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 Links to the police complaint(s) regarding how the City and its politicians use the
Peel police against us.
Human and Charter Rights issues in Canada.

What our politicians are really up to and the media doesn't cover properly, if at all.

The times I have run for the office of Mayor of Mississauga.


And a host of other issues that have turned up as I have discovered just what it REALLY means to live in Canada and fight for justice, for a community's
Democratic rights.

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General note about this web-page and others that comment on persons, events and politicians.
Due to the media's bias, to report only good news or positive things about certain people and not to report negative, this creates an unbalanced image of them in the eyes of the public.
Such reporting is poison to Democracy.

My efforts are aimed at restoring the balance.
Yes, they are the posting of the more negative facts and their dark deeds but if the main stream media will not do their job in a Democracy, then some one else has to.
If we don't have a healthy Democracy - then what do we have?

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Since, Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga has publicly expressed her concerns about my efforts to inform the public in regards to what is really going on in
Mississauga, bad things have been coming my way.

Freedom  of  Speech
under attack in Toronto

Mar. 30 - 2002

A proposed by-law that would greatly limit posters and signs being hung in communities.
Fines that start at $60 and that could go into the thousands, per-sign.
Forcing people to post their person information on each sign.
Hanging up sign looking for your missing cat could cost you hundreds of dollars.
There will be a public meeting
Apr. 4 / 02 (Thursday), at City Hall 7 pm, committee room 2
for more info

Man charged over letters
to  Health Minister Tony Clement

Feb. 5 - 2002

One of the sacred trust of a Democracy and one of the signs of a dictatorship is how approachable are the persons in government are.  In this case a person elected by the pubic, to a public office to represent the public and its interests.  You may say that there was something wrong with his letters but his lawyer makes it clear that was not the case.  There are so many things wrong with this, that I hardly know where to begin.

Then there is the matter of the involvement of the Peel police.  Are they trying to gain political favour?  Are they trying to set a dangerous legal precedence that politicians or their staff can have people arrested on what amounts to a whim, as they don't care to deal with the problems of poor people?  The Peel police were sent to my door by City of Mississauga politicians who did not like my demeanour.  I questioned them.

If you want to create a fascist - police state you do things like this.


Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation

Feb. 5 - 2002An article by the

that deals with how legal action is used as a weapon against those trying to do the right thing environmentally or otherwise in their community.
Some people doubt this kind of thing goes on, here is proof it does. It has great meaning as City of Mississauga politicians and City staff not only do all they can to interfere with our legal Rights and Freedoms, such as using public land to get petitions signed but use the police to harass us.

 A Defence fund

Jan. 19 - 2002

established for Councillor Cliff Gyles

Ron Starr

Jan. 19 - 2002

A former City Councillor,  "a prominent Mississauga businessman who was interim president of Hydro Mississauga Corporation until he "stepped aside" from the position more than a year ago, is charged separately with defrauding Human Resources Development Canada in relation to grants for summer employment programs."

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