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CANCER on Democracy Developing in City halls
BANNING those who are
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and are more successful than politicians at serving the greater good of taxpayers.

police, lawyers, and legal orders
are now the WEAPONS
of choice as
Security Insanity Plague
us all!

The Law of Diminishing Returns
How Increased Security, Harms Society.

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Opening statements  -  what have we done to our Democratic society & laws?

Oct. 16, 2001, the Toronto police started mass unlawfully searches

A call for witnesses  -  Oct. 16, 2001 - Ontario Common Front Demonstration

Unlawful police actions wastes taxpayers money

What can we do about ending the unlawful actions of the police
and making them accountable,
so we can feel safe from them in our communities?

This is the big one & so Democratic, it is the revolution in social justice that we need right now!

These are some of the News articles that are used to illustrate my points and
my letters or submissions.  And where many of my more pointed comments are.

Over False Charges by Toronto - police & Crown
Proof that fighting it out
not letting them get the upper hand with you by way of fear
impatience, is not only worth while but best for Canada.

City of Mississauga politicians and their friends in the
Peel police and Courts are using the methods of

to attack a community representative in Mississauga's
first political show trial.  Who is also Mississauga's first political prisoner!
Just as the NAZIS used false accusations involving children,
so does Hazel McCallion's government to get its way.
Canadian Courts turned into the weapon of choice by morally bankrupt politicians.

You can not have a Democracy based on the laws of a dictatorship!

If you do not stand up for the rights of others, you will surely lose yours.

Are these not the laws of countries that Democratic revolutions or our own army's have over thrown because they were so unjust and inhumane?

If people do not stand up for all their Democratic rights, especially in their own communities, then at every level we will be ruled by

Like this example.

Opening statements  -  what have we done to our Democratic society & laws?

I am a candidate in the 2003 Provincial election and yes, I was arrested, unlawful if not criminally but the Toronto police.  I am writing this not simply because I am a victim of the Oct. 16-01 event but in fact for many years I have been standing up for the rights of the community and individuals and now that this issue is being ignored in this election by the major political party's Tory - Liberal - NDP, I feel compelled to speak out against the on going injustice, anti-Democratic and down right criminal treatment of Canadians.  To shame those political party's as they claim to care about the welfare of Ontarians and yet do not address a clear and present danger to Ontarians!

The issue in question is the unreasonable growth of police power in the name of security, to the point of creating criminal behaviour in our police forces almost common place.  Those greatest affected are, the youth, all non-Europens and those who dare to protest the government.  In other words most Ontarians!

This issue is one that the other political parties have not directly addressed but is of great interest to people in Ontario, many of whom are not voting as they feel there is no reason to.  It would not make a difference, the political party's are all the same.  This issue also deals with a great waste of tax payers money by so-called law enforcers.

I will not be dealing with the results of the cruel new laws that remove our rights and force secret trials and other clearly anti-Democratic legal methods.  Injustice as they are, they are harder to deal with in terms of getting the public to cry out for an end to their practice.  BUT, dealing with the clearly unlawful and criminal actions of the police is the best place to start as it shows that the true result of the excessive security measures approve by our government.  They have spawned more and more lawlessness by police and now the public needs protection from the police and government, more we need protection from so-called terrorists!

There is no discussion of the reasonable limits to these security measures
or what their long term affects to our society will be.
Will it even have a human heart?

We are told over and over that the new security measures are for our protection but there are no real limits on them.  If you encounter a police officer and the they know they are almost totally unaccountable to the public, you are at risk from them.  This is the perfect breeding ground for police state Law and Order but no justice.

Many of my more detailed comments are on the web-pages of the supporting News articles or other documents, here.

Search first charge later - unlawful and fast becoming standard practices by police.  It is used mostly by Toronto police (as far as I can see), to harass and terrorize those who would protest the government but I have also seen it in Mississauga where Peel police grab youth right on the street, in broad day light, by a major intersection and search them.  No charges and if you question them, you are threatened with arrest!

Mar. 22-03, Toronto Peace Rally, officers take a flag from group of youth but many unionists were allowed to keep their flags.  Other pictures taken at the same time show their backpack being searched.  Is this targeting those most likely not to be able to fight back legally and conditioning the youth to surrender their Human Rights or face unlawful police force?

This is totally unacceptable in a Democracy and violates the highest law Canadian law, the Charter.  However the police need not fear being held accountable as the legal system itself will ensure they can treat us like salves with no rights and the government can be counted on not hear the cries of pain from taxpayers harmed by criminal cops!

You can not have a Democracy based on the laws of a dictatorship!

This is true, with the laws of a Democracy in place and strong, keeping both the government and police in check, if not, we are in a police state.  The laws are the ruler with which the measuring is done.  A Democracy is a balance between Order and Chaos, too much of either will destroy a society.  Law and Order but no JUSTICE is always the siren song of the dictator, that leads inevitably to universal social injustice and disaster.  As history teaches us.  In a Democracy there are acceptable loses from crime and those who would claim to end crime or jail all criminals are the most dangerous of all.  They would jail more and more people for frivolous reasons. The police becoming involved in politics is also a no, no.  There needs to be a clear separation between the law makers and law enforcers.  Right now you can be jail if the government does not like your tone!

What happened to - better 10 guilty go free, then 1 innocence be jailed?

In Canada we have crossed the line with our security laws.  The giving of too much power to the police and the public having to little control over them.  The police can now break the law with little fear of being held accountable, while those who try are likely to suffer more for trying.  This not how a Democracy works or remains strong.

So the issue is, the abuse of these security laws by the police and how we are effectively powerless to stop the police from ruining our lives when ever they care to.  False arrests, police making false notes to back up their unlawful actions and courts most people can't afford to buy Canadian justice in.  The media is no help as Charter Rights do not sell as many papers as blood covered crime stories or sell the police as some kind of hero's for doing the job they are paid very well to do.  Also, you can be affected economically, be sides the high cost of funding a court case.  More and more companies are requiring a copy of your police record, if any, a false charge of assaulting police officers is hard to explain and likely you will not get the high paying jobs you are qualified for.

Where are the reasonable limits the ever increasing
police and government invasion of our lives?

It appears it will be a case of the which straw will break the camels (ours), back, more & more added, till we collapses under the weight of bureaucratic controls, over-sight and police harassment.

Oct. 16 2001, the Toronto police started mass unlawfully searches against those they thought were going to attend the Ontario Common Front - OCAP demonstration and I was one.  Walking down the street, I saw the police searching a young lady's backpack and took a picture.  Then a cop told me that he was going to search my backpack, I said no, he attacked me and was forcibly searched.  My punishment by not submitting to an unlawful search was arrest on false charges, during which my leg was forced backwards and elbow hurt.  Both injuries are permanent.  The false charges, were assaulting an officer and obstruct police officer.  Like so many others, left for hours in the paddy wagon.  The pills the doctors gave me for my injuries were withheld from me.  Highly restrictive bail conditions were put on me.  That is just the short version of events.  What do the officers notes say you ask?  That he is as innocence as an angel of course.

Unlawful police actions wastes taxpayers money

Canadians can easily sue the police for violating their Civil Rights and John Milton did, to the tune of $11,000! He too refused to willing submit to a search that day but he was not charged criminally.  Arrested, falsely for breach of public peace, along with about 20 others, who were let go after several hours of hell at the hands of the police.  If he got $11,000, then imagine if all 20 sued as he did for false search, false arrest, false imprisonment and violation of his Constitutional Rights, then Toronto tax payers would be on the hook for $220,000!  And for what?  The police settled before the case even went to court.  Sound like they were afraid of being exposed in court.  To tell the truth Toronto taxpayers should have their taxes raised just to cover this foolishness they allow.

Then there is the cost of over policing the protest and much of that damage done could be the result of people pissed off at the way the police treated them and having their belongs taken from them by the police unlawfully.  Normally this would be called being robbed.

Then there is the waste of time and money for the courts to deal with all these false charges, many of which are only to justify the number of police used and keep alive the myth that OCAP is worth the cost of the Toronto police response.
This is not uncommon.

What can we about ending the unlawful actions of the police and making them accountable,
so we can feel safe from them in our communities?

Click here for the media page to aid in getting the message out.

1).    Broadcast our demand that all political party's in the Provincial
          election, calling upon the Toronto police force to immediately disclose
          and explain all the details regard their Oct. 16-01 pre-emptive
          searches as well as locking people in paddy wagons for hours.

2).    That each political party directly address the issue of how they will
          ensure this does not happen again.   How the police will be made more
          accountable to the public.  What they see as reasonable limits to
          police and government intrusion into Ontarians lives.

This is the big one & so Democratic, it is the revolution in society justice that we need right now!

3).    That it be recognized, that justice requires a level playing field, so
          reforms need to be undertaken to do so.  As with health care system,
          the cost of proper care is beyond the reach of most Ontarians and the
          legal system is no different.  That lawyers fees will be covered by
          Ontario for the most part.  This would go beyond criminal cases
           as well and include environmental matters like rezoning, etc.
           Traditionally, the cost of the legal system has kept those who needed
           it the most from being able to use it and generally disempowered them
           into being second or third class citizens.  This must end, the cost of
           injustice hurts us all.  Why should the innocence be forced to suffer for
           lack of money?

         That other methods of dealing with charges and disputes be used.  That
         measures will be under taken to greatly protect the rights of those
         arrested or otherwise in contact with the police and government.  That
         the public can in meaningful ways hold the police etc., accountable.

The political party that commits to this would win the election as those who would not normally vote would come out in the hundreds for the first real hope of justice in years!

Index of some of the News Articles that are used to illustrate my points
and my letters or submissions.
And where many of my more pointed comments are.

Stripping Canadians of Our Democratic & Human Rights!
How far will this go?    Will you be next?


The  FOI  Request  Petition

  *****  FOI Requests & Letters you can send*****

Do you want to do something about this?

Before the election and get this issue talked about?
Then go to the Media page, let the media and Ontario's political party's know how you feel.

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The following comments are made under the full protection of all the Rights and Freedoms to free speech that Canadians have, by way of the Charter and all other supporting Acts, common law, etc., to express political opinions, political observations (& of human nature in general) and comment on their government, at all levels and in whatever form they take, during an election or otherwise.  This should also be considered a victims statement.  The following facts are further reasons why the writer should be entitled to freedom of expression without persecution; I am a poor writer who can't afford  a secretary or proof-reader (especially with no hope of a lawyer to proof-read), who is under a heavy workload to try and keep up with paid bureaucrats and who has out performed City staff for the benefit of the Cawthra Bush & community in general in the past, that the only way to overcome the common government tactic of trying to burn out people, groups and their volunteers who oppose government (plans & actions) is to do the best I can, as fast as I can and as honestly as I can.  And if that is not good enough for you, then fund the cost  to do this work to whatever standard you can afford!

I also am not a good writer and this item was written quickly, while suffering from lack of sleep, so likely some words are used are not the best, but look beyond that to see the meaning.

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