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- 2009 -
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!! A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost !!

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Persecution of Donald Barber -
or the
-  by Mississauga City hall & its politicians

Media articles here.

This page notes about how on June 7th, 2006, the City of Mississauga, under the stewardship of Hazel McCallion crossed a line from being a pitiful example of a Democracy that we are in Mississauga because of years of McCallion rule
- to achieving third world tin pot dictatorship status and the events that followed that made it all the worse.

- Repeatedly Attacked by City of Mississauga Staff and/or Peel police -






! Brampton Court Madness !
{ A Grenville & William Davis Courthouse }

How the legal system is perverted to by those in power to crush Canadians who do nothing more wrong
then trying to play by the rules and make the world a better place.

Another BLACK EYE  for both the Peel police & City of Mississauga.

!!! City of Mississauga Staff ATTACKED me again !!!

Not recently - the Trial for what happened in 2011 just got started
& yes I was charged for being the victim of an Assault!

Classical case where the video shows (again) that City staff,
By-law time are making false statements to get me arrested.
Peel police aided the effort not just by doing as Mississauga By-law inspector
told them to do but
key evidence went missing and not investigated!

- 2012 -

The Legal way to Attack your neighbours,
Community Champions & Commit Crime
as it is approved by the Peel police & Peel Crown.

The web-page about the crimes being committed against me and Canadian Rights & Freedoms.

- 2011 -

The City of Mississauga in 2011, has really ramped up its attacks on me.
Stated with the usual assault by staff and Peel police obeying their instructions to arrest the victim - me.
Yes more details to come.
Then as I try to fix things - City staff go on the attack again - busy as usual.

Canadians pay for the adversarial legal & government system
that abuses us all!

How many uncivil servants in Mississauga City hall does it take to get a business card?
About 7 including a security guard and Ward Councillor.
Sound unbelievable?
Perfectly normal for those who are black-listed by City politicians.

City Hall - By-law/staff are the weapon of choice by City of Mississauga politicians.

Notice of Contravention
from the City of Mississauga
Against a Mayoralty Candidate
in the current
Mississauga Elections.

City of Mississauga staff hot to trot
to use the Batista arrest as their weapon to serve their political masters!

The City of Mississauga Wanted Poster for
!!!! Don Barber !!!!

The Threatening Threat Assessment
Donald Barber
Community leader & Educator. 

An Apology from a Peel  police  Officer
- How Rare -

During the 2006 election City staff tried to eliminate a candidate - me - for the office of Mayor
to aid the election of Hazel McCallion!

Donald Barber A Banned Person by City of Mississauga - the story of how the ban was lifted.

My Visits to Mississauga City Council & Others of Note.
They claim I attend City Council too often to address community concerns - not so.

You can read the transcript of exactly what was said on the days in question and see the lies of Mississauga's politicians used when they were entrapping me.

On Apr. 2, 2007, I attend Brampton Court to dismiss my Government lawyer
had the Apr. 13th., trial date canceled,
at which point the Crown withdrew one of the charges
{not entirely the good news it may sounds like}
the corresponding BAIL terms!

    That is right, they withdrew a charge but not the Bail terms which were in themselves a form of political punishment - a sentence without trial - a proper trial that is.  Shows how little the Ontario government cares about justice, poor people standing up for their community and most of all shows this is a political show trail as the Bail; terms that should have been removed, dealt with access to local government and elected officials!

    The charge of Cause Disturbance was withdraw with no reason given - I strongly protested that!  In fact even my father got a chuckle out of it as now the Crown is saying that one day I showed up at City hall and for no apparent reason there was a minor altercation.  Sounds crazy but in Canada law and a with bad (for the defense), judge there is a good chance of being found guilty as the original event with its evidence could be declared as being no longer relevant.  After all Hazel and her friends can't get what they want unless they cheat!

     None-the-less, it was removed but none of the 6 Bail conditions (see the box below), were and haft of them relate to the false accusation that a disturbance was caused in City Council chambers June 7th.

    What is very interesting is that the video tapes (2), that recorded events in City council chambers were not be provided to the Defense, even thought they showed one of the falsely alleged crimes and the police said they have copies, come and get them.  How can this be?  Well my lawyer would not carry out my instructions to get the tapes, told me to get another lawyer so I am going to try.  Right after, telling him he was off the case wrote repeated letters to Peel police and Crown, etc., for the tapes and nothing yet.  But the charge they most relate to is withdraw - interesting.

    Or they are trying to tell me that I have to fire 2 more lawyer for all the charges to be withdrawn.

2.   Abstain from communicating directly or indirectly with Sheri-Lynn Ruffo except through legal
      counsel and you are to have no contact with the Major (sic) of Mississauga or any counselors
      (sic) for the City of Mississauga except with written consent;

3.  Not attend at 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga and 950 Burnamthorpe Rd, Mississauga;

4.  Not attend within 200 metres of the Mayor of Mississauga or any counselor for the City of

    Another example of how little the Crown or Government cares about justice for poor people in Ontario and Canada is found in item 6 above.  It notes "Not attend at 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga and 950 Burnamthorpe Rd, Mississauga;", why was "950 Burnamthorpe Rd" added?  The Court was told that City Council would be moving to 950 Burnamthorpe Rd., the local Provincial Court building, dealing with traffic tickets and alike, while their offices were being renovated.  Yes, another example of how they like to improve their surroundings at our expense.  This move was to be only for a couple months - however there was no such wording in Bail terms as these people did not care at all if they shut me off from dealing with local government or dealing with traffic matters!  They are about punishing people for just being accused, as if already convicted of some horrible crime.  I tried to deal with the Crown about this by as a person with no lawyer they refuse to even see me - I was too inferior, too far beneath them for them to overcome their bias, bigotry and prejudice to be treated like a without a lawyer like a human being.  Besides, it is clear to me that in Peel, the police, Courts, lawyers and their good friends in the media as seeing taxpayers as a make work project to keep money flowing into their pockets by way of false or trumped up charges, fill the Courts and line the pockets of all concerned.  Law and Order BUT NO justice.

    The effort to try and get my Ex-lawyer to deal with this was strangely equally frustrating, for different reason and will deal with later.

    A letter has been sent to the Crown and of course no response as I am too inferior for her to bother with no doubt.
I was in Court Apr. 12th, asking for the form to deal with a Bail variance and was mislead for 3 hours as to getting one, then told forget it, they are never given out.  So much for the helpful advice from the Duty Counsel!

    On to a very important matter and how politically bias and protective of local politicians are the staff of the Legal Aid office in Peel?  I would say they are very protective and these are just my opinions & observations but are they not interesting?  What would a person think if they had a lawyer who not seem to be able to do simple tasks or carry out simple instructions and the case you were involved in was clearly a political show case?  Would they not suspect the fix could be put in when a case that should be an easy win, if the large body of evidence to accomplish the win  was not to be called upon - indeed!  Well lets look at the facts.

    In Peel and a couple other places in Ontario, there are law offices set up by Legal Aid Ontario as pilot projects to deal with the every growing number of persons that the over-zealous police are arresting for the most minor or false charges - part of make work projects, to justify hiring more police and getting bigger budgets in a time when crime is actually going down but as the media splashes crime on every front page, Ontarians foolishly believe crime is going up.  The poor are targeted as they can't afford the full benefit of the law or buy all the justice that can be had in our courts, so they have to settle for the cheapest and easiest deal they can get, which means they do not try and hold the police accountable or the other members of the legal community accountable for the abuse of their Charter rights.  Just to set the scene.

    These law offices are for people who are not (likely), going to jail but who are so poor they qualify for Legal Aid.  You see the wise people at Legal Aid have decided it will be their policy not to grant these people Legal Aid certificates - how kind.  I was classified as one of these people.  Then I was informed about the Legal Aid - Criminal Office, that does deal with those who qualify for Legal Aid but are not likely to go to jail.  Allied and got a lawyer.

    Now as this is a pilot project its funding is not as secure as an established program and I have heard many a tail of how the Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, interfered with and/or the funding was cut or other interference to get her way.  In fact this pilot project has been around since 2004 but its operation manuals are still stamped draft and they refused to allow me to even view them!  As I asked, likely another reason I thrown out of the office, can't have poor people get uppity by quoting the rules to those who are abusing them, got to keep them in their place! 

    Then there is the issue of just how impartial and unbias can lawyers who are (as far as I can make out), working for the Ontario government be when the cases involve the government and local politicians?  The evidence I have could not be clearer there is a conflict of interest leading to bias service in favour of the fore noted and against the clients.   They will tell you no but given the kind of service I got or did not get, as well as statements by the Legal Aid - Criminal Office's, superior or Area Manager, M. Hastings, that there was no way they were going to allow the Mayor of Mississauga or that City's Councilors to be called as witnesses regarding events they witnessed, participated in and even controlled!  Serious questions about Legal Aid Ontario's priorities are raised - did concerns about justice prevailing in Court really come first?  Did concerns about the welfare of the client come first?  Or was it concerns about politicians who controlled their funding, come fore most in their minds?

There is no doubt in my mind that concerns about politicians
who controlled or had connections regarding
Legal Aid Ontario's funding of local offices,
came first and fore most in the minds of those at
Legal Aid Ontario.
Not concerns about the client's welfare
or if it put our judicial system into ill repute.

    Strong statements to be sure but what backs them up?
Quite a number of reasons and examples but for right now lets just serve up some quotes from the lady who's job it is, to overseeing this whole mess - Area Manager, M. Hastings.  Two conservations in particular come to mind.  First of all, when the problem with one of the lawyers at the Legal Aid - Criminal Office, be came unbearable, I asked for another lawyer and there are three in the office to take over the case.  One of which did some service while my lawyer was away on vacation and she was great.  When dealing with Ms. Hastings it was made very clear that the issue being presented by the Legal Aid - Criminal Office, as being the one they could not ever allow me to instruct them to carry out, was to subpoena Hazel McCallion or any member of Mississauga City Council.  This was made perfectly clear by it being returned to repeatedly and a general lack of interest in the great number of other reasons why I should have a change of lawyer. 

    On Mar. 12, I was told by Ms. Hastings that she "I can arrange, get you a Legal Aid certificate, you can have a Legal Aid certificate and take it to a lawyer of your choice."  I noted that "I don’t qualify", the going to jail bit and she responded with "You qualify, the rules, there is some discretion in the rules when the person, you qualify finically which is why you are at the criminal law office."  That sounds very much like we help you out, you go away and don't bother us with this again, with no strings attached - not so bad.

    As the matter of getting a lawyer at the Legal Aid - Criminal Office, still existed as a possibility, she goes on to note her concerns about there being a chance of me instructing them to subpoena the Mayor and/or Councillors', "so long as we can take that off the table.", a change of lawyer within the office could be considered.  "If this involves subpoenaing number or one witness around a political issue I just can’t see funding that ... I am essentially a decision maker."  So I grudgingly agreed to that.   It needs to be noted here that these lawyers are so scared of the local government and/or politicians that any effort to try and involve elected officials is called a political act and they try to blame or accuse or label the victim who is only trying to seek justice with doing something wrong.  There will be more on this later but it really is the BIG LIE where the opposite to their claimed statements is the truth - they are being political and what they are doing is wrong. 

    Then I wrote her a letter to honestly tell her my position and I would have to do, depending on her response.  Still noting that a change of lawyer within the office would be best all around

  Mar. 14, spoke to Ms. Hastings and the fear was in her!  Right off the bat the offer of a getting a Legal Aid certificate as she promised - with no strings attached - was off the table and I would have to submit to filing another application for Legal Aid to see if I qualified.  This got me up-set right off the bat as I knew this old trick, being set up for an endless process that rakes you over the coals trying to discover anything to interpret and file a negative reports about you as they now see you as a threat to their government pay cheque!  The end result would be what they said in their first letter of rejection, not likely go to jail, no Legal Aid certificate and this time - no chance of going to their Legal Aid - Criminal Office.  Totally screwed and I was not going to volunteer for that.  You think I am just speculating?  Ms. Hastings stated “if you are going to do the media thing, I need to make sure you qualify”.  She then goes on to note that before another consideration, like the welfare of the client or if this would put our judicial system into ill repute, "I am not going to allow you subpoena the Mayor of Mississauga or the City Councillors." ... "I just want to be clear and you understand that?"  Over and over she returns to the same theme no matter that I agree with her each time she brings it up - clearly protecting the backsides of elected politicians is the greatest concern for this Ontario government bureaucratic - regardless of how she defines her employment.  The rest of her efforts to make me beg and crawl over broken glass for the service that any taxpayer should get by just asking for it.  The conservation went something like this;

DB - Fine.

MH - And you are not going to subpoenaing, yes or no?  I just want to know that.

DB - Fine, yes.

MH - Yes?

DB - Hum hum.

MH - Hum hum What?

DB - Well what does a Yes mean?  I just said yes.

MH - Yes you will not be instructing your lawyer?  Who ever that is?

DB - Hum hum.

MH - To subpoena Mississauga Mayor or City Councillors,

DB - Fine.

MH - For your trial, that is agreed or no.

DB - Yes, that is agreed,

MH - route that you going to take or

DB - Fine.

MH - No, no, the route, the fact you are saying that makes me, leads me to believe are not agreeing.

DB - What do want to hear?  I have already said yes

MH - You, you’re agreeing that an issue we will not be dealing with later is the subpoenaing of public officials.

DB - and what do you want to hear for agreement?

MH - Yes you agree.

DB - Yes I agree ..

MH - That it not necessary for your defense.  That there will be subpoenaing of public officials.  And you won’t be doing it.

DB - I said yes.

MH - Oh you said yes

DB - Yes

MH - Oh that’s fine.  Let me speak to Ms. Bread.

    Ms. Bread is the Executive lawyer at the
Legal Aid - Criminal Office, who will consider if they would allow me back in their office, you see they are saying that because I had a problem with one lawyer ,that means I now have a problem with their whole office, isn't that all too convenient?  Anyways, I asked to see the manuals they use to run their office with and denied - can't have the low life street scum using them to tell important and superior bureaucrats how to do their jobs!

    I asked both Ms. Hastings and my M.P.P. Tim Peterson's office to inform me about any Ontario Government rules, guidelines, policies and/or laws regarding government employees being political while on the job and of course no one gets back to me!!!!!

    Lastly, addressing Ms. Hastings questionable offer, after reading the details of what has happened so far and Ms. Hastings determine efforts to make sure I will never tire to seek justice by involving the very old Mayor of Mississauga and/or her cronies, how could anyone believe she or anyone at
Legal Aid Ontario, would be fair and unbias when reconsidering another application for a Legal Aid certificate?  When we all know it would have to be issued in defiance of existing policies and with no hope of admittance to the Legal Aid - Criminal OfficeHow many times does a person need to be kicked in the face after they ask for help, before they know if they ask for help - they will be KICKED IN THE FACE?

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