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!!!! ATTENTION !!!!
Due to the on going legal assaults against my person

the likelihood that Hazel McCallion supporters
(including her bullies with guns Peel police),
will do everything in their power to destroy me, my reputation and my work since 1994 for the community - it is recommended that you make a copy of this web-site before it is destroyed by Law & Order.

I am sorry to inform you of this but when you take on the Queen of Sprawl
(Hazel McCallion), even if it is at the request the community, she will do all she can to hurt you and no act of evil is out-of-bounds.

This page contains political, legal, media, election issues and events.

 Links to the police complaint(s) regarding how the City and its politicians use the
Peel police against us.
Human and Charter Rights issues in Canada.

What our politicians are really up to and the media doesn't cover properly, if at all.

The times I have run for the office of Mayor of Mississauga.


And a host of other issues that have turned up as I have discovered just what it REALLY means to live in Canada and fight for justice, for a community's
Democratic rights.

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General note about this web-page and others that comment on persons, events and politicians.
Due to the media's bias, to report only good news or positive things about certain people and not to report negative, this creates an unbalanced image of them in the eyes of the public.
Such reporting is poison to Democracy.

My efforts are aimed at restoring the balance.
Yes, they are the posting of the more negative facts and their dark deeds but if the main stream media will not do their job in a Democracy, then some one else has to.
If we don't have a healthy Democracy - then what do we have?

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This includes how our politicians have carried on.
Some have become URBAN LEGENDS because of their exploits.

If you (including Peel police & the O.P.P.), have info about where interesting items,
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Since, Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga has publicly expressed her concerns about my efforts to inform the public in regards to what is really going on in Mississauga, bad things have been coming my way.


Real life
Bambi & Thumper
by Tanja Askani

So cute - had to share it - enjoy!


News Flash
City of Mississauga has released its
Wanted Poster
!!!! Don Barber !!!!

That's right The City of Mississauga posted pictures of me and told staffers to be on the look-out for me,
however, as Peel police provided false bail terms to the City Security
- like they were going out of their way to arrest me & throw me in jail again -
I was luck not to be arrest for just going to the library!


In Defence
Canadians Rights & Democracy

A new web-page to sever as a Chronology for events in my fight for justice, not just for myself but all Canadians.

Sorry the YouTube update with new videos had been delayed because that web-site was not  taking videos because of maintenance. It was over a day to get the videos posted as things kept going wrong or maybe it was the fate intervening.


Here we a video from the Mississauga Muse & one from, that has the whole (Ha Ha), criminal act.
Roy Willis is the man standing to the right in the white shirt.


Unbelievable City of Mississauga Security guards statements

The two witness (or witless), statements that were filled out & filed with Peel police regarding the events of June 7th, 2006 by
Sheri-Lynn Ruffo & Paul Mercier.
Events that apparently were not investigated by the Peel police before charges were laid,
so just by the say-so of City Security.
Must be nice to just snap your finger and Peel police jump for you like puppets on strings.


Pictures taken June 7th, 2006 & after
of the City of Mississauga Security
who mislead Peel police to get me arrested
and of related scenes.

The name of the
Hazel McCallion family insider revealed
** Mr. Doug Draper **

More of the interview with Mr. Doug Draper.

Details like;
Some barn burning    -    Bankruptcy    -    Other details of Linda moving in & out of homes    -    Hazel owned a strip joint

Hazel’s sleeping arrangements    -    Christmas presents    -    The Ghermazian brothers

In the past he has shed great insight on Hazel McCallion's drinking & driving habits.


Police union wants the Chief investigated
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

The Peel police rank-and-file is pushing for an outside agency to investigate criminal allegations against Police Chief Mike Metcalf and two of his senior officers.  And no wonder, the list of wrong doing by peel police grows almost daily.

How to Participate in & Win Court cases.

Lawyers discuss and lecture to other lawyers,
how to win Court cases and we all can learn from their wisdom & anecdotal recollections.
That right, how lawyers say they win Court cases and we should take note.

These writings are a bit dated (1981), but as we all know the law don't change much or move fast, that is unless it is making a mistake. So the noted items are very much timeless as they deal mostly with how people interact and present cases, something everyone who goes before the Courts - for whatever reason - should know, before hand.
To also appreciate more the work that lawyers must do and help the clients be more informed consumers of legal services.

From Edward Greenspan - Barrister & Fine Clothier
"Look, I'm charged with break and enter and I wear a size 40 suit"

Mississauga City hall doesn't need no stinken
! Sculpture Court !
more votes from having a
Skateboard Plaza

No to Arts & Culture in Mississauga.
And while you are at it, to please the Mayor, decorate it with fallen dead logs!



I told you so.

My letter to the editor that was published.

I kept saying that the City of Mississauga was effectively more than
$ 5 billion in debt
because of its need to rebuild its infrastructure, well the work that has to be done - NOW!

Donald Barber A Banned Person
by City of Mississauga

In a surprising turn of events the Mayor of Mississauga lifts the ban against me in hours of the request!
The story of how my ban was lifted.
The threat to do it again!


Formal Complaint against City of Mississauga Security,
regarding events of June 7, 2006,
Refiled (see below) to all City Councillors, Mayor & City Manager,
as well as a request to appear before City Council.

**** NEWS FLASH ****

A request was made to address City Council regarding the fact the City has no complaints process regarding its security guards and that there are many who would wish to express their feels about how they were treated by City Security.
And Denise Peternell, AMCT, Committee Coordinator for Council has confirmed "Your letter will be placed on the Council agenda of December 12, 2007 under Correspondence and I will place your name and the nature of your deputation before Council under Deputations."


There are many words to describe
City of Mississauga Security
But now it appears that childish is now one of them.

Check this out

I have been waiting for an article like this to show a point that needs to be made.
How easy it is to get good people to evil.  As it is starting to happen in North America thanks to Bush's 9/11 campaign and in the Canadian  (so-called), justice system.

Hitler's greedy executioners
how ordinary citizens are turned into tools of genocide

The real lesson from this article is that to get ordinary citizens to do truly evil acts is to make sure they are richly rewarded with other peoples hard earn belongings, in a time scarceness.  One of history's lesson's we like to forget so we can say we are better then others, in fact we are not and what goes around - comes around.  We all know how the powers that be ultimately rewarded the Germans and do not forget the many other nations, etc., that went down that sorry path - it is a human problem, not just a German problem.


!!!! I WON !!!!

Assault charges withdrawn

( but they are still shamelessly coming after me! )

However Canadian Democracy has lost
because of the methods used by the government and the Crown.

The lead up article
Activist's trial gets underway

Formal Complaint against City of Mississauga Security,
regarding events of June 7, 2006,
made - Oct. 4, 2007

Still no reply - what is the matter doesn't the City want deal with the reality it has created?


Here is a blast from the past that fits right in with the current debate
on raising taxes in cities and why other levels of Canadian government are saying
screw you
to request by mayors like Hazel McCallion for more money.

Tax debate

This is all about the created self-serving political perception & the reality found in the numbers.


Shattering the myth of corporate security

The City of Mississauga tried pulling the same old rabbit out of its hat but this time their was off.
This magazine article is classic Hazel McCallion - get favorable media out before a major event - in this case what should have been my Apr. 13th, trial date.

It talks about not spying on people then states how great it is that City staff have been turned into spies to service City Security!

When you read the Threat Assessment for me you easily see how every little thing I do is reported, along with an effort to get me arrested for it.  If fart not only is that reported but who feels threaten by it!

Peel police
Peel Mafia?

Oct.  21 - 2007

Reading like a cheesy TV cop show script,
it is alleged there was a conspiracy against members of the
Peel police who were trying to do their job and be honest cops.
It sounds more like a place COUP or a Gangland Turf War
& we all know they would take their lead
from Mississauga's most famous authority figure - the Mayor.

Allegations of "extortion", "obstructing justice", "threatening", "malicious prosecution", "retaliation", "public mischief", "extortion", "breach of public duty", "misfeasance of public office", "attempting to prevent witnesses from testifying", "bribes or other corrupt means" and "covering up a potential criminal matter" - assault involving a Peel officer.
 Includes a charge that in late 2004, Metcalf manipulated former Peel Police Chief Noel Catney,
"for purely careerist motives."

That there were 'big plans' at work!

Sadly, the Peel police keep setting the bar lower and lower in regards to their conduct.
What next - death squads?

Senior officer sues police chief over alleged cover-up

Peel police inspector suing chief, co-workers for $5M
More details about the Peel (Mafia) police.

Support Sgt. Jim Cassells

To:  Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair

WE THE UNDERSIGNED request that Sgt. Jim Cassels be restored to duty, and that his statements be seriously – and publicly – investigated.

We request that a visible, accessible and politically neutral system for investigating complaints about officers of the law, whether said complaints originate from within the department or from the public, be put in place with all possible urgency.

The public MUST be able to trust the integrity of those who have sworn to uphold its laws, and know that any police officers who have chosen to use their positions for personal gain or private power will be rooted out immediately, with no excuses allowed nor leeway given.

There are even whistle blowers in the police & they need help to.

Up-date on the Transcanada 683 megawatt natural gas-fired power plant
in the town of Halton Hills.

News papers out side of the GTA really get into reporting local events far more than the GTA does.


The future of Big Bother is now and can be visited in Toronto - not just Mississauga.
Coming soon to your neighbour.


Also - for recording every rider on TTC will be on camera Security system, set for this June.

The tide is turning against Hazel McCallion in a very public way.
This Toronto Star writer has in the past been very supportive of the Mayor and the way she runs the City and now this on a billboard on Wintson Churchill at Dundas.

Here is another snub to Mississauga found on the TTC - can spot the it?

Well this picture is grabbing a lot of peoples attention and they are even creating their version of it.
HAY - lets have fun with this!

By the Mississauga Muse.

The fools even made a bill board out of it.


Just in - Crime is down in Canada!
Well I guess it is time to start laying off police officers - job well done - bye!

 The Crime and Justice Report from Statistics Canada is now out.

Canada's overall national crime rate, based on incidents reported to police, hit its lowest point in over 25 years in 2006, driven by a decline in non-violent crime.
Home page


An update on the so-called "terrorists" and how the government cares so little for due process
and more about political show trials.

Linked to the CBC Radio Show - As It Happens


Mississauga Will Soon Surrender Debt-Free Status

Ageing Infrastructure; City expects to spend reserve in less than five years

I told you so!!!
Fiction of Mississauga Since Before the Train Disaster
about to implode because
Mississauga's one trick Mayor
now has NO Developable Lands Left to keep Taxes down.
Now she has to face the same reality that every other big city mayor has to and what do we hear?
That if she doesn't have an overabundance of money flowing in,
she can't keep Mississauga out of debt or taxes down.
Hell, if that is the case then anyone could have done her job and likely better.

The reality is the way Hazel McCallion has management of the debt has put the City of Mississauga BILLIONS IN DEBT!

This is something useful when looking at the long term effects of Urban sprawl & who pays for them & how.
And as the Brampton mayor models herself after Hazel a bit at a time we need to see what that means for the future of the regions development procession.

Violent Peel police officer re-offends!

Bad boy cops of Peel are at it again as the rotten apples clearly rule the roost.
Way to go Chief
Metcalf of the Peel police,
show us how you protect your bothers in arms at the expense of public safety.

But wait!
Peel police have been very busy boys with other shameful acts to impress the taxpayer who pay their salaries.
Two in one week reported!

"A Peel Regional Police officer has been charged after a driver crashed his car and fled the scene of the accident,
leaving his injured passenger behind in the vehicle" - talk about an unprofessional act of cowardice.

A Peel Regional Police officer has been
charged with perjury and assault causing bodily harm
in connection with a drinking and driving investigation nearly two years ago.
Again it took video tape to catch a cop & because Peel police do not discipline their own well enough, they feel free to reoffend!
"Osborne is currently before a Police Services Act disciplinary hearing in relation to two other matters"

Judge calls
Peel Police testimony "unworthy of belief"
Well, no surprise as it involves the Peel party police but this time it involves
and where did it comes from????


Beautiful Creatures

More media coverage of my efforts to Rescue Monarch Butterflies,
This time by the Toronto Sun - full page of colour & great pictures!

Justin Timberlake
Bottled at Concert

A number of concert goers were so up-set that Justin Timberlake got up to sing
that they threw a lots of water bottles at him.

Bottle down dude!

Let judges run courts, lawyers say

Resolution urges governments to turn over control of court operation
to judiciary to ensure autonomy

"having prosecutors running the court system is the precarious legal equivalent of leaving a fox in charge of a chicken coop. Yet in many provinces, including Ontario, that's reality, with attorneys general not just prosecuting people for crimes,
but operating the court themselves."

That is right folks our Courts are being run by those who are trying to get you convicted and there is a growing trend to see charging Canadian tax payers with false charges as make work projects & milk us of all the money they can!



by the National Council of Welfare.

The rich get richer . . . and the poor get prison.
J. Reiman

Who Commits Crime?
Who Do the Police Arrest and Charge for Crimes?
Crown Decisions About Criminal Charges.

Important questions that are in part answered by this study/report.
There are many legal precedence being set against those who can least afford to fight for their rights - that affects all our rights.
Time to sit up and take notice.
Have not loaded this on to my web-site - it can be found here.

The detailed News release for JUSTICE AND THE POOR.

"For the same criminal behaviour, the poor are more likely to be arrested; if arrested, they are more likely to be charged; if charged, more likely to be convicted; if convicted more likely to be sentenced to prison; and if sentenced, more likely to be given longer prison terms than members of the middle and upper-classes.  In other words, the image of the criminal population one sees in our nation's jails and prisons is an image distorted by the shape of the criminal justice system itself. It is the face of evil reflected in a carnival mirror, but it is no laughing matter."

"The conclusion of those who have studied our criminal justice system is that it discriminates against the poor and harms as many people as it helps. Instead of developing effective ways of dealing with conflicts within our families, our schools and our communities, we dump all our disadvantaged social misfits into the criminal justice system, where they are repeatedly warehoused and then thrown back into the street.  Instead of dealing wisely with the near-universal tendency of adolescents (especially boys) to commit minor criminal offences, we arrest thousands of low-income young men and lock them up with experienced criminals who give them advanced lessons in crime."

"The Canadian criminal justice system is not only unjust but also an abysmal failure that pushes young people into crime
instead of helping them to stay out of it."

Well, of course - its a make work project, that employs & empowers the police and Courts and lines their pockets at our expense - this is news to informed Canadians?


City of Mississauga staff hot to trot
to use the Batista arrest as their weapon
to serve their political masters!

During the 2006 election City staff tried to eliminate a candidate for the office of Mayor to aid the election of Hazel McCallion!
This shocking development only can to light after the election BUT what is of most concern is that it was undertaken by those who are charged with running the Cities election in a fair to all and just fashion.

The threatening letter from the Crown saying going to arrest Joe Batista if he circulates his father's poem about Pat Satio (another one).  Well, he posts in on the Internet and
E-mails just about everyone in the Ministry of the
Attorney General - nothing.
Joe goes on to publicly stated to reporters and Chief Metcalf of the Peel police
has been made aware of this;

National Post - Tuesday, May 29, 2007;

In a separate development, Mr. Batista's son Joe, who has supported his father's battles and even run (and lost) against Ms. Saito in last year's election, said outside the court that he is a proponent of "assassination protocol," a system whereby people can contribute to a fund that will be used to pay an assassin to kill a public servant. The idea is that, by simply betting on the date of a person's death in a "death pool," participants have put a price on the execution, but avoided criminal liability.

"A properly functioning democracy disposes of its garbage," Mr. Batista said, and confirmed repeatedly that he was serious.

He said he expects to "release" a version of this protocol shortly on the Internet.

Asked if Ms. Saito was a legitimate target for such an auctioned execution, he said, "I think they all are."

Mississauga News July 25, 2007;

"Batista’s son Joe said before the trial that, "if my father is found guilty, a new crime has been created by these idiots’ the crime of satire." He said he would issue his own satirical death threat list and expects to be charged by police as well. "I’m not kidding," he said."

Why has Joe not been arrested by Peel police or even contacted?
Do the Peel police only go after those they see as easy targets, like immigrants who do not speak English so well and they think will not have the money to hire a really good lawyer.
Not those who can defend themselves - Joe has informed me that Chief Fantino has twice gone after him and lost.

Scoop -- New Release -- Scoop

The judge's Reasons for Judgment {or injustice},
regarding the soulless Persecution of Antonio Batista.

More details, comments and supporting documents will be added in coming days to show that growing trend towards U.S.A. style justice, where injustice is being done by the government & Courts.  Actions that they know are wrong in their fight against so-called terrorists, knowing that it will be fought to the Supreme Court, that will take years and that most people they persecute can't not afford to buy justice in the Courts.  Legally getting away with destroying the rights that are there to protect people from dictatorial & abusive governments through abuse of legal processes.  This also undermine the very foundations our Democracy - which hands victory to those who are attacking it!

They could not fight us in war and defeat our Democracy
- so they manipulated us into destroy it for them, from within -
 - in the name of security.


All hail the flying Monarch

Media coverage of my efforts to Rescue Monarch Butterflies
there are pictures from 2006 and 2007 for each day,
so you can see how they develop, as well as the details of their life.
Hope to add video soon.

Click above for the media story & here for my Monarch Butterfly Rescue web-site.

Flowers with Wings


Scoop -- New Release -- Scoop

****  SURPRISE  ****
Video Surveillance

comes to Mississauga core living spaces!

Correct me if I am wrong, but the public got no notice
of this or were asked to comment on if they wanted it
in THEIR community.

In Toronto this kind of video invasion by government is a BIG issue and met with strong opposition - is that why they are slipping it by us in Mississauga?

How many more are planned for Mississauga?


The following has been written submitted to John Stewart's Mississauga News BLOG regarding comments he has made about me in his Aug. 3, 2007 - BLOG - Son of Pothole Poet.

    Your comments about me are slanderous and a deliberate effort at defaming me.  For the record you made no effort what so ever to contact me about this matter, an all to typical example of your reporting style. They should be removed from your BLOG as they are false and misleading.

    Joseph Brean, John Stewart and myself have all noted Joe Batista’s comments and yet only I am centered out as an “ally” and know nothing of your reported plan to “officially complain about his behaviour to the police chief to set the criminal process in motion.”  I am not surprised to hear you reporting these kind of stories.  Nor am I surprised to see it appear just before the weekend to ensure this response to it will not be post for days.

    Here what you should be writing about if you had the integrity to do so. Antonio Batista grew up in a dictatorship and suffered from lack of education because that was the way the dictator was controlling his people BUT Antonio learned songs and stories that mocked the dictator, which he has shared with me. The judge effectually said Antonio Batista was not “well-educated enough” to have a sense of humor! Mr. Batista may not have really known the meaning of that English word but none-the-less he knows how to tell a joke, sing a funny song or tell a funny story. Why do you not print this a headline - Canadian judge follows in the foot steps of dictator with outrageous ruling that is makes no sense one of Canada’s top civil rights lawyer.  Oh I know, it is safer and more political correct to kick me in the head then to do what your should be and question authority!

    Also, I do not see any where you noting that, what normal son would not be very up-set after seeing their father being so unjustly treated and this include spending almost all their life savings. Unless you really think the judge was being perfectly reasonable and just. Why don’t you come out and say who’s side you are on and why?


As the issue of having a criminal record is an issue in the
Pothole Poet - Antonio Batista - case and what will the lasting damage to his reputation and life in general the below reprint from - Toronto Police Accountability Bulletin No. 35, May 14, 2007 - is provided to help people understand how bad it really is.  As the police are getting more and more power over Canadians by way of controlling their future by controlling a persons employment opportunities with how the police write up a person.  Canadians are often made to give up claiming they have rights under threat of arrest by the police or arrested on false charges as police acting a judge, jury and executor, punishing a person for not "co-operating" with them.  Rule by fear and terror, not by rule of law & fair and reasonable deterrents, which is what a Democracy is all about.

The problem of police records

It sounds so simple: an agency wanting to hire someone to volunteer or work with young children has to assure itself that the person has not been convicted of a criminal offence which will put the children in danger, so it asks the police for a report.

That might have been the way of the world a decade ago, but today that simple request has ballooned into a major threat to many people looking for work.  Not just a small number of organizations ask for a police report today, but virtually every employer.  And most police forces in Ontario no longer just provide information about criminal convictions, but information on any occasion the individual has been involved with the police.  Were you accused of a crime but not convicted?  That will be in the report.  Were you someone police determined was a `person of interest' in a criminal investigation, although never charged?  That will be in the report.

Did you have a emotional or mental crisis to which police were called to assist?  Even though that relates to personal medical records - supposedly very closely guarded information - that will be in the report.

Thus the police report can sink your chances of landing a job for no good reason.  Police seem to treat many youths in some of the poorer neighbourhoods as `persons of interest', raising a red flag for many employers and making it even more difficult for those youths to be employed.

The Mental Health Police Records Check Coalition has emerged to try to change police reports.  The Coalition advocates for consistent standards for police record searches in Ontario, and to eliminate the release of non-criminal information by police.  As its name implies, its key interest is preventing the release of information about mental illness and disabilities.  The group can be contacted at .

The Coalition has provoked the interest of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and the Information and Privacy Commissioner.  A complaint has been filed under the Ontario Human Rights Code, but when the Coalition approached the Toronto Police Services Board last July asking it change its policies about the information released, the Board used the unresolved complaint as the excuse to do nothing until the complaint was resolved.

TPAC applauds the work of the coalition and will be pleased to become a member of the coalition and work with it to make the necessary changes.  It's not fair that someone's opportunity for employment is sabotaged by a police report which goes far beyond the question of criminal conviction.

{This bulletin is published almost monthly by the Toronto Police Accountability Coalition, a group of individuals and organizations in Toronto interested in police policies and procedures, and in making police more accountable to the community they are committed to serving.  Our website is}


Sound clip of
Clayton Ruby's Media interview outside of the Court room
after Antonio Batista was convicted.     
July 28, 2007

The recording is not the best but you can hear Clayton Ruby, one of Canada's top lawyers answer media questions (by The Democratic Reporter, Toronto Star and the Mississauga News), regarding the conviction of Antonio Batista for writing a poem to express his frustration about how Pat Satio, Councillor of  Ward 9 of Mississauga for her not doing her job, responding to his letter about how the new homeowners were being asked to pay the taxes that the developers should have to.  In the end they were given refunds so we know he was right.  Others in the  community got refunds too but only those who knew they were being taken to the cleaners.  This is a case is what they say -  bad cases make for bad laws.  He made no direct or specific death threat in his poem, which was not even sent to her, it is was  the interruption made by Pat Satio that it was a death threat poem that lead to his arrest and greatly expanded what a person  can be arrested for on the whim of a Canadian politician!  More here.  Most intelligent, reasonable and unbias people who know the facts see that the arrest was to punish Mr. Batista for his efforts regarding getting tax refunds for his community AND NOT any poem he had written.

A very important quote by Clayton Ruby - "In Toronto do you think this would ever get to Court?  No.  They (Peel), must be awash in moneys, awash with money, swimming in money, because you would not rationalize it, to make it a priority in most places.  Consider this, that serious crime that there is here of a violent nature that they can't seem to get on top of, the idea of putting this amount of police resources, prosecution resources, and judicial time for this prosecution is peculiar."


Ice cream vendors demanding
the City cool down on enforcement.

Now includes the story in the words of the owner
how the City of Mississauga has centered him out and harassed him!


Letter to the Editor;
Mandatory support the troops yellow ribbons on public vehicles.

July  15 - 2007

Can we support Canadian troops but not the war?  -  Yes!

Blowing-up Lakeview Power Plant


Military Jets Fighters

Flying very close to Mississauga Roof Tops in a usually quiet & peaceful resident neighbourhood!

Picture & details here.


Lakeview Power Generation Station
Blows up Real Good!

June  28 - 2007

More from the best seat in the house!

Video to come - place you can see it now.

Lakeview Power Generation Station
Picture gallery  & News article listing web-page.


Ice cream vendors demanding
the City cool down on enforcement

June  26 - 2007

The City is trying to drive an Ice Cream truck out of business by way of its money collection through fines
BUT will not go after the illegal developer's signs
on our street corners to make even more money.
Really just
all a matter of who you know and who's wheels you greases with money
government always goes after the poor people first!

Wrote a letter about this.

"Peel Party police"

June  26 - 2007

Mississauga News - Letter to the Editor - June 25, 2007 By Donald Barber
Given the record breaking number of Peel police being charged for wrong doing or out right criminal actions as well as the huge dollar amount taxpayers are on the hook for in regards to lawsuits and fines,
why has Mississauga politicians been so silent on this issue?


Councillor Nando Iannicca Defends Salary

June  26 - 2007

If we are to believe Councillor Nando Iannicca taxpayers just don't pay him enough!
Well, after reading this I wrote a letter pointing out what parts of his job
he has not the time of day for.
Maybe he just wants a blank cheque, as he has been working for government
for so long he feels
that is the only want he can justify get out of bed each day and going to work.


Peel police
Their Hall of Shame


Want to KILL?
Let the Peel police show you how to get away with it!


Comic Den owner closes up the little shop of comics,
after 28 years in Mississauga.
A part of Mississauga culture from the early days of Mississauga even becoming a City, is gone.

Sounds like a job for Peel party police,
they can find 2-4s of beer no matter where they are hidden,
that is if they have not already,
nudge, nudge, wink, wink - say no MORE!



Another sighting in Port Credit you can Vote on.

How can City staff be this DUMB
and worse yet - leave it that way?

June  13 - 2007

Dundas Fire
It Burned Real Good!

How to BLOW UP - Real Good
Lakeview Power Generation Station
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Who say Terrorists should have all the fun blowing up buildings?
Politicians like to as well!


The Town Hall Test

How to measure the level of Democracy in citizens hearts and their society.
Truly, this simple test is the most fundamental test the most basic freedom regarding both addressing government their
and participation in it - how fearful do its citizens feel about doing so?

- Political -
Satire & Parody

June  8 - 2007

- The first item is a real hot button item -

Oh the HORROR!

The TRUTH is reveled about Hazel McCallion's long life - her many
ANTI-DEATH treatments in China.
Hazel McCallion is photographed
SUCKING the life
from Chinese political dissents and prisoners!

Canadians (legal), License
to Mock - Satire - Ridicule and/or Parody

their government & elected politicians.

COMPLAINTS - against Peel police

Involving those who made the politically motivated arrest June 7th 2006.
The wording in these E-mails also shows the level of paranoia in their minds.

More & More news articles
about how the police - especially the Peel police
are out of control and becoming more and more criminal.

 Peel party police go on Drunken Rampage News Articles;

The list of shame the officers found guilty is posted.
  This internal affairs investigation is believed to be the largest ever in the Province of Ontario, in terms of the number of officers charged and likely the number of charges from just one event.
Way to go Peel police you get Mississauga on the map with
your record breaking we-can-do-as-we-please-because-we-are-cops attitude!
You are acting like Hazel McCallion.

Peel police & on going cases of Racial Profiling;
This just about sums up how a great many in the community fell about the Peel police -
"This is something darker skin people are forced to go through on a daily basis ... we're seen as criminals, vagabonds, for cultural reasons ... it is embedded in Peel Regional Police."

Investigation of the SIU;
Provincial Ombudsman André Marin announces a probe of the SIU Special Investigations Unit yesterday, citing eight cases he said are “compelling enough to warrant a field investigation.”  Just another case of taxpayers being shafted by the police and law enforcement in general.  Those who would claim they are there to protect Canadians are really just laughing all the way to the bank while actually endangering our lives by way of their lack of action.
Accountability for police in the post 9/11 age of fear mongering - NEVER.

Seven court guards suspended in prisoner's jail cell beating;
Ah the joy of being working for law enforcement the right to beat people up as you like and only rarely
- very rarely will you ever be caught and be held accountable -
used him "like a rag doll" to mop the juice.

Big question is - what harm will come my way for the public service of posting these on the Internet so they will not disappear, like they do on other media sites?


Byron Osmond speaks out

Two new pictures - the ones posted just before his son was attacked!
In his own words Byron Osmond tells the tale of how his business was ruined
and almost (all of) his life.

The soulless
Persecution of Antonio Batista
a 75 year old man who dared to write and distributed a satirical poem
that was critical of a local politician
-  Mississauga City Councillor Pat Saito -
one of Hazel McCallion's coven.

May  29 - 2007

Is the truth really that because Mr. Batista had previously interfered with plans to make new homeowners pay the taxes that the developers should be paying, that when Mississauga City Councillor Pat Saito called the police, it was more about revenge then feeling any kind of threat to her person?  The facts appear to support this reasonable conclusion.

Click Here for a List of News Articles.

Antonio Batista
the pothole poet is the rage of the media & BLOGs
because of how insane this case is.
In the so-called Democracy of Canada!
In the final day of the trial the Crown was but pleading with the judge to legalize the malicious persecution of Mr. Batista,
by setting a legal precedent - that it is lawful for even the most minor politicians in Canada,
to have arrested those,
in the community they have been elected to serve,
for nothing more than poking fun at them,
out of frustration,
due to lack of unbias & reasonable service!
If that is not bring Canadian Justice into
ill-repute, then what does

"assassination protocol,"
a system whereby people can contribute to a fund that will be used
to pay an assassin to kill a public servant."
Well what is this really???????
And will it find its way into Mississauga politics in the future?


Up-date to
Candidates for the Municipal Election
City of Mississauga.

May  24 - 2007

People keep visiting so time to up-date


Due to Bail conditions I am not allowed in Mississauga City hall, but currently
I  am  HUNG  in  City  hall
by local artist - Lauire Kallis but she did not frame me!

Apr.  6 - 2007

The greatest irony is what this show is called!

Save Mississauga's Forests
By Therese Gain Taylor - Citizens for Ethical Civic Engagement

Apr.  6 - 2007

An Internet Petition - To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

The hard copy petition has gathered about 2000 signatures including: Dr. Riina Bray, co-author of Report on Public Heath & Urban Sprawl, Marty Collier, Linda Pim, Jeff Laidlaw, authors Trent, Jill and Jesse Frayne, Clayton Ruby and June Callwood.

The Donald Barber Defense Fund

I only seek justice and the goal of Democracy is justice.
Causes are only lost when we give up!
We must stand for something or fall for whatever lies they throw at us.
And you must decide if I am a Community Hero or a Terrorist.

!!!! 815 Bans !!!!
of Mississaugans
by the
City of Mississauga - regarding City property,
in 2006
144 in 2007,
about number as the same time period in the year before.

CANCER on Democracy
Developing in City halls across Ontario!

BANNING those who are
the Whistle Blowers, Ask the hard & Intelligent questions
and are more successful than politicians at serving the greater good of taxpayers.

The police, lawyers and legal orders are now the WEAPONS of choice as
Security Insanity Plague us all!

The above information has come to light by way of the new reporter in town,
The Mississauga Muses.
This new blood is sniffing out the stories that have been hidden in plain sight for years.
She has a number of web-sites and BLOG at the Mississauga News.
On her Flickr web-site - the_mississauga_muse 's photos - {for the posting of pictures}
can be found the items on this page
and many other pictures taken around Mississauga.

For her video clips and many are from City Council, Mississauga & other political events go to,
Her YouTube web-site - TheMississaugaMuse

City of Mississauga Awarded for Best Practices in Prosecutions
by the Prosecutions' Association of Ontario

Apr.  10 - 2007

What after all the City has done to our Democracy?  How can this be?
Truly the special relationship between Hazel McCallion (and she is the one who tells the City what to do)
and our legal system (includes the Crown {prosecutors}, Courts and police), has moved to a whole new level.
We should all be worried.

Hazel McCallion
does not get to have my head on a
Sliver platter at her love-fest
Apr. (Friday the) 13th.

Apr.  12 - 2007

Hazel McCallion: International Tribute to Lifetime Achievement
by the Mississauga Board of Trade

This most likely the occasion that the Mayor will receive her life size bronze (haft normal size) statue.
This event is set-up in such a way as to make sure that the common or little people of Mississauga who Hazel has long claimed she is one of, are shut out!

The timing of this event is most interesting - all too convenient? - coincidence?  what are the odds? - as it is set for the evening of Apr. 13th, Friday the 13th, a day that most people would avoid booking an event unless having a good reason to do so.  My trial was scheduled for earlier in the day and from what I could see an easy to win trial was being turned into impossible to win due to actions & inactions by my lawyer - which resulted in his dismissal.
At which time the trial date was canceled.
As my trial date was set way back in early Oct., so it was very easy for this event to be scheduled for the same day, evening and imagine Hazel's glee at me losing a winnable case and the reasonable cloud of suspicion about her actions & entrapment, removed by way of a Court ruling that her friends in the media will endless quote.

Why Hazel McCallion would be wallowing in glee!
What a proud political Achievement that would be!
But not going to happen!

A Private Charge or Private Information has been laid

Sheri-Lynn Ruffo
City of Mississauga - Security Guard

Apr.  13 - 2007

More can be found here.

First of many postings on
has been made!

Apr.  13 - 2007

My home page at YouTube
{Maybe not show recent up-loads - use link below}
Drop by to see the video of Hazel McCallion telling the world there is a "COUP" out to get her.


On Apr. 2, 2006, I attend Brampton Court to dismiss my Goverment lawyer
had the Apr. 13th., trial date canceled,
at which point the Crown withdrew one of the charges
{not entirely the good news it may sounds like}
the corresponding BAIL terms!

Apr.  13 - 2007

There is no doubt in my mind that concerns about politicians
who controlled or had connects regarding
Legal Aid Ontario's funding of local offices,
came first and fore most in the minds of those at
Legal Aid Ontario.
Not concerns about the client's welfare
or if it put our judicial system into ill repute!


“Byron Osmond speaks out”

In his own words Byron Osmond tells the tale of how his business was ruined
and almost (all of) his life.

Dave Cook

{Ex-Mississauga News reporter}
{Ex-City of Mississauga Councillor}
{Ex-Region of Peel Councillor}
{Ex-President of the Applewood Acres Homeowers' Association}
{Author of two books about Mississauga;
Apple Blossoms and satellite dishes,
Celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Applewood Acres.
From Frozen Ponds to Beehive Glory,
the story of Dixie Arena Gardens.}

For no apparent reason and left me scared for LIFE!

Over False Charges by Toronto - police & Crown
Proof that fighting it out
not letting them get the upper hand with you by way of fear
impatience, is not only worth while but best for Canada.

Keeper of the Grove
the painting of Donald Barber
Environmental & Democratic Activist

 by Laurie Kallis
- The Video -
{one of three as long & they will be up in next few days}

Lauire stands beside her painting in Mississauga City hall,
makes her artist statement and remembers days gone by that lead to these.

There is another video here,
By the Mississauga Mews.
With more than one scene in it - even a drive-by.

City of Mississauga politicians and their friends in the
Peel police and Courts are using the methods of

to attack a community representative in Mississauga's
first political show trial.  Who is also Mississauga's first political prisoner!
Just as the NAZIS used false accusations involving children,
so does Hazel McCallion's government to get its way.
Canadian Courts turned into the weapon of choice by morally bankrupt politicians.


**** Coming soon ****

The Donald Barber Defense Fund

Sadly, I have been left with no choice but to dismiss my Legal Aid lawyer and
now I have none with the Court date of Apr. 13th, fast approaching.

This unusual matter is made all the more so by the fact my lawyer was part of a pilot project where Legal Aid set up a criminal office law office, which they say is a full service law office.  Hired lawyers to defend people who would not get a Legal Aid certificate because they are not likely (according to how Legal Aid evaluates it but not impossible!), to go to jail.  Interesting is the fact there are now lawyers on the government pay roll, defending people who are wronged by government - questions regarding just how unbias or impartial they and their supervisors can really be when issues like funding are on the table, are coming to the forefront. 

Stephane Dion
has made politics in the Justice system an issue in this election, in regards to judges being,
"free from ideological interference.", maybe he - like the rest of us don't really understand how bad it has become or will be.

  Stephane Dion - Liberal Leader of Canada,

 unveiled the Liberal platform for Law & Order.
He was joined by notable local Liberal MPs
Navdeep Bains, Colleen Baumier, Ruby Dhalla and new Grit, Garth Turner.

Mar.  17 - 2007

Stephane Dion personally promised me
to looking into the matter presented to him
 - that the Charter Rights for Canadian tax-payers is being destroyed in Ontario, by the government. To keep informed members of the public from being involved in their government, especially regarding matters involving the environment, by way of minor criminal charges and highly restrictive BAIL terms - to end a communities right to criticize politicians with third world methods.  This fits perfectly with the Liberal stand that our Justice system should not be politicized or controlled by right-wing, nut cases

The sound clip of the promise & pictures as well.

Other news articles are listed to.

A key element of all matters in the following posts is there is no justice for the poor and it is a proven fact!

Many people think that it is only lazy or dumb people who say it is next to impossible for poor people to get a lawyer as there legal clinics, etc.
Fact is their people are the morons or more simply put a bigoted right wing nut case.


Here is a short list of news articles that proves how wrong (TROY) minded that opinion is;

Legal aid rules shut out thousands

The dark side of justice

Long trials not our fault: Lawyers

Justice out of reach
This says it all
"Fundamental Canadian values are at risk, and so is public faith in the justice system."

Taking your own counsel

Justice judged too costly for most

Erosion of family assets in litigation not `just,' says top jurist

Price of Justice
Cuts to legal aid hit families hard
People at a 'crisis point' are unable to get a lawyer and must defend themselves

Justice summit to audit broken system

LETTERS regarding the high cost of justice in Canada.

So much to up-load - where to start?
Well in no particular order here we go ....



I am BACK!!!!

Got call today from media and they miss me!
Not sure what to post first but soon will - have not forgot those who want the inside story.

Here is a Political Cartoon that is a classic as it tells the story of
how traditional politics is REALLY done
 and how the environment is being destroyed & will be in the future.

Enjoy this grave side humour - while you still can!

The best way to restart is to participate in a public/government forum
in Toronto Democracy still rules - so off to & made a submission at the ....

Feb.  28 - 2007

What will the future hold for regional transportation planning?
More roads or road tolls?  More HOV lanes or a regional transit pass?  More Go trains or more urban transit?  How much should central Toronto take an interest in a transit-friendly Ajax or Brampton, or the suburbs care about a revitalized TTC? What will the new planning authority look like, where will the money come from, and how will competing interests be balanced?

People move from one end of the GTA to the other by train, car, bike and their own two feet.  But more often than not they are getting nowhere fast. Years of under-investment means two way gridlock, loss of quality of life and lost economic productivity estimated at two billion dollars per year.
A change of direction is needed and fast.  Enter the new Greater Toronto Transportation Authority, responsible for developing an over-arching plan for the region.

The Panel included:
Councillor Adam Giambrone:Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission; Toronto City Councillor for Davenport.
 Natalie Helferty: Planning Ecologist, York Region Environmental Alliance.
Gary McNeil: Managing Director and CEO, GO Transit.
Rob MacIsaac: Chair of the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority (GTTA), former Mayor of Burlington.
Moderator: Bernadette Hardaker: Orangeville writer and broadcaster.

Posting a web-page, with pictures of the event (not all are developed yet)
My submission is posted with 2 very timely cartoons, above
A picture of a Polar bear who waited outside asking for Kyoto help, above to
Pictures of how business is now exploiting GLOBAL WARMING to sell their products
with the aid of
sexy, scantly clothed females!
Yes, that too above.


Nothing yet - computer was bugged up during the Nov. election by those who fight dirty.

But don't worry I am working on things.

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