised if she walks around with a plastic bag in her purse containing the underwear she claims to have been peed upon, after being shown the poem of death.  Look, see proof of my fear.  As far as I am concerned any one who is seriously stating they feared for their life because of what is read in the "poem" is one of the following - a gutless yellow belly coward afraid of their own shadow, insane, so stupid they don't know one orifice from the other or just plain a lying bully.  

    In the Saito rant she also targets me for being a negative, never do good - this was all being done to aid Council in avoiding dealing with the letter from the Ombudsman that says he can be involved in municipal complaints.  Humm, tear someone down while trying to make yourself look good for doing it - words for that kind of person.  You see, I was forcing the City of Mississauga to do the right thing by creating their first ever Public Complaints Procedure.  Some good for every one in Mississauga.  But she sat there in a public forum, knowing it was broadcasted and if she was not lying then she is just plain crazy, as far as I am concerned.  Never forget she is a career politician, in case you looking for some proof of what she is and that she has for years serviced on Hazel McCallion's Council.  If that don't warp your mind, what will?  You can check out my years of public service - Cawthra Bush - includes efforts to rescue Monarch Butterflies -
here to see how the City of Mississauga attacks me.  I even pointed out that printed in the very Council agenda before her was a sample of my good work by way of a complaint.  Council agenda, Item I-9, the traffic safety report, to see that as a result of my complaint there are almost 2 full pages of recommendations of correction for the safety of children. Sadly, it also underscores the fact Councillors have blacklisted me from reasonable service.  It was noted to me that no Councillor visited the site - I was the person making the complaint after all - not even the local Councillor, Ms. Carbasson.  Even though she literally drives right by to and from City hall every day.  Her office would not talk to me about if she ever did or not.  Oh yes, lets not forget how she (according to a City staff memo), put an end to the City environmental committee that was set up to deal with the Cawthra Bush issues and that I had so successful used to improve things City wide - she was sitting it, at the time.  Maybe she is really jealous because of the improvements I had accomplished because of my creative spirit and not being forced to wear McCallion's yoke.  Whatever the reason, there's nothing like a female going on a verbal attack with wild accusations, what next, she try to Ruffo me?

    Councillor Pat Saito, carries on in the same vain about poor old Mr. Batista.  From what I have been told Mr. Batista is the one who blew the whistle on the tax being taken inappropriately and her version is just the opposite - simple enough really, just say the opposite to the truth, it is called the
BIG LIE!  More about what really happened here.  Remember she is the one who claimed in Court her office sent him a letter that he never got, there were computer problems and she was sick a lot.  Well I do believe the sick part.

    More importantly - what do you care about my opinion?  Look careful at the Appeal judgment and you will see how it reads Councillor Pat Saito, Peel police, Crown and Peel Courts, the riot act, as the saying goes, in regards to our RIGHTS.  There was grand failure to deal properly with key elements or lets call the reality of the situation.  The reality that elected officials volunteer for when they put their names on ballets.  However, I would say it was no accident but that is just my observations from the study of City of Mississauga politicians in their native environment.  They love the smell of fear.  Properly, they must be ready to service everyone - not just those who will kiss whatever part of the politicians anatomy is shove or require to kissed or licked clean, in their face.  The Appeal judge took the events apart very carefully, to spell out what should not have happen and don't do it in the future - Is the poem a “threat”? - What is a Reasonable Person - The Context of the Relationship between elected officials and members of the constituency - The Context of Posting the Poem - The Context of Freedom of Expression - Was the Verdict Unreasonable?  Their wording may not be the same as mine in every case but you can see enough to read the message between the lines, where necessary.

National Post - Dec. 11, 2008 - page A14 - By Cigdem Itan

"Not apologizing to anyone", councillor says

Mississauga Councillor Pat Saito refused a request yesterday to apologize to an elderly constituent, after the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned his conviction last year for uttering a death threat against Ms. Saito in a poem.  "I am not apologizing to anyone expect an apology is absolutely appalling ," she told Donald Barber, a long-time council critic who asked for the apology at yesterday's council meeting.  Antonio Batista wrote a poem about her after he got a 2005 tax bill for a period of time when he didn't own the land.  The appeal court found the poem was "foolish" but not a threat.

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