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!!!! ATTENTION !!!!
Due to the on going legal assaults against my person

the likelihood that Hazel McCallion supporters
(including her bullies with guns Peel police),
will do everything in their power to destroy me, my reputation and my work since 1994 for the community - it is recommended that you make a copy of this web-site before it is destroyed by Law & Order.

I am sorry to inform you of this but when you take on the Queen of Sprawl
(Hazel McCallion), even if it is at the request the community, she will do all she can to hurt you and no act of evil is out-of-bounds.

This page contains political, legal, media, election issues and events.

 Links to the police complaint(s) regarding how the City and its politicians use the
Peel police against us.
Human and Charter Rights issues in Canada.

What our politicians are really up to and the media doesn't cover properly, if at all.

The times I have run for the office of Mayor of Mississauga.


And a host of other issues that have turned up as I have discovered just what it REALLY means to live in Canada and fight for justice, for a community's
Democratic rights.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
General note about this web-page and others that comment on persons, events and politicians.
Due to the media's bias, to report only good news or positive things about certain people and not to report negative, this creates an unbalanced image of them in the eyes of the public.
Such reporting is poison to Democracy.

My efforts are aimed at restoring the balance.
Yes, they are the posting of the more negative facts and their dark deeds but if the main stream media will not do their job in a Democracy, then some one else has to.
If we don't have a healthy Democracy - then what do we have?

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What do you know about how business is really done in Mississauga?
There are hundreds of stories
about how business
is really done in Mississauga and the Mayor.

This includes how our politicians have carried on.
Some have become URBAN LEGENDS because of their exploits.

If you (including Peel police & the O.P.P.), have info about where interesting items,
news articles, how things can be found - you can E-mail
Mail to - Station 'B' - Box 1504 - Mississauga - Ont. - L4Y 4G2

Brown envelops are welcome.

 Important notice !!!!!

If you want to receive notice of both changes to this web-site and events relating to the efforts to save the
Cawthra Bush and Mississauga's natural areas,

please send me an e-mail
asking to be put on the notification list or just paste this text to the e-mail.

Since, Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga has publicly expressed her concerns about my efforts to inform the public in regards to what is really going on in Mississauga, bad things have been coming my way.

Lists of Elected Officials - over the years for the;

Streetsville                                        Township  of  Toronto

Town of Mississauga                              City of Mississauga

Election Results in the City of Mississauga

The Political Players


!!! Scoop - Election - Scoop !!!

City of Mississauga

(so far)

Despite efforts by City of Mississauga staff, City security and Peel police,
There are pictures
of the ballot recount in the Great Hall of Mississauga City hall for Ward 1.
In fact there is a video !!!!

You get more from Citizen Reporters then you do from main stream media because
we actually CARE to take the risks!

Mississaugans want to know, need to know, how our elections are run in Mississauga, for the very real questions to be answered.
That will not be answered by the City of Mississauga literally putting up walls to keep taxpayers in the dark.

pdf s
The anonymous letters so far
The first and short one & the longer follow up one.

Dec. 7, 2010



Election Complaint
to the
City of Mississauga

in Mississauga Mayoralty race with Hazel McCallion.
The election web-site with text.

How does Hazel expect to win after such demanding disclosures as were
made public in the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry ?
With a lot of help from her friends - I would say.
Like a Mayoralty debate that was deeply flawed by
Bias, Conflict of Interest, Improper Actions,
maybe even Bribery and Frauds on the Government such that,
it can be considered sufficiently tainted by Corrupt Practices.

pdf s
The letter & enclosures sent - the CRTC complaint letter & enclosures that was attached.
The full letter with both.


Oct. 18, 2010

Mississauga Residents' Associations Network (MIRANET)
Rogers TV
Team up to give Democracy in Mississauga the 1 -2 PUNCH!

The planned TV debate,
that suddenly appeared after candidates called the Mayor out on that point and her lack of a platform,
has turned into an exercise in fascist control that spells giving the advantage to Team McCallion.

In this sad report on how far we have strayed from Democratic values that so many fought for
and often died for, candidates are being asked to sign documents that will not allow them
Their Charter of Rights and Freedoms when campaigning for elected office!
To be sure some will sigh and that will speak volume about what kind of human beings they are.

What is being posted?
A formal complaint to the;
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)
Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC)
Rogers Communications Inc.

Plus there are the RULES by

the release form by Rogers.

To be their meat puppets or not to be - that is the morale & ethical question.

See for yourself that these together allows them to control the political debate so completely
any effort to take Hazel McCallion to task will be get you thrown or and edited out!
We send Canadian troops to die for this?

I think the people of Mississauga have to take this election extremely seriously if they want this City to move forward have to deal in depth with the issues
Hazel McCallion, Mayor of Mississauga, wise words from an expert who knows what is at stake!
Oct. 3, 2010


!!! Scoop - Election - Scoop !!!

As the

Financial Mismanagement of Mississauga
is a key election issue

why Mississaugans taxes are going up big time

Mississauga is effectively
!! DEBT !!
{told you so in 2006}

The full City staff powerpoint presentation to Council is very important - key words - short fall.
Is presented to the public and I hope to get more posted to make the matter clearer to everyone.
More on this election web-page.

Sept. 21, 2010

Sent: Tue Sept., 7 15:36 2010
Subject: MEDIA ADVISORY: Mayor Hazel McCallion to make important election announcement


What: Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion to make important announcement

When: Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Where: Kinsmen Hall, 327 Queen Street South, Mississauga, ON L5M 1M3

Mississauga, Sept. 7-Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion will be making an
important announcement about the upcoming municipal election tomorrow,
Wednesday September 8 at 3:00 p.m. in Streetsville at the Kinsmen Hall.

Parking is available on street or in the parking lot behind the Kinsmen Hall.

Please direct all inquiries to:  Betty Merkley  (905) 828-7018

Sept. 8, 2010

As the Missing News has again written a story the Mayor Hazel McCallion
and states wrong facts, it is up to me to correct them as a public service
- in this election year.

The history as to years of service to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario AMO
Hazel McCallion
has held.

Further info;
When the Region of Peel was established in 1974, Mayor McCallion was elected to the Mississauga and Peel Regional Councils.
The City of Mississauga didn’t exist till the 1st day of January 1974 under the Region of Peel Act.
The Town of Mississauga was 1968 to Dec. 31, 1973.


Citizen advocate's lawsuit in question

Mar. 21, 2010 - By Torstar Network
Note the Missing News would not run an article about something in their own City!
Aug. 18, 2010

Mississauga  Judicial  Inquiry
Formal Complaint
Filed July 27, 2010

After months of trying to get Rogers and Commission staff to obey the Judge's/Commissioners Order/Ruling, I have filed a formal complaint,
in two parts with the City of Mississauga Judicial Inquiry.

It is not longer an issue of not getting the video feed BUT now that those who a running the Inquiry show step down because they
can't do proper investigations, interpret the facts correctly and discriminatory behaviour - as a short list.

Part 1, is vary long as it has the E-mails & Letters that prove the case and part 2, is much shorter, being follow-up and a far better summary - below.

You be the Judge in this matter - can justice come from injustice?

As a results of the actions, inactions, disrespect, false statements and manipulations of Commission staff, Commission Counsel and Rogers, the Commissioner/Justice J. Douglas Cunningham was lead into the deeply embarrassing position of having to abandon his insightful Ruling regarding Citizen Journalists/Reporters, and left to publicly hawk Rogers goods and services (“You can also purchase cable or high speed internet for the three (3) months of the Inquiry,”) - a far cry from his stated hopes “I conclude that citizen journalists should have access to unedited, raw footage of the Inquiry proceedings. This access will promote freedom of expression, and allow Mr. Barber and Ms. Bennett to report on aspects of the Inquiry that may not be covered by the accredited media.” and “the only two citizen journalists who requested permission to record these proceedings, are to be granted access to the media room and to the Rogers feed. They will make arrangements with Rogers to accept the raw footage,”
- which would be at no cost or restriction by Rogers.

As Public Inquiries are as “Mr. Justice Binnie put it, "The investigation and education of the public."”, how will the public be educated by Commissioner/Judge being lead by deception and improper process to reverse his precedent setting Ruling so that Rogers can make a buck by denying a reasonable service? Doesn’t this behaviour (ethics and honesty), destroy public confidence, faith and won’t the educated public question the validity of this Commissions findings concerning other business dealings when it has been so easily swayed by discriminatory behaviour and falsehoods at the very beginning of its proceedings, making this Inquiry a grand waste of money in the eyes of many? After all, what was the purpose of having a spacial Hearing for the Citizen Journalists/Reporters Ruling and then throwing it all in the trash can when Rogers and Commission staff don’t feel like doing what the boss tells them to? Seeing how well Rogers has scripted what the Commissioner is to sell to the public,
from the respectability of the Judges chair,
I can’t help but wonder what else he will be selling us a load of next and for who.


Aug. 6, 2010


Here is a real classic case of the Peel-Stone cops at their worse
- trying to frame a black man
- stealing what they thought was cocaine
- possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking
- possession of stolen property and more.


July 11, 2010

Produced by the Centre of Police Accountability
Barrister and Solicitor

Media arrested for not showing identification near G20 wall.  Police say Public Works Act allows them to ID and arrest people within 5m of the wall.  The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star report on the Monday following the summit that no such power existed.
CBC National news story on police power to arrest anyone who did not show ID near the G20 fence.  Toronto police misled the public about
the extent of this power and enforced a non-existent law.  After the summit police and the provincial government admitted that that the
power of arrest only applied inside of the fence. (Toronto Star article)
Eastern Ave Detention Centre 1am, Sunday June 27, 2010.  Police surround peaceful protest and order the crowd to leave but block all exits.
Later they allow some to leave and then mass arrest others.

Journalist Amy Miller recounts her experience in the G20 Detention Centre.  Says police threatened to rape and “gang bang” her. 
She is held for 13 hours.
Police ‘snatch squads’ arrests protesters in front of detention centre protests on the morning of June 27, 2010.  Many undercover officers involved.  Police fire some type of gun into the crowd ­ possibly tear gas or plastic bullets.   Break up peaceful protest.
Toronto Media Coop Video

June 27, 2010.  Peaceful protest at Queent and Spadina is “kettled” by police.  Police completely surround protestors and do not allow anyone to leave.  Mass detention is a new police tactic of questionable legality.
Roof top view:
Mass arrests of peaceful protestors on Esplanade June 27, 2010.
Police surround and trap 100’s of protestors and then arrest for “beach of the peace”.  Protestors taken to detention centre and held.
Many are strip searched.  Most protesters released without charge.  Many held for 20+ hours.
Undercover police exposed.  Undercover snatch squad arrests protesters.  This video was apparently shown on CBC National news.
Shows “Black  Block” undercover agent retreating behind police lines.
Video questions and exposes the used of undercover police and agent provocateurs at G20 protests.  How many of the “Black Block” were police officers?  Why was the Black Block allowed to rampage through the city without any police action to stop them?  Police had no issue with rounding up peaceful protesters.
This video shows how police had surrounded 2 police vehicles which were parked right in the middle of the main march on Saturday, June 26, 2010.  Police later retreat leaving the cars behind.  At least one of them is then set on fire.  Why were the cars parked only meters from where the Black Block was assembling?  Why would the police retreat and leave their vehicles behind?
Elana Smith arrested at Nova Hotel protest on Sunday, June 27, 2010.
Peaceful protest ends with arrests of 100’s of people.  Many protesters held for more than 24 hours without access to lawyers and released without charge.  She recounts her 28 hours in the detention centre.
July 1 - 2010

Happy Canada Day
Here is a Canadian Court taking a major dump
on Peel police - but who cares - right?

This article has so many proofs that there is no justice in the "Cowboy" state of Peel - that not just the police but the Crown are dirty too.

Mr. Tran, a suspect in a series of home invasions around Mississauga and the Hamilton area in 2002, that targeted drug dealers who allegedly owed money but also affected other people - turned himself into Hamilton police.  Who turned him over to Peel police.  Peel police were up-set that Mr. Tran was exercising his right to remain silent and beat him severely - "whose jaw had to be wired shut, was so badly injured that he now bites himself when he eats, has a sore jaw and loose teeth and suffers migraines."  The Crown acted like nothing happened and couldn't careless, so its silence is taken as agreement with evil fascist methods.  The same can be said about the Peel police who did nothing.  The Special Investigations Unit was equally useless in protecting Charter Rights or the laws protecting those in custody from sadistic cops who like to think only they can decide who is guilty and what the punishment will be.  Peel Court also didn't carry the ball when it came to defending society's interests, even after lying to the Judge, the Appeal Court ruled.  Words like "horrendous" and "despicable" are not often used by the Courts to the actions of police but in Peel many records regarding misconduct are bring set!!

The Peel police (so-called) officers noted - "Constable Will Vander Wier had delivered the blow to Tran’s jaw" & officer "John Conway".

The Ontario Court of Appeal decision regarding Peel police and their “horrendous” conduct is here.


July 1, 2010


Mississauga Judicial Inquiry Hearing
June 2, 2010

Hazel McCallion - aka - The Mayor of Mississauga,
takes the stand to give evidence in her Inquiry for the first time.

More and better pictures to help you feel like you were there.

This was also the Hearing that I presented the Commission
with my request for Reconsideration of the Commissioners Ruling of May 25th.

Of all the pictures taken of the Inquiry and of the Mayor,
this one shows the human drama of being a big city mayor the most.


June 2, 2010

Donald Barber
has become the latest candidate in the race for the office of
Mayor of Mississauga

On June 2, 2010 - the first day of Hazel McCallion's testimony at the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry
and when I served the Inquiry with a request for Reconsideration of its May 25th., Ruling, regarding Citizen Journalists / Reporters.
A very historical day in Mississauga.

The theme for my election campaign is - I TOLD YOU SO!
Because in past campaigns I have warned about the lack of accountability in City hall,
its corruption,
the deceive financial management by City hall (effectively Billions in debt),
bad transit,
suffering Arts & Culture
the lack of meaningfully environmentally actions.

Lastly - as Hazel McCallion will not be on the ballot come election day, it will be a very interesting election - this time.

June 2, 2010

Lawsuit Alleges Police Illegally Arrested Man and Used Excessive Force
- Davin Charney -

The Waterloo Regional Police are facing another lawsuit.
MatthewProbert is alleging that he was illegally arrested and then police used excessive force. Mr. Probert suffered a number of injuries to his head as a result of the force used during the arrest (photographs).
Mr. Probert was charged with ‘causing a disturbance’, ‘assault police’, and ‘assault with intent to resist arrest.’
All charges were later withdrawn at the request of the Kitchener Crown Attorney’s Office.
This claim is one of a number of claims made against the police which involved illegal “person stops”.

A trial will take place at 10am on June 2, 2010 at the Small Claims
Court at 20 Weber Street in the City of Kitchener.


June 1, 2010


Davin Charney
- Lawyer - 

{Barrister and Solicitor}

The new class of lawyer, that Canada needs

He is taking on the police and the unlawful methods they are using to persecute Canadians.
His specialty is taking police to small-claims court.

Check him out
May 8, 2010


A  Significant  Historical
Legal  Event  in  Mississauga

regarding the issue of Citizen journalists or reporters rights
at a government Hearing.

The Rights of Internet reporters, when compared to mainstream media.

At the
Mississauga Judicial Inquiry Hearing
April 12, 2010

Apr. 12, 2010


To visit the video directly click here.

Saving 4 baby skunks in Mississauga as they leave the Cawthra Bush.  Donald Barber to the rescue.

To visit the video directly click here.

Mississauga Judicial Inquiry
- got some video of this too.


To visit the video directly click here.

A short video about how I am treated when I go into the danger zone - around Hazel McCallion.

Click here to go to web-site

After the Mayor's special Enersource meeting, the BIG players in the Enersource deal, Hazel McCallion & Michael Nobrega, met and kissed before a video camera - then fun begins.



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