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Pity the woodlot
Mississauga News - Jan. 30, 1994 - letter by Clint Fields.

Cawthra woodlot
Mississauga News - Feb. 22, 1994 - letter by G. Veneman.

Renew woodlot
Mississauga News - Feb. 24, 1994 - letter by Walter Brown.

Still fussing
Mississauga News - Nov. 1994 - letter by G. Roberts.

Lack of Knowledge
Mississauga News - Nov. 16, 1994 - letter by Ray Kissel.
This is the kind of letter people should write to support an issue and the people who represent it for them.

Mississauga News - Nov. 22, 1994 - letter by Peter M. Phillips, in response to comments made in City Council.

Rebuttal to Jocelyn Webber
Mississauga News - Dec. 2, 1994 - letter by John Birch.

Leave woodlot be
Mississauga News - 1994 - letter by R. McLean.






Misquoted, so they say
Mississauga News - Dec. 25, 1997 - letter by Peter M. Phillips.


Bush Cleaned
Mississauga News - Jan. 4, 1998 - letter by Peter M. Phillips.



Tax debate
Mississauga News  Oct. 15, 2000 - letter by Andrew Ganguly.
A good letter about the myth of lower taxes in Mississauga.








Artists Beware.
Mississauga News    June 28, 2006 - letter by Dave Ross.
A warning to Port Credits artist, that note of what happened to Byron Osmond.

Hazel statue ready for bronzing.
Mississauga News   
July 13, 2006 - letter by Donald Barber.
More about the my scoop about finding out about this life size (for Mississauga's TINY prefect Mayor, that is), statue.

Hazel McCallion gives no endorsements.
Mississauga News    July 13, 2006  #.2 - letter by Donald Barber - candidate for Mayor - 2006.
The Mayor claims people need her "authorized permission" to use her photos.

Hydro corridors best rail line option
Toronto Star - Oct. 14, 2006 - Sat. -  Letter by Donald Baker (no wait its Barber!) - Hydro corridors best rail line option for transit lines in Mississauga when the Long time Mayor and her Council have - "councillors and city planning staff blew it big-time "!  But who listens to the best idea these days?  For the Toronto Star to print this letter proves the media is rebelling against the Queen of Sprawl - Hazel McCallion.  It also shows the media supports another candidates ideas for the future of Mississauga!

Bad examples
The Mississauga News - Oct 18, 2006 - Letter to Editor - I, as a teenager, am intimidated to walk down the street and see an officer.

Keep us safe

The Mississauga News - Oct 20, 2006 - Letter to Editor -
I was horrified that this type of act may be happening right in our community.

Power abuse
The Mississauga News - Oct 21, 2006 - Letter to Editor - Where is the line between obstruction of justice and simply sticking up for the rights we, as Canadians, are proud to have?


Nando defends salary
Mississauga News - Feb 28, 2007 - Letter to Editor - Councillor  Nando Iannicca displays just some of the extra work entailed from being on the board of Enersource - he works so hard.

Sensitive issue
Mississauga News - Mar. 21, 2007 - Letter to Editor, by John Tory, Leader, Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, about Lakeview power plant.

In regards to "Ice cream vendors demanding the City cool down on enforcement"
Mississauga News - Letter to the Editor - June 25, 2007 By Donald Barber -  Yes it is all a matter of who you know and who's wheels you greases with money & government always goes after the poor people first!

"Peel Party police"

Mississauga News - Letter to the Editor - June 25, 2007 By Donald Barber - Given the record breaking number of Peel police being charged for wrong doing or out right criminal actions as well as the huge dollar amount taxpayers are on the hook for in regards to lawsuits and fines, why has Mississauga politicians been so silent on this issue?

Mandatory support the troops yellow ribbons on public vehicles.
Mississauga News - Letter to the Editor  - also sent to other GTA media - July 3, 2007 By Donald Barber - Can we support Canadian troops but not the war? Yes.

I told you so.
I kept saying that the City of Mississauga was effectively more than 5 billion in debt because of its need to rebuild its infrastructure, well the work that has to be done - NOW!.


Canadians pay for the adversarial legal & government system that abuses us all!
How many uncivil servants in Mississauga City hall does it take to get a business card?
About 7 including a security guard and Ward Councillor. Sound unbelievable?
Perfectly normal for those who are black-listed by City politicians.


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