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- 2009 -
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Hazel McCallion's
Mayor of Mississauga
her Political Cronies
- Media Coverage -

1981    1982    1983    1988    1989   

1990   1993   1994   1995   1996   1997   1998   1999

2000    2001    2003
    2004   2005

This is far from a complete list but what I currently have.
If you know of any that would be of interest please let me know or mail to;
Station B, Box 1504, Mississauga, Ont. L4Y 4G2

Most of the articles are scanned copies, from micro-film and poor copies to begin with.  So there is a chance of errors when reviewing them or retyping.  So, please e-mail me with corrections, if you find any.

Interesting sound bites from the Mayor and other elected officials.

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion
"convicted of conflict of interest".

Regarding the articles from 1981, 82, 83, about Hazel's being "convicted of conflict of interest", have not had the time to fully link them to other items and comment on them, to put them into the fullest, clearest and current context.  However, these articles contain some of the best material going about how Hazel McCallion broke the law every way it could be broken!  Others, like the Globe and Mail one, Mar. 5 83, digs deep into just who HURRICANE HAZEL is and why she is was getting away with murdering our democratic processes.

More importantly, that what I have been saying about her is not only factual,  others have been saying the same for years but that the failure of media to act responsibly regarding her coverage, is the root, that the evil Hazel McCallion grows from.  The political support the Media gives her is most likely a business decision as she is good for their business, tons of real estate adds, many full page, in color.  Hazel their cash cow.  There are other side deals that a person can make when they have been in power for as many years as she has.  And there was the selling of the family newspaper just after an election in which she was called a Saint by the buyer's newspaper.

It is interesting to note how different newspapers cover Hazel or the depth of details in the story.  The headlines for July 23 1982, are most telling.   The Toronto Star and the Mississauga News (often called the Missing News), are owned by the same company.  So it not surprising to see they both suck up to Hazel in the same ways; don't report the news, don't report negative news about Hazel often enough that people would start to remember that she has little regard for democracy or its procedures & laws, report  only the positive side of the news, generally misleading "news" reports, or calling Hazel "feisty" when really it should be abusive, report quotes rather then explaining the how's & whys, keep the public in the dark about the big picture and their understand of events simple.  Or dumb it down to the level of a herd animals.

One aspect of Hazel McCallion's Conflict of Interest trial that is not explained by the media and therefore not understood by the public is this - "Judge West said: “ ... the decision taken produced no immediate financial benefit to the respondent,"".  What this means, is that the McCallion's did not  sell their land within the time frame a person had to file the case regarding her Conflict of Interest, so it was not possible to say how much she had gained by participating in the passing of the resolution, that would allow the  McCallion's to develop their land.  I am told that when they bought their five acres originally that was the smallest lot you could have.  In time the McCallion's would turn their homestead into a subdivision and try to hide the fact they were the developers.  Interesting, Yes?

More about this here - The Democratic Reporter.

Grid-Lock on our streets & roads
Hazel McCallion and company
are responsible for.

That is right, Hazel McCallion is responsible for what she and oh so many other drives complain about - Grid-Lock.  Which is caused by bad urban planning, which can been seen in news articles detailing the events of the Nov. 2/81, Council meeting at which Hazel and her "gang of seven", worked out a plan, in secret, to open the flood gates of development against the best advice of Planning staff and the City solicitor!  For more details.

We are presented with an unique case, where the person who created the urban mess is still in power but whom no one has the guts to stand up and say - how dare you, Hazel McCallion act like the Grid-Lock on our streets is any ones else's responsibly but yours!  Think about it next time you are stuck in a traffic jam, has she not repeated all the bad urban mistakes of the past to create what should have been an avoidable transit mess?  The answer is yes but we are afraid to question or blame the Hurricane Hazel and fear plays a role in this as she is known to be very abusive or worse vengeful.  So next time you are drive your child to the hospital as they can't breath (and get stuck in Grid-Lock), wonder if over development and pave over of the forests that filter our air, generally keep us healthy, who or what has effectively ripped out part of their lungs.

Hazel and her Councillors' (many have been in the same office for decades), have had every chance to go slow and get it right but no, it was Mississauga the fastest growing City in Canada.   Hazel ran Mississauga like a business and cash flow matter more then peoples health or the well-being.  The root of this evil, was money.  Now she wants to eliminate existing communities for higher densities and more money!  How much more will you pay for her glory?



The Toronto Sun  -  Dec. 3 1981.
Stiff  rules  on  conflict
- The gathering storm for Hazel McCallion and why she should have known better.
- Hazel a "pepperpot "?


The Toronto Sun  -  Apr. 23 1982.
Mississauga gold rush
- A short but must read about how corrupt Hazel & company are.

The Toronto Sun  -  Jul. 23 1982.
McCallion was wrong
- Here we start to see how Hazel starts to put a spin on events that are not factual or as some would saying - lying.

The Globe and Mail  -  Jul. 23, 1982.
Mayor of Mississauga thwarts bid to oust her but is told to pay costs

Toronto Star  -  July 23 1982.
Mayor's land deal involvement 'error,’ - not dishonest, judge rules

The Toronto Sun  - Aug. 4 1982.
Conflict ruling to be appealed
- Graham, who brought the case to court, said he is appealing because of "important moral issues" and given the outcome, in our neck of the woods that effort does not count for much.  Make politicians accountable in Mississauga?  Not likely.

The Toronto Sun  -  Sept. 23 1982.
But the timing, ma' am
- At the very time "Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion wrote judges how she had helped relieve their workload while another judge was considering a conflict of  interest case against her."  Was she trying to influence the outcome of her court case?  Well, she did get off with just a "slap-on-the-wrist".

Toronto Star - Sept. 30 1982.
Mayor had no conflict lawyer says at appeal

The Toronto Sun  -  Oct. 29 1982.
HIS Spell is broken ...
- In part deals with the Hazel issue and the up-coming election.  One of the few efforts by the media to inform the public about what kind of person Hazel McCallion is, before they go to the polling booth.


The Globe and Mail  -   Mar. 5 1983.
In the path of HURRICANE HAZEL - Accused of political opportunism, convicted of conflict of interest, she's still a hit McCallion Country
- A very good article that looks the whole problem that is Hazel McCallion.


The Mississauga News  -  June 17, 1988.
Clarkson BIA meeting turned into chaos
- This is what happens when Hazel storms on to the scene to make sure her political agenda is carried out.

The Mississauga News  -  Sept. 14, 1988.
Province is staying out of Clarkson BIA Affairs
- In Hazel town, she gets the last word and trying to hold her accountable is not allowed!

More about the Clarkson BIA Affair.


The Mississauga News  -  July 23,1989.
- An article that shows great insight into the politicians at Mississauga City hall and how cut-throat they are.  Likely one of the last written by John Stewart that was so revealing.   Hazel hates for the public to see open disagreement in her City hall and she will put an end to it any way she can.  Also, from what I heard about the last time Councillor Culham stood up to the Mayor, Hazel McCallion, in public or private.

- Couple of best quotes about how decision making is done at Mississauga City Hall, then, as now are by David Culham "Sometimes in politics, games become the be-all and end-all.", involving the "suspended intelligent judgement," that "We're masking certain things here." as "personality issues have become involved".

More about how the "Cat  Lady" of Missisauga was treated for doing the right thing and after the community tried to find justice in Hazel's court.

Mississauga News, Editorial  -  Oct. 25, 1989.
Humane concerns only muddle issue
 - "It was the day democracy failed to move an autocratic Mayor Hazel McCallion and her subservient city council to rid themselves of their small-town mentality and bravely confront the problems of a modern metropolis."

Mississauga News, Editorial  -  Nov. 1, 1989.
A question for electorate to ponder
- The lack of democracy in Mississauga City hall.

The Mississauga News  -  Dec. 17, 1989.
Allan Randles looking for a change - Committee of adjustment stalwart calls it quits
- The McCallion's business partner, interesting he should be on the committee he was.


Mississauga News  -  Jan. 10, 1990.
Mayor McCallion on receiving end of councillor Southorn's outburst
- Mayor Hazel McCallion was accused of “editorializing” from the chair, while Councillors are to remain silent.
The political cartoon.


Etobicoke Life - Dec. 22, 1993
Hurricane Hazel - McCallion upends City councillors
- She [Hazel McCallion] put her agenda on the table and ­wiped the floor with us,” adds Councillor Irene Jones (Ward 1), who left the meeting early out of frustration.


Toronto Life  -  May 2000.
- A really good article about Hazel as a political predator & that POWER corrupts ........ given time and opportunity.

July 1 - 2000 - Canada Day
A information hand out by a union trying to organize, that the City of Mississauga is hostile towards.

Oct. 9, 2000 - Letter to the Mississauga News.
A new City by-law about Vandalism and Violence (V&V), in all City Facilities.
The V&V by-law has set a new and dangerous standard of government control over people's lives.  It has created a City-run legal system, with new laws, and turned City staff into a police force.  Acts of violence are "but is not limited to ", "loud verbal assaults;", "attempts to intimidate;" and "attempts to goad", to name a few.


Financial Post  -  May 15, 2001.
Cities fight for fair refugee policy
- This was the starting point for the Hazel McCallion is a racist, protests.

OCASI  -  Aug.  05, 2001.
Mississauga's Mayor Hazel McCallion - Attacks Immigrants and Refugees
- More about Mississauga's racist Mayor.


The Mississauga News  -  May 10-11, 2003.
- Mayor Hazel McCallion is trying to gag or muzzle Peel Region Chair Emil Kolb as Battle lines drawn in Hazel's quest for political independence from Peel continues.

Mississauga News - May 10-11, 2003.
Muzzling a no-no
- No matter how you slice it, Mayor Hazel McCallion's is an attempt to gag or stifle the Peel Region's chair.

The Mississauga News - August 27, 2003.
Gyles to stand trial — again.
- More about Councillor Gyles and his problem of not doing his election financial report correctly.

More about Councillor Gyles and his trials.

Toronto Star  - Sept. 11, 2003.
Gyles jailed 2 1/2 years for taking bribes
- Judge calls crimes 'insidious assault on democracy'.  Is Mr. Gyles the worse of the lot or is he just the one they caught (so far)?

Mississauga News  -  Oct. 11, 2003
Charges laid in sign thefts
- But the candidate,  Eve Adams, still got elected in Ward 5 - how is this really better then Cliff Gyles?



The Mississauga News - Aug 30, 2005
Order of Canada for McCallion

Toronto Star  -  Aug. 31, 2005
McCallion surprised by Order of Canada honour

Mississauga Business Times - Sept 22, 2005
McCallion wins Order of Canada

Nov 15, 2005
Governor General News release about the Order of Canada & who was getting it

Toronto Star  - Nov. 17, 2005
Order of Canada welcomes Twain

CBC News Web-site - Nov 18, 2005
Twain, Le May Doan receive Order of Canada medals

The Mississauga News - Nov 18, 2005
Hazel McCallion receives Canada's highest honour

National Post -November 22, 2005

Greatest Torontonian contest down to 5  -  Voting deadline Thursday

The Mississauga News - Nov 22, 2005  
Toronto residents love our mayor - Is Hazel the 'Greatest Living Torontonian?

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