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Toronto Sun - Jan. 9, 2010 - By Ted Woloshyn - -

Intrigue grows in Mississauga
The big question in the upcoming election is whether Mayor
Hurricane Hazel will stay or go

After a pitiful voter turnout of about 24.7% in 2006, a few Mississaugans may actually pay attention to this year's municipal election.

Who knows, they may even learn municipal politicians do far more for them on a daily basis than the elected officials at Queen's Park and on Parliament Hill.

I call this new found curiosity The Hazel Effect.

Her worship is the main target of a judicial inquiry -- supported by 7 of Mississauga's 11 councillors -- that should wrap up by late spring.  An inquiry it seems is most concerned with Mayor Hazel McCallion's son, Peter, and the company he's employed by, World Class Developments, and its failed bid to purchase property adjacent to City Hall.

The Group of 7 are largely led by Carolyn Parrish, who has essentially painted herself as the Anti-Hazel.  The same sentiment is felt in regards to her disciples.

So will those who will oppose the mayor feel the wrath of the pro-Hazel voters?  Yes, if two things occur.

If McCallion walks away from the inquiry unscathed;  and if those candidates trying to unseat the anti-Hazel incumbents can effectively out those anti-Hazel councillors to the voters.

If the inquiry causes McCallion great discomfort or embarrassment, she may just take a pass on running; in which case you can bet Carolyn Parrish will withdraw her declaration to run as councillor and run for mayor.

I'm convinced Hazel will not run unless she's comfortable at least two councillors, especially Parrish, are gone.

Those close to her suggest she wouldn't want to spend another four years being shot down and paralyzed by Parrish and her crew.  Would you, as you enter your 90s?


Yet Hazel will not walk away knowing Carolyn could be the next mayor, and the mayor and others are seeking someone who could stop that from becoming reality.

But who?

As I've written in the past, most councillors don't want to forfeit a vast majority of their time, especially their personal time, in the manner the mayor has.  In that respect she has inadvertently set the bar too high for most.

Steve Mahoney's name is one that keeps resurfacing.  The former provincial federal Liberal cabinet minister -- who faced off and lost the Liberal nomination for Mississauga-Erindale before the 2004 election to Parrish in a nasty battle, is smart, experienced in campaigning, personable and understands Mississauga faces some tough challenges economically in the next few years, as it incurs increasing debt.

Mahoney told me he would be interested, but cautiously adds, "I'm not in the position to declare due to my great respect for Hazel."

But does the fact Mahoney's wife, Katie, is a veteran councillor become problematic?

"My first priority would be to ensure I don't do anything that would cause her problems," he said.

They wouldn't be the first couple together on council.  Jack Layton and Olivia Chow worked in tandem for years, and Mario Racco has registered to run for mayor in Vaughan where his wife Sandra Yeung Racco is a councillor.  If you knew Katie you'd know she's not about to cow-tow to her husband -- mayor or not.

Most important, Mahoney could defeat Parrish.

But if Hazel does run, who will oppose Parrish for a seat on council?


Former federal Liberal MP Omar Alghabra is one name bandied about.  He is well respected and qualified, and although he hasn't said he will run, he sent me an e-mail suggesting he would respond to my question soon.  In other words, he didn't say no.

Although this coming election isn't just about McCallion and Parrish, it could in fact be the catalyst that drives Mississaugans back to the polls.

That would be a good thing.

Comments by others, 14, to this web-page;

January 20th 2010, 6:46pm
To jeff who writes, "As an outside observer of many years I would like to comment on all of this." and then he does. jeff, writes, "No municipality has ever been served with more dedication and integrity than has Mississauga by its mayor Hazel." As an INSIDE observer (recorded pretty much every Council/GenCom meeting since June 2006) I've all manner of proof to the contrary. jeff, show us your DATA! Don't go Woloshyn on us. Back up what you wrote -with FACTS!

jeff continues, "[McCallion's] hard work over the years has raised you to folk hero status in and around Mississauga." Get REAL. The folk hero status is the crafty combination of "branding" by $$$$$-Friends, no legitimate scrutiny and most importantly keeping a tight lid on the TRUT

BELLE RIVER GUY Report Comment
January 11th 2010, 7:45am
Seriously - Steve Mahoney - This clown can't even run the WSIB nevermind a municipality like Mississauga. This clown is so freaking incompetent I can't believe nobody sees this. Why would the people of Mississauga elect a guy who looks like Larry Tait?

Ted's a loser Report Comment
January 10th 2010, 5:36pm
Does Ted get paid to write a column for the Sun?
Maybe they let him write his column for free just so he can say that he's doing something.
He's bloody boring and not terribly clever. What a goof.

walter Report Comment
January 10th 2010, 2:50pm
I hate to admit that our whole family ( 5 ) voted for Mrs Parish in the last city election after we read some ( now we realize falsehoods ) paper that was delivered the Sunday night or early Monday.
I apologize now to the other candidates because we made a BIG mistake but that won't happen on our street again. We have never been a political family but have decided to get involved and help whoever runs against Parrish. And Ted, some of us have liked you for many years . Keep up the good work at the Sun; you still tell it like it is.

jeff Report Comment
January 10th 2010, 8:50am
As an outside observer of many years I would like to comment on all of this. No municipality has ever been served with more dedication and integrity than has Mississauga by its mayor Hazel. Madam Mayor you have the respect and admiration of millions. Your hard work over the years has raised you to folk hero status in and around Mississauga.
Carolyn Parrish Is a thick skinned Boor who is an embarrassment to her nation. Her loutish behaviour is what one would expect to see in a skid row pub. Carolyn gets elected only for her entertainment value. No one takes her seriously.
Hazel don't let Carolyn's shit stirring cause you grief. Trust me, she will get hers in the end, probably by her own hand. Those that live by the sword. Die by the Sword.

PLT Report Comment
January 10th 2010, 2:38am
About 7 yrs. ago Hazel attended a womans' nights out dinner at our church in Scarborough. I'm told she drove herself in rush hour traffic. Her inspirational speech was one of the best my daughter and I had ever heard. Since then I've heard so many stories of her achievements etc.

I only hope this amazing, hard working woman can leave politics with all the accolades she deserves after a lifetime of dedication.

January 9th 2010, 10:57pm
Susan Munro writes, "Carolyn Parrish contines to be a disappointment here in Mississauga. Our choir sang at Mayor Hazel McCallion's New year's day Levee and only three councillors were in atendance. No sign of Carolyn Parrish or the other members of her crew."

As is so typical of the "Friends of Hazel", Munro fails to mention other Councillors not in attendance were Pat Saito, Pat Mullin AND Katie Mahoney.

In short, THREE of FOUR pro-McCallion Councillors didn't show up!

Typical of "Friends of Hazel" --the Failures to Mention!

Also Woloshyn's fail to mention. How close the Mahoneys are to Peter McCallion! New Year's 2009 Katie Mahoney & Steve Mahoney in Chambers yukking it up with Peter McCallion check out:

Susan Munro Report Comment
January 9th 2010, 10:33pm
Carolyn Parrish contines to be a disappointment here in Mississauga. Our choir sang at Mayor Hazel McCallion's New year's day Levee and only three councillors were in atendance. No sign of Carolyn Parrish or the other members of her crew. Hundreds of people lined up and Hazel stood for hours shaking hands and having her photo taken by many Mississauga families. How shameful that those who claim to be so interested in the welfare of Mississauga couldn't even put in an appearance. I hope the electors remember this when it comes time to vote! Shame on you Ms. Parrish!


Hazel fan Report Comment
January 9th 2010, 3:58pm
re: W. is a failed broadcaster, CFRB fired/dismissed several staff because of extreme cutbacks.

Guess you've never been let go, like aquaintances of mine, due to our economy or just plain fired in your life???

Agree, anyone but Parrish, she's a disaster with her very low-class childish antics, possibly due to too much alchol consumption.

woloshyn is a failed broadcaster Report Comment
January 9th 2010, 12:49pm
CFRB fired Woloshyn because he was so bloody boring. His opinions mean absolutely nothing.
What a meathead.

Zafir Report Comment
January 9th 2010, 11:45am
I like your analysis...
As a student studying political science, I would also suggest that in addition to the many factors in play, Ms Parrish has already lost much of the ethnic support she may have had in her last election. In a class discussion just this week , we had an open discussion on a type of driven politician ie a local and perhaps a self serving politician trying to control and gather support of collegues. Very interesting debate. More to follow.
Our brief discussion also concluded that this municipal election will be very different from any in the past with many new players and agendas.
We predict a turn-out of 30%+ and don't be surprised at a number of ward candidates running under a singular banner

The Mississauga Muse Report Comment
January 9th 2010, 11:42am
Just want to echo what the previous commenter wrote,

"I hope Hazel's final days are spent as mayor of Mississauga"

and add, that I hope she lives long (and prospers).

The Mississauga Muse Report Comment
January 9th 2010, 11:39am
Zero surprise that Steve Mahoney is the name tossed up here what with the TERRIFIC video I got of Katie Mahoney and hubbie Steve meet and greeting people at the Mayor's New Year's levee (2009). Mahoney was already "running" then.

Video shows that both sure spent a lonnnnnnnnnng time yukking it up with --Peter McCallion.

YouTube "FRIENDS OF HAZEL" RALLY and MYTHissauga Ghost of New Year's Past at:

Also, to be upfront, I was the first to file for candidacy in Mississauga waiting for the doors of the City Clerk's office to open. I filed for --MAYOR and then conceded defeat less than 15 minutes after filing.

As "Friend of Hazel", Mr Woloshyn knows only too well, only $$$$$$$$ gets elected in MYTHissauga.

Ted- Mississauga Report Comment
January 9th 2010, 11:35am
Isn't Omar Alghabra the guy who was gunning for Hazel not so long ago (like Parrish is doing now), using (of course) the ethnic vote?
Regardless, anyone but Parrish, she's a loud-mouth obnoctious bitch who cost my company alot of money & jobs with her childish attacks on GW Bush.
I hope Hazel's final days are spent as mayor of Mississauga. Like her or not, the results speak for themselves, and I for one think (as long as she has her faculties) she has a job for life, as long as she wants it.
Somebody please vote Parrish out, and tell her to go do something useful, outside of politics for a change.

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