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* Hazel McCallion - Mayor of Mississauga *
- 2009 -
* Conflict of Interest & Judicial Inquiry *

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!! A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost !!

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Opening comments:  More at the end.

City of Mississauga politicians and their friends in the
Peel police and Courts are using the methods of
to attack a community representative in Mississauga's
first political show trial.  Who is also Mississauga's first political prisoner!
Just as the NAZIS used false accusations involving children,
so does Hazel McCallion's government to get its way.
Canadian Courts turned into the weapon of choice by morally bankrupt politicians.

    There is so much evil going on against me that I do not have time to detail it all but here is the short list:

A).    I was denied my right to the reasonable use of a phone by Peel police which ensured I could not contact any family members and made sure none were in Court to bail me out, which meant I was sent to prison.  Peel police really know how to play the system don't they?

B).    On Apr. 2, 2006, the Crown dropped the Cause Disturbance charge - proof it was a false charge to begin with.

C).    These people know how to sound like they present facts but in fact it is crap that takes advantage of a person with no lawyer and often a Duty Counsel who couldn't cares less.  The one Duty Counsel listed in this case never even bothered to talk to me before hand!  How is that for professionalism?  And I was not allowed to wear my glasses so I could see what was going on, not able to fully participate in this bail hearing - like they cared.

D).    The J.P. was doing all he could to terrorize me into silence to make sure the Hearing would be one sided - for the Crown.

E).    On Nov. 5, 2007, the Crown dropped the 2 Assault charges on the same day there should have been a trial.  Saying "there was no reasonable prospect of conviction", it took them about 17 months to clue into the facts!

F).    That after the charges were all dropped the Crown is trying to get a Peace Bond on me as the female City Security guard (a supervisor of 9 years), is now, suddenly afraid of me - further more her in part stems from my political News web-site, The Democratic Reporter.

G).    In other words the Crown is going to use a women's fear to justify controlling or shutting down my political News web-site, again this is really a political action.  As well as, a direct attack on free speech and will give the City Security guard employer, Mississauga's politicians, political gains.

The Threatening Threat Assessment
Donald Barber
Community leader & Educator. 







heard on the 8th day of June, 2006, at Brampton, Ontario


Charges: Section 175(1) (a) (i) - C.C.C. - - Cause Disturbance
Section 266 X2 - C.C.C. - - Assault



G.B. Smith Counsel for the Crown

R. Greene Duty Counsel for Donald Barber

MR. SMITH:         What's your name, sir?

MR. BARBER:     Barber.

MR. SMITH:        Can you stand up, please?  Do you have a lawyer?

MR. BARBER:     I don't know.  Is there one here for me?  I was denied the request to call one last night, repeated request. [1]

MS. GREENE:     What's the Crown's position?

MR. SMITH:        Looking for a surety for consent release.

MR. BARBER:     I've always been able to sign myself out in the past [2] and these charges are political in nature. [3]
                             They're not - - they're not any intention on my part to cause any crime here.

MS. GREENE:     Would my friend consider his own recog?

MR. SMITH:       He's residing at an address for - - I believe he has relatives. I think he needs a little bit of supervision,
                            that's why I'm asking for a surety.  I don't need to hear from a surety, if he's confident one will come that
                            he can reside with.

THE COURT:     Look, let's put it this way. If you want to do a bail hearing the way it stands right now, we'll go ahead and do
                           it, okay.  However, the Crown's willing to consent to your release, if you have a surety, okay. That would be
                           my advice. [4]

MS. GREENE:    Yes. I believe if my friend is content, I'm content that he reads in the allegations.


MR. SMITH:         I'm just giving my friend a phone number of where he resides.  It may be someone there.

MR. BARBER:     That one's not picked up.  They don't pick up on that line.

MR. SMITH:        If I can read in the allegations then.

MS. GREENE:     We'll try.

THE COURT:      That's very useful, paying a phone company for a line you don't use, sir.

MR. BARBER:     No. we use it as an answering machine.

THE COURT:       Oh.

    And the other guy....

MS. GREENE:      Listen to the facts.

THE COURT:      Would you like a week to get the phone numbers? Go ahead. [5]

MR. SMITH:       On Wednesday, June 7th, 2006, the accused was in attendance at a public council meeting at the Mississauga
                            City Hall located at 300 City Centre Drive in the City of Mississauga.  At about 12:20 p.m., the accused
                            caused a disturbance in the Mississauga city chambers [6] and was asked to leave by members of the
                            council. [7]  He was escorted out of the chambers by security.  The victim works for the City of Mississauga
                            security as a supervisor.  She assisted the accused in leaving the premises [8].  The victim [9] stood behind
                           the accused as he proceeded out of the building at the front doors with full knowledge that the victim was
                           behind him.  He turned abruptly and pushed the victim stepping on her right foot and proceeded back into
                           the building. [10]  He subsequently left the building in the are in a vehicle and left the scene.  With respect to
                           this count, the victim suffered minor soreness and discomfort to her right foot.  However, did not require
                           medical attention. [11]

                          Count two is an assault, the same incident. After refusing to leave by way of the front doors of the building
                          and assaulting the victim in the process, the accused proceeded to exit the clerk's department through the
                          stairwell with security following. At the bottom of the stairwell, which led to the ground floor interior of the
                          premises, the accused again refused to exit, then attempted to continue back up the stairs. Security advised
                          the accused that he was to leave.  The accused then with both arms extended and palms open pushed the
                          victim in the chest area.  The accused was denied access and was unable to push his way past the security.

MR. BARBER:     Bullshit. [12]

THE COURT :     Excuse me, sir. One more comment like that.

MR. SMITH:     The accused was directed down the stairwell through the exit door.  He entered the parking garage, went to
                          his vehicle, left the scene.  He was arrested subsequently. I think it was his address on Webb Drive in the City
                          of Mississauga.

                          The cause disturbance, which is count number three, the Mississauga City Hall, is, as I indicated located at
                          300 City Centre Drive in the City of Mississauga. The accused was in attendance at a public council meeting
                          at that address.  Shortly after 12:00 p.m., the accused approached the podium and interrupted council
                          requesting a question period. Council advised the accused that the question period had passed and that the
                         questions pertained only to matters currently on the agenda. The matter that the accused attempted to bring
                         up was not on the council agenda.  Council explained to the accused the council policy and procedures.  The
                         accused became aggravated with council. He stared to shout and kept council from continuing with the
                         remaining matters on the agenda.  Council requested that the accused leave so that they may continue. 
                         However, he continued to shout and disturb council members and his conduct prohibited them from
                         continuing on along with the meeting. As I indicated, he was arrested at an address on Webb Drive. [13]

                         He currently resides at an address *******************, City of Mississauga with a brother and perhaps
                         someone else.  It appears that he is politically active and specifically targets [14] the City of Mississauga
                         generally and specifically the City's Mayor, Hazel McCallion.  He has been banned, in 2005, from attending
                         Mississauga City, the Civic Centre unless by appointment. [15] That was under the authority of the Trespass
                         to Property Act.  Information received from the City of Mississauga security is that he complied with that

                        However, after one year the ban was withdrawn and then he again began attending the civic centre and council
                        meetings. It's the view of the investigating officer that his behaviour and level of aggressiveness is increasing.

                        He's been now banned again for a period of one year because of the disturbance yesterday. Following the
                        recent single motor vehicle collision that the mayor had, he is reported to have attended the Mississauga Civic
                        Centre, in the council chambers and place a plain wrapped package in front of the mayor on a desk. [17]

                        I'm content that you consider his release with one or more sureties. I'm going to suggest an amount of
                        $3000.00, but I'll leave the amount with you; reside with the surety or address approved of by surety; keep the
                        peace and be of good behaviour; not to communicate directly or indirectly with any employee of the City of
                        Mississauga or any councillor of the City of Mississauga or the mayor of the City of Mississauga unless by
                        prearranged appointment; not to attend within 200 meters of 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga or 950
                        Burnhamthorpe Road West in the City of Mississauga.  I'm advised by the OIC, who is here, Officer Delaney,
                        that that address is a courthouse location and apparently that's going to be used as a temporary location for
                        council renovations or ongoing of the 300 City Centre Drive; and not to attend within say perhaps 200 meters
                        any residence belonging to the mayor or councillor of the City of Mississauga.  Now, the officer had asked that
                        I request this order.  I leave it to you to whether or not to keep the peace and be of good behaviour clause
                        covers this, to comply with all rules and conduct relating to any political event, function or activity relating to
                        the City of Mississauga and the upcoming municipal election.  The basis of that issue was that he felt them
                       dated.  In 2000, again, somewhat dated, but there as a haunted house function, hosted by the City of
                       Mississauga, the Cawthra House.  During that  function an officer of Peel Regional Police received complaints
                       from parents regarding his approaching children [18] attempting to have them sign a petition. He had to be
                       escorted from the property. I indicated to the officer it may be that keep the peace and be of good behaviour is
                       more than sufficient.

THE COURT:     I think that would cover it.

MR. SMITH:     And also a specific term, no contact directly or indirectly with Sheri-Lyn Ruffo, she would be the
                          complainant, the victim named in the information. I believe she is also present here.

THE COURT:     Okay.

MS. GREENE:     Your Worship, the gentleman indicates that he wants a publication ban and his basis for that is that this a
                            political decision. [19]

MR. BARBER:     Yes.

MS. GREENE:     And I've also advised him that you have also - - he would like to make some comments, but I also would
                            like to advise him that you have indicated that you do not want to hear anything from him.

THE COURT:     No. I'm not interested in your political views, Mr. Barber.

MR. BARBER:     No, no. It's just a clarification of what was said there to put it in a better perspective. [20]

THE COURT:     Well, no. Those are allegations, Mr. Barber and they will stand as allegations, okay.  If you want any
                            clarification, you ask the duty counsel to assist you and it's as simple as that. [21]

MR. BARBER:     Okay. The clause about not contacting city staff at all, I'd like to have that rescinded simply because I'm in
                             the process of doing a political history of the City of Mississauga, which the councillors are very much
                             aware of, and I believe that they're using this as a way of making sure that I can't complete this project.

MS. GREENE:     Court's indulgence.


Barnes, J.P. (Orally) :

I will make an order for your release from custody on the recommendation of the Crown

It is a recognizance of bail in the amount of $3000.00 with one or more sufficient sureties.

The following terms will be imposed.

* You will reside with your surety or at an address as approved of by your surety and abide by the rules and discipline of the home.

* You will keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

* You will abstain from contacting and/or communicating directly or indirectly with the Mayor of Mississauga, any councillors of the City of Mississauga, unless you have the expressed written consent of those individuals.

* You will not attend at 200 City Centre Drive or 950 Burnhamthorpe Avenue, unless you have the expressed written permission of an official from the City' of Mississauga.

* You will not attend within 200 meters the residence of the Mayor of Mississauga or the residence of any councillors of the City of Mississauga.

* You will abstain from communicating directly or indirectly with Sheri-Lyn Ruffo, save and except through legal counsel.

* You will not possess, until dealt with according to law, any firearms, cross-bows, prohibited weapons, restricted weapons, prohibited device, ammunition, prohibited ammunition, explosives or explosive substances or any items intended for use as a weapon as defined by the Criminal Code.

THE COURT:         Do you understand those terms?

MR. BARBER:     Yeah.

THE COURT:         I take it that ...

MR. BARBER:     Yes.

THE COURT:        ... means yes? Are you willing to abide by the terms?

MR. BARBER:     Yes.

THE COURT:     Please be advised, if you breach the terms, the bail is forfeit. You could be charged with another offence,
                           you are liable to end up back in custody, understood?

MR. BARBER:     Well, I have a problem.  All the city staff, I don't know all of them.  I could walk past them.

THE COURT:     I did not put anything to do with city staff.  I just had the councillors and the mayor.  That seems to be the
                           root of this problem. [22]

MR. SMITH:     Your Worship, did you indicate 200? It's 300 City....

THE COURT:     Did I. say 200?

MR. SMITH:     Yes.

THE COURT:     I'm sorry. It's 300 City Centre Drive.  I'm not sure of the address of City Hall.

MS. GREENE:     Yes, Your Worship. We're going to ask for a return date of June 30th.

THE COURT:     All right, June 30th, 9:00 a.m., courtroom 107.

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[1]    - Does the J.P. show any interest in the fact I was not allowed a proper chance to call a lawyer - no why should he care about the Rights of Canadians we are apparently just cattle to the slaughter to him.  I had my glasses removed so could not see anyone in room as well.

[2]    - I am referred to when the Toronto police attacked me.

[3]    - When a person brings up the issue of politics in a Court matter and given the clear involvement of politicians, because the J.P., did not fully address this matter or even allow me to fully address it - without threatening me - he was being political.  A truly unbias and impartial person would have allowed the issue to be explored as it affects the Bail terms.

[4]    - This J.P., is very eager to force someone to sign my Bail even before heard the facts - like the fix was already in.

[5]    - J.P., starts in heavy with threats to keep me from being involved in my own Bail Hearing, right after he gets me talking to him - baiting?

[6]    - This charge has been withdrawn, so right off the bat, false charges being laid and what the other items are based on - falsehoods.

[7]    - Again a lie or should I say the Crown was clueless as to the facts.  Should the J.P., not be showing an interest in if he is being told the truth, after all is not Court part of the Canadian Justice system and last I heard, you don't get Justice based on lies & falsehoods.

[8]    - "
assisted the accused in leaving the premises", oh how they love to candy coat carp.  She unlawfully was threatening and bulling me into leaving.

[9]    - "
The victim", you mean the attacker.

[10]    - False in all its details but good enough for a Canadian Court when a poor person is before it.

[11]    - In other words no evidence what-so-ever but her word and every reason to suspect it is a lie - at least for an unbias J.P.

[12]    - A reasonable person can only hear so much BULLSHIT about them before speaking the truth!  This is the true face of the evil I am up against, it is not enough for this female security guard to claim I bumped into her or tried to push by her, oh no, it has to sound akin to sexual assault!

[13]    -    Lies Falsehoods from one end to the other and as the Crown, the J.P. and even Duty Counsel couldn't care less as to my version of events why am I even there?  They don't care about facts, the video is easy to have in Court but wait that would show I am innocent and then no reason to pile on Bail terms for political gain.

[14]    - Why does the J.P., not tell the Crown to keep a lid on inflammatory rhetoric and stop the verbal showboating?  Or maybe he find my discomfort entertaining and pleasurable.

[15]    - Banned the same way as these charges are based on false statements by the political tools of politicians - commonly referred to as security guards.

[16]    - Based just on "
Information received from the City of Mississauga security", I am effectively trial and convicted without a lawyer, the chance to respond to the "Allegations" and the Bail terms are the sentence.  Oh, how sweet it is for those in government, when it comes to attacking anyone one you want to with no fear of accountability.

[17]    - Complete falsehood but does show this "Hearing" is all about politics.

[18]    - Using the methods of FASCISTS' or NAZIS, as the issue of politics has already been presented to the J.P., when this come up it should set off alarm bells that evil has now entered the Court and every effort has to be made to stop the Court being used as the Nazis did, a weapon for political gain against the poor and disempowered.  There is more than just these falsehood.  Oh hell yes!  The City staff has been working long and hard to destroy the life of a community representative who opposed Hazel McCallion.

[19]    - Because the J.P., would not even address a Canadians request for a "
publication ban", this should prove to any reasonable & unbias person that this was a political trial that they want to make sure the media can freely defame Mr. Barber before the facts are know and just the statements of the crown are allowed to be hear in Court.  This in an election year to aid Hazel McCallion to the fullest in her election campaign.  After all a political trial means you must spew your crap into everyone face and blame the victim of the evil - Mr. Barber, in order to full poison their minds to decent person and his cries for help.

[20]    - A reasonable effort to be reasonable but I did not say Hail Hazel so he will not listen.

[21]    - Clear to me that the J.P., is taking the "
allegations" as facts on which the Bail terms are based.  Again the J.P., is bring Canadian justice into ill-repute for refusing to deal with any political issues, when clearly because they are not dealt with, means he is displaying a certain, as Stephane Dion would say - political ideology.  Further more he shows no interest in hearing from me at what is in effect my hearing/trial - where a judgment being imposed on me there are words for this.

[22]    - Again the J.P., goes on the record as stating this is a trial about access to politicians and government - this is straight out of Nazis Germany.  If it involves politicians, it is more than likely political at its core with elected officials abusing their power.  Like they say if it walks like a duck, if it quakes like a duck, .... and it is clear that the focus of the bail terms is to deal removing me from local politics due to events in City Council chambers - a very important point as when the charge is withdraw relating to events that took place in City Council chambers, should those bail terms also be withdrawn?

    It is important to note this J.P., is most  focused on protecting the Mayor and Councillors and no where does he express any interest in protecting the Right of Canadians to access their elected officials, government and no where does he even mention the highest law of Canada - the Charter.  Clearly the Canadian Charter of Rights is not a part of his concerns or anything he feels the need to protect.  A sure sign of his political ideology. ]

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