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This page contains political, legal, media, election issues and events.

 Links to the police complaint(s) regarding how the City and its politicians use the
Peel police against us.
Human and Charter Rights issues in Canada.

What our politicians are really up to and the media doesn't cover properly, if at all.

The times I have run for the office of Mayor of Mississauga.


And a host of other issues that have turned up as I have discovered just what it REALLY means to live in Canada and fight for justice, for a community's
Democratic rights.

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General note about this web-page and others that comment on persons, events and politicians.
Due to the media's bias, to report only good news or positive things about certain people and not to report negative, this creates an unbalanced image of them in the eyes of the public.
Such reporting is poison to Democracy.

My efforts are aimed at restoring the balance.
Yes, they are the posting of the more negative facts and their dark deeds but if the main stream media will not do their job in a Democracy, then some one else has to.
If we don't have a healthy Democracy - then what do we have?

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 Main Table of Contents

 Important notice !!!!!

If you want to receive notice of both changes to this web-site and events relating to the efforts to save the
Cawthra Bush and Mississauga's natural areas,
please send me an e-mail
asking to be put on the notification list or just paste this text to the e-mail.

Since, Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga has publicly expressed her concerns about my efforts to inform the public in regards to what is really going on in
Mississauga, bad things have been coming my way.

Therese Taylor

Dec.  2005

A Mississauga environmentalist activist
has become the Conservation Chair for the Peel Region Group - Sierra Club of Canada.

There is more about her efforts to - Save Mississauga Forests - and stop the - Highway 401 Expansion In Mississauga.
Her Mississauga News  - Guest Column - May 18, 2005
Preserving nature benefits all of us


November 30, 2005

Dec. 1  -  2005

List of Scientists and Citizens Calling for a
Steady State Economy
Reaches 1,000 !

                            •       List maintained by the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, Arlington, VA
                            •       Signatories include renowned scientists and economists
                            •       Signatures supplemented by endorsements and professional society position statements

    Arlington, VA (November 30, 2005) ­ The one thousandth signature was obtained today on an internet petition maintained by the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, or “CASSE.”  The CASSE petition explains what economic growth is, identifies the major threats posed by economic growth, and calls for the establishment of a steady state economy before the American and global economies exceed the capacity of the environment to support them.  A steady state economy, the petition explains, is achieved when population and consumption are stabilized.  Eventually, the petition states, the American government should lead other nations to develop their own steady state economies.

    The signature list includes prominent scientists such as Wes Jackson, James Karr, and Reed Noss, as well as leading resource economists such as John Loomis, Tom Power, and John Ikerd.  William Rees and Mathis Wackernagel, developers of the “ecological footprint” concept, have signed.  Several conservation organization presidents and past presidents have signed as well, including Brent Blackwelder (Friends of the Earth), Rod Heitschmidt (Society for Range Management), and John Proops (International Society for Ecological Economics).  Doug LaFollette, Wisconsin Secretary of State, is one of several politicians who have signed. Herman Daly - one of the founders of ecological economics - serves on the CASSE Board of Advisors, helped craft the CASSE position, and was one of the first signatories.

    Brian Czech, President of CASSE, says CASSE’s “number one goal is to educate citizens and policy makers of the fundamental conflict between economic growth and environmental protection, economic sustainability, national security and international stability.” 
The petition, found at, is one of CASSE’s primary educational tools.

    In addition to its signature list, CASSE has a list of endorsements from conservation organizations, and works with professional natural resources societies, such as the Ecological Society of America, to develop their own positions on economic growth.  According to Shannon Pederson, CASSE Public Relations Director, “natural resources professionals will have to take a stance on economic growth.  Otherwise, economic policy is left entirely to economists, corporations, and politicians, all of whom seek to maximize economic growth without understanding the perils.”

Another Internet scoop by


Nov. 23  -  2005

The Mississauga News own headline story,

Toronto residents love our mayor
Is Hazel the 'Greatest Living Torontonian?',
was posted posted on this web-site Nov. 22,
and it was published by the Mississauga News Nov. 23!

Scoop them with their own story!!


Hurricane Hazel
McCallion upends City councillors

Nov. 23  -  2005

She [Hazel McCallion] put her agenda on the table and wiped the floor with us,”
adds Councillor Irene Jones (Ward 1), who left the meeting early out of frustration.

This maybe an oldie but it reminds people of a very important event in Mississauga's history  - that
The efforts to build a transit link with Toronto and which failed or was it scuttled by Hazel for some reason?
Then there is the issue of how Toronto moved the bus stop for Mississauga buses from inside Islington station to
outside in the cold, snow and rain. 
When politicians have a feud we pay the price.


Is Hazel McCallion
"Greatest Living Torontonian"

Nov. 22  -  2005

For those of us who know the facts about
who & what Hazel is,
to even ask that question is
mind blowingly stupid!

Despite the obvious answer to any haft way intelligent person,
the media is holding a contest allowing this to be considered!


World  Mayor  Contest

Nov. 20  -  2005

Hazel McCallion just grubbing for another award?
She failed last year.
Maybe this web-site made the difference.


Hazel  McCallion's
of  it !!!

Nov. 20  -  2005

Main Page
The on-going story will likely be the biggest story and series' of events ever covered by
The Order of Canada was one of Canada's highest and most treasured honours,

As they say, one rotten apple - spoils the whole barrel.




Nov. 17  -  2005


- and -



Hazel McCallion
should not be made a member of the
Order of Canada.

                    Nov. 17  -  2005



Graham  v.  McCallion

Ontario Reports  -  30TH SEPTEMBER 1982.


John Stewart's

Nov. 7 -  2005
Mr. Stewart wastes no time in taking shots at people, including me!
He has really got into the Internet
- BLOG -
thing for someone who has been telling me he does not go it.


Nov. 6  -  2005

In Mississauga there are growing concerns that the arts and culture are dying a slow death.
"Mayor McCallion has proudly stated that she runs Mississauga's finances like her own household. 
I say she is a
wealthy and miserly matriarch."
"The city's cultural development has been paralyzed by her limited cultural vision and she governs by fear, intimidation and threat."

???? Can this be so ????


!! VOTE !!

Oct.  30 -  2005

Is this portrait of Mayor Hazel McCallion  an "offensive to the entire community."?
Should the Port Credit BIA also be the local CENSORSHIP BOARD?

You be the judge!
Tell City hall what you think!


Hazel McCallion's

Ultimate Act of Greed

July 10  -  2005
Betrayal of Mississaugan Taxpayers

The bills are now coming due as the Mayor of Mississauga has been
running the City of Mississauga into the ground

and they are in the


End  of  Cheap  Oil

June 17  -  2005

means  the  end  of  our  current  economy
the  life  style  it  supports,
specifically  the
end  of  the  suburbia  life  style

The  Canadian  documentary

** The  End  of  Suburbia **

Will  be  shown  - Free  Admission
June  29  -  Wed.  -  7 pm
at  the 
Unitarian  Congregation  of  South  Peel
84  South  Service  Rd.  (just  east  of  Hurontario  St.)

and  presenting  the  model  for  a
New  Urban  Development  Economy
Continuous  Communities,

that  can  deal  with  many  of  the  problems  coming  our  way.
A  must  see  for  anyone  under  30!

To  discover  the  more  please  visit


June 10  -  2005

The End  of  Suburbia
and discover how the Canadian,
if not the world, economy that is geared to the
suburbia life style, that will soon be coming to an end,
then please contact us .

Does it mean the end to places like Mississauga?

June 10  -  2005

The proposed  Natural Gas Power Plant in the Cawthra area
will not go ahead!
BUT one very close by is still planed
what is it (or who) about Mississauga that said dump on us?


Will Ontario government plans to use it for power generation

endanger supplies
create shortages
& drive  prices  up?

May 29 -  2005

???? Will it lead to drilling in the Arctic ????

Even the Globe and Mail is warning us that using Natural gas
to generate our electricity is
"Imagine the premier of Ontario explaining to voters that the province can't build a Kyoto friendly gas plant to replace the doomed coal burners because Alberta needs the clean fuel to make oil for American SUVs."


"The End  of  Suburbia"
and the economy that supports it
The Solution to it
A  New  Urban  Development Economy

May 28  -  2005

Tired of hearing about all the environmental doom and gloom (Click here), with little to nothing you can do about it? 
Now there is a plan to solve most of the problems.

!!!!!!! It is also about JOBS FOR LIFE !!!!!!!

Main stream media is now loudly warning us that this is to be taken VERY seriously!

McCallion accused of bullying
& called
Schoolyard  Bully  and  Intimidator!
May 19 - 2005

By Caledon Mayor Marolyn Morrison.

Mayor  Hazel McCallion  VS  Mayor  Susan Fennell
"battle with McCallion has been portrayed at Queen's Park as a
cat fight

Mayor Hazel McCallion is in court AGAIN
 as Developer alleges she affected land deal in
 $20 Million law suit

Says Used - "her power"

When it comes to Sprawling for developers

Mississauga politicians do it best!
!! NEW!!
The shutting down of the Lakeview generation station,
what happens to the land it stands on
& the hydro line corridor from the lake-shore to the QEW? 
(Click Here for More)
Likely, the Mayor of Mississauga or the Queen of Sprawl wants the land to do her evil sprawl routine, again.
It is clearly established that urban sprawl kills people - it rips the lungs from our children - it creates life long health problems.

The end of cheap oil means the "The End  of  Suburbia" and the economy that supports it.
There is a Solution to it - A  New  Urban  Development Economy called.

May 18  -  2005


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