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I am sorry to inform you of this but when you take on the Queen of Sprawl
(Hazel McCallion), even if it is at the request the community, she will do all she can to hurt you and no act of evil is out-of-bounds.

This page contains political, legal, media, election issues and events.

 Links to the police complaint(s) regarding how the City and its politicians use the
Peel police against us.
Human and Charter Rights issues in Canada.

What our politicians are really up to and the media doesn't cover properly, if at all.

The times I have run for the office of Mayor of Mississauga.


And a host of other issues that have turned up as I have discovered just what it REALLY means to live in Canada and fight for justice, for a community's
Democratic rights.

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General note about this web-page and others that comment on persons, events and politicians.
Due to the media's bias, to report only good news or positive things about certain people and not to report negative, this creates an unbalanced image of them in the eyes of the public.
Such reporting is poison to Democracy.

My efforts are aimed at restoring the balance.
Yes, they are the posting of the more negative facts and their dark deeds but if the main stream media will not do their job in a Democracy, then some one else has to.
If we don't have a healthy Democracy - then what do we have?

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Since, Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga has publicly expressed her concerns about my efforts to inform the public in regards to what is really going on in Mississauga, bad things have been coming my way.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Dec.  10 - 2006

More evidence of MADD acting inappropriately

Dec. 9, 2006 - News Article, MADD's `exorbitant costs' anger charity's volunteers

Dec. 10, 2006 - News Article, MADD rejects 'disgruntled' critics.  Charity's CEO dismisses volunteers' complaints that so little of donations go to programs.

Save Mississauga Forests
By Therese Gain Taylor - Citizens for Ethical Civic Engagement

Dec.  8 - 2006

An Internet Petition - To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

The hard copy petition has gathered about 2000 signatures including: Dr. Riina Bray, co-author of Report on Public Heath & Urban Sprawl, Marty Collier, Linda Pim, Jeff Laidlaw, authors Trent, Jill and Jesse Frayne, Clayton Ruby and June Callwood.

What Will the Next Generation Eat?

Dec.  8 - 2006

What's for dinner when we choose to build houses on our best GTA food lands?
What will the next generation eat?
That was the question repeatedly posed by members of Citizens for Ethical Civic Engagement (CECE) at an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing recently held in Brampton. To dramatize their appeal, a plate, fork, knife and a cement brick was submitted as evidence by environmental justice activist Steven Kaasgaard. ...

What - will - the next generation eat?

Voting for Fennell/McCallion Means
Voting for More Sprawl, Less Farmland

Gain Taylor was given party status for the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing, which starts November 14th in Brampton Court on Ray Lawson Boulevard.  Of six parties, she is the only one who has not settled with Peel Region. She hasn’t given up on curbing sprawl and preserving precious farmland, including apple orchards and pumpkin patches enjoyed by so many city dwellers throughout the fall.

A few more notes about the outcome of the
2006 Mississauga Mayoralty Race & election in general.

Nov.  17 - 2006

On this page going lay out a break-down of the numbers in greater detail
than the City or even the media ever does.

Sadly - the voters of Mississauga LOST another election.

Best election sign ever!
it used one of my Monarch butterfly pictures,
{you have to look really close to see that even the butterflies and flowers are singing her praise}.

Nov.  15 - 2006

Her election web-site is here.

After Election Chuckle

Nov.  15 - 2006

As part of my election reporting, an out reach was done to other Mississauga candidates.
One of which was,
Gordon Clarkson.
When he was first called, his wife answered and was very surprised to hear he was running for the Ward 1 Councillor's office - OPPS!
It was only about 8:30 pm and already he was down for the night, not a good sign.
He did call me back and left me two messages (one right after the other),
first he said not running for office, then he was - interesting.
Some times a person runs whose name is alphabetically before the incumbent's to draw off votes.  Apparently there are a number of people who just vote for the person at the top of the list.
Clarkson got 514 votes or 6.6% and he did not campaign.
Bill Lediard (he even had recorded phone messages going out), 408 votes or 5.2%
Susan Ranchod 359 votes or 4.6%
both did a lot of campaigning, signs up, etc., and they came in 3th and 4th.
In this case people who did not want to vote for the incumbent may just have gone with the first on the list not her's.

Nov. 13, 2006
The 2006 election results are in and I came in second.
{deep sigh}
More number crunching here.

It has been a hard campaign because of what little money there was
but the numbers speak for themselves.
As I campaigned harder and broader across the City than in the past, the results are clear.
Despite bring up issues that many did not want to deal with,
I received 5.2 % (of votes cast), or 5,571 votes.
Twice as many votes as the last time ran in 2000
when received 2.81 % (of votes cast), or 2,726 votes.
You have to go back to the results of the 1985 election (more than 20 years ago),
to find anyone else who pulled in as many votes in a race against McCallion, as I did.

if you have not already - please send more money - in debt over this, you know.

The weather was poor, cold, damp, foggy which did not encourage Canadians to come out to vote - as they should.

One very important point - after being arrested and being thrown in prison, becoming Hazel McCallion's first political prisoner.  This election was also marred by the Peel police withholding the Byron Osmond painting 1984, that was to sold for my funding, yet another example of the police being a willing political weapon for Mississauga's politicians.  That this was being made very public as to the evil being done to me by City hall and therefore by Hazel McCallion - the fact so many people showed their support for me, by voting for me, proves Mississaugans knew an injustice had occurred.  It may not have been on the ballot as such but it was being voted on
- tonight was my greatest political victory (so far!)
and McCallion's greatest defeat!

It is also worth noting that media, especially the Missing News and the Toronto Star
(both part of the TorStar group of companies),
panned me and the issues I raised almost daily
& still the public voted for me, in ever more increasing numbers.
clearly, I have significant public support & on track with my issues!

Again Hazel McCallion did not gain the support of the majority of eligible voters and therefore can not be considered to have the authority of majority rule.
If the Mayor could showed the kind of increase in support as I have in this election
- then she could claim a true Democratic victory and broad base support.

The Mayor's supporters viewed this election as a popularity contest and not what it was - time for the taxpayers/voters to make a business decision regarding the City's future.

The issues that needed to be addressed were by me but the voters of Mississauga were a sleep at the switch, not understand political cause & affect.

As a result the issues were not properly addressed.
The unfairness of the Mayor getting far more media than the candidates,
 amounts to her running a campaign.  At campaign centered around
That and Ratepayers groups holding meetings where only she was invited,
means a monopoly of that group or meeting - Hazel's way.
If she was a fair sport she would not spoken at these meetings unless the other candidates could but that is not the kind of role model she is.

Those that do the Mayor's evil deeds will see her election as approval of her unlawful and immoral methods - how long can I go before more false charges?

Hazel McCallion's supporters
are so happy their master won,
one of them celebrated by called me up and left
a very threatening message.

Nov.  13 - 2006

After all, that is just the kind of people they are.

A formal complaint to the police Services Board
against the Chief Peel police - Metcalf.

Nov.  13 - 2006

This is about Hate mail in the Peel police, being a political weapon
and denying a candidate in a Democracy election funding to run their campaign.

Click here.

A sample of the
Hate-Filled Fanatical Feminists
show their true face in
 phone messages that Hazel McCallion’s supporters leave.

Nov.  12 - 2006

In this recording you can actually hear the kind of person who loves & votes
for Hazel McCallion, lose it.
It starts off with them admitting to not knowing politics
(not included - only have so much space on system for this rant),
and then going on to preaching violence against a man for not loving the Mayor.
Keep them coming - love the proof that I am the better choice!

And they wonder why people are afraid to run against Hurricane Hazel!

Against Hazel McCallion!
!! The Mayor of Mississauga !!

Nov.  12 - 2006

Peel police (Constable Micheal Chaytor #.2256), stated they received death threat against the Mayor.
The editor of The Democratic Reporter and candidate for Mayor Donald Barber made it known on this very web-page, Aug. 7 -
"no evil deed being to great to end local Democracy by Hazel McCallion"
and by her supporters.
The Peel police are telling me that someone is claiming (during the election period),
I made the threat but will not say by who, what it was or the name of the investigating officer is - how very nice.

Of course it is a false claim,
but it clearly shows how Hazel McCallion supporters are hate filled and criminal
in the ways they support her or what is that word - yes, EVIL!

What will follow?
After the election there will likely be more problems as they are waiting till after the election before starting the full measure of their legal harassment.
Just the way fascist do their thing.

Frank Dale
City of Mississauga Councillor.

Nov.  12 - 2006

Councillor Dale shamelessly rids off the banner head for the Mississauga News.
Will they allow it - he is on Hazel's team and they love him best!

The Long Knifes come out for Ron Starr.

Nov.  12 - 2006

Unsigned flyers dropped at doors.
Its called the Dirty drop!

Caught in the ACT!

Nov.  9 - 2006

The Removal
Councillor Nando Iannicca's
Election Signs!

Hazel McCallion
in her
Clown Costume

Nov.  9 - 2006

Now you can watch a video of The Mississauga Rattler, in action!
On YouTube.

Scoop --New Release-- Scoop
Flyer put out by
Concerned Ward 5 Residents Looking For an Honest Councillor
Notes details about
Councillor Eve Adams
that are new & interesting.

Nov.  7 - 2006

The flyer is presented here so people can review it and contact me regarding its new items - no time to investigate it
 and not allowed to contact the affected parties - so will those in the public who know, let me know!

It states - "Mississauga Taxpayers Paid More Than $100,000 in Settlements Against her Conduct as a City of Mississauga Councillor. "  Well now what is this?  It has been suggested that it is in regards to the number of people who have worked in her office, for only a short period of time but no documents to back it up at this point.
Expect for a posting for what she wants in the way of Executive Assistant and/or a Administrative Assistant.
Boy talk about a truck load of qualifications!

It goes on to note Councillor Adams "Faked her Resume", would like more on this.
The rest has been reported in the past.

Are the VIGILANTES coming out??

Scoop -- New Release -- Scoop
- - Peel police & Councillor try to interfere with other candidate’s voters! --
Malton election fire works at advance poll.
Will violence soon erupt?

Nov.  6 - 2006

Karam Singh Punian Candidate for Ward 5 Councillor, is by most accounts the man to defend the deeply troubled incumbent Councillor Eve Adams. The events of Nov. 4, at Malton’s advance polls show that the Mississauga election is about to catch fire - will violence soon erupt? Remember a ½ million dollar pay cheque is on the line! The incumbent Councillor Eve Adams, who’s family last year stolen election signs and this year was found to have wrongly used her staff and City resources on her election campaign but oddly was not asked to repay the City for what it cost taxpayers - has added another transgression to her list.

In regards to Eve Adams’s efforts at preventing her opponent’s supporters form voting, candidate Karam Singh Punian says “EVE not telling the truth” about how or if a friend or family member can help voters who are elderly or not read well enough to be sure they are voting for the candidate, they want to vote for.

This touched off a 2 hour heated exchange and name calling by both panties, in the polling station that included as Candidate Punian notes “He (police man), told me, I will arrest you, will take you and throw you out of the building.” The response was “OK, go ahead”, but it was just an intimidating threat. That is bad enough but remember that what was witnessed was a Peel police officer taking direct instructions from a politician, in a polling station, as a part of that politician’s efforts to prevent her opponents supporters from voting! More proof of Peel police have become the political weapons of choice for City hall’s politicians. In my mind it also raises racial questions as well - such concerns have been dogging members of Mississauga City Council for years.

After a couple of Candidate Punian’s supporters were made to vote without their desired assistance. Candidate Punian made it clear - if you not do it right I stop voting right now, because “I told the staff she spoken the word into your mouth and what she is saying is what you are thinking.” In other words City staff manning the polling station were apparently taking their instructions from the Councillor and not the rules that govern elections! Even after the rules for elections were reviewed and agreement with Candidate Punian’s request was made, the problems continued. To the point that by the account I am told, Eve Adams was told to leave, if she could not keep the peace. It is noted about Councillor Adams blocking attempts “wanted to create the atmosphere it useless to come to vote if long delay” and Candidate Punian did not let her do what she wanted to do.

The proof of Candidate Punian’s statements is that City staff did do things the way he said they should be and the Peel police did not arrest him, but it is yet another very sad day for Democracy in Mississauga. What was just as upsetting was the public behaviour of Councillor Adams in front of about 60 voters - one really has to wonder how she does her business behind closed doors.

About this scoop - The Mississauga News does not keep News staff in its office over the weekend because they know in the 6th largest City in Canada, News does not happen on the weekend and would be a waste of money.  So that makes it easy for The Democratic Reporter to out perform them.  But did find it odd that Monday morning, after sending out E-mails News release about the above posting, the "Missing" News reporters STILL did not know of this event.  I had to report it to them.

Mayoralty candidate running for office on

Nov.  5 - 2006

In the last week of the election Mississauga's streets will be host a new sight, a candidate for Mayor with not just truly new ideas for transportation but the willingness to lead by example!
Let see the Mayor even try this (longer than a photo-op that is).

Fellow Candidates lend me your ears!
An open letter to the Mississauga News

Nov.  3 - 2006

The following letter has been sent to try and petition the Mississauga (Missing) News to be equally fair to all candidates this election and get the greatest number of informed voters out to vote on the issues.

I STRONGLY recommend that every candidate also write to the Mississauga News and also ask for the same service for the Mississauga New's readers or one of your greatest chances to have your voice heard will be lost to those who show their politics by keeping the public in the dark and their monopoly on the news strong.

If you do please send me a copy so they can be listed on my news web-site.


The Mississauga News
ATTN: Ron Lenyk, Publisher.                               Fax.# 905 273-8219
ATTN: Judy Imerson, Director of Editorial.          Fax.# 905 277-0146
ATTN: Steve Pecar, Managing Editor.                   Fax.# 905 277-0146
3145 Wolfedale Road, Mississauga, Ont. L5C 3A9

RE:     Doing Mississauga News readers a service in this election.

Dear Sir:             Nov. 3, 2006

Yesterday the Toronto Star printed an article in which listed my election campaign web-site address was published and the number of visits has jumped over 6 times the usual number per-day - plus there has been an increase in the E-mails received. The Mississauga News has an out-dated policy of not printing the web-site address or the E-mail addresses of candidates. This clearly aid the incumbents as voters {most of whom have both computers and Internet access}, are unable to easily access the platforms of the challengers or their election up-dates, leading up to the election day. The Internet has been around for more then 10 years and still the Mississauga News will not report what its readers require during an election - the facts - platform right from the candidates in order to cast their informed votes.

    It is requested that the Mississauga News, publish the web-site address and the E-mail addresses of candidates both in its paper and on its election web-site to make this a true 21 st. century election. One for the younger generation to be fully involved in and Mississaugans can be as informed as they wish to be, from their homes. I know this will mean it risks losing the relationship the Mississauga News has enjoyed with elected officials over the decades but this is a Democracy and given the amount of media exposure the incumbents get between elections - it would only be fair to do as it is asked. Also the Mississauga News & the Toronto Star are both part of TorStar.


Has any one else taken note of the fact that John Stewart's BLOG has been containing more news worthy election items and details than are being published in the Mississauga News?
Many people do not use the Internet for their news or know of his web-site, so these detail would likely be missed.
Details like how a certain Councillor is acting in dark Parking lots or suing another candidate.
Why are the really interesting details of this election and incumbents behaviour, not being published in the News paper that goes to most homes in the City?
Odd - yes?

The truth reveled.

Nov.  3 - 2006

Why does the Mayor of Mississauga not present an election platform?
Why is this method of campaigning being copied by many incumbents, in other Mississauga races?


No Platform means - No promises are being made for when elected.
No promise of performance.

No promises made means - No BROKEN promises can be claimed.

A sweet deal - yes?  Getting voted in and having next to No promises to keep and
No one can come after you later on to claim you have not kept your promises!
Boy aren't Mississauga's taxpayers & voters dumb?

PSSSSSSS - the Mayor loves to say no!

Another Election Race has ended up in the Courts!

Nov.  2 - 2006

Ward 7 Councillor Nando Iannicca is
challenger Shane McNeil
 who's contention is that the real author of the e-mails was Councillor Nando Iannicca, not his brother and on his BLOG, he made some statements regarding how the Councillor does business.
Mr. McNeil would not be the first to question Councillor Iannicca means to an end
BUT he is the first one I know of to be sued.

This debate ends up in a dark parking lot
- kind of place that Mississauga's Councillors do their best work on their opposition!

What our elected officials will do to win an election for the 1/2 million dollar pay cheque of a Councillor or Mayor.

What are you willing to bet - that in the last week of this election there will be

Hazel McCallion
Wore Her
Clown Costume
in Public Again

Nov.  2 - 2006

??? WHAT  THE  HELL  IS  IT ???

What is the Mayor of Mississauga thinking when she is parade around in this get-up?
That she is some kind of super hero - Super Mayor-Women?
A BLACK WIDOW Spider has red square on its back just as
Hazel McCallion has in this uniform, is she saying she is the BLACK Spider
She has been doing this for years & no one knows what it is.

Maybe it is some kind of display of her ethic background or support of an ethic group but I do not recall reading about it or hearing about it - so the question has be ask - is that,
what it is or has Hazel McCallion become eccentric?

Having seen her many times in public, know she wears the same cloths over and over, something elderly people often do.  Her get-ups usual follow the same pattern and style of jewelry.  However, I am concerned that she is not giving the attention to her personal habits as person in her position should and if she is at a public event representing the City, do we not have a right to know what kind of fashion statement she is making?

The Mayor has for years been showing up at public events in this out-fit and it fits no style that I am familiar with, if you know what it is, let me know.
Have ask her staff, they don't know what it is suppose to be.
Asked John Steward who has covered City hall for decades and he is clueless.
I have to wonder - am I the only person who has noted she is waltzing around what looks like a Clown Costume?  Have people tuned out common sense regarding Hazel to the point she can wear a
Clown Costume to public events and no one notices - boy that is power!

Is this the Mississauga version of the Emperor has no cloths?

Being the great and powerful Hazel McCallion,
people would be intimidate ask about what she is wearing or even to suggest it is not really appropriate for the Mayor of the 6th largest Canada City to be wearing (over & over), but remember - she is asking you to vote for it as well as her.
So let us know what is going on.
{don't say I asked - it would breach my bail!}

!! in DEBT !!

Nov.  2 - 2006

A hand-out that was presented for the first time at last-nights All-candidate meeting presents the facts about not just how McCallion is costing us tens of Millions by way of her miss-deeds - law suite - but because of the Mayor bad judgment in finical management

Going head-to-head with Hazel

Nov.  2 - 2006

A prime example of how the Toronto Star campaigns for Hazel McCallion by failing to report her
failures, miss-deeds and out right evil acts.
This article clearly shows how a reporter (or editor) will NOT report what they knows as it will hurt
McCallion's chances for re-election and how the facts are not presented or false information about the
Mayor's challengers is - to defame them and keep the voters asleep
- Soviet style journalism that Hazel McCallion loves to talk about so much.

Sierra Club Settles For More GTA Sprawl

{and why McCallion & Fennell should be handed their walking papers}

    Sierra Club of Canada, Peel Region Group, is ignoring gridlock, food security issues, as well as dire predictions about climate change and has settled their appeal to save 6,000 acres of prime farmland in North West Brampton.  “This decision will wreak havoc with the daily lives of GTA residents,” charges the group’s past conservation chair.

    “With scientists and even economists now raising the alarm bells on our climate crisis how can we afford to ignore this exploitive expansion of the GTA?  Regional councilors approved this amendment unanimously.  For ignoring the daily news, they should all get their walking papers in the upcoming election, especially Susan Fennell and Hazel McCallion,” charges Therese Gain Taylor, who was also the past co-chair of the Challenge to Sprawl Campaign for Sierra Club’s Ontario Chapter.

    “If the settlement agreement is approved by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), more of the GTA’s precious farmland will be buried under houses.  More victims suffering from respiratory problems will fill the GTA’s overburdened hospitals.  More carbon emissions, which Canadians are legally committed by Kyoto to curtail, will be added to our overburdened atmosphere.”

    Gain Taylor was given party status for the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing starting November 14th in Brampton.  Of five parties, she is the only one with outstanding issues.  She hasn’t given up on the dream of curbing urban sprawl and preserving precious farmland, including apple orchards and pumpkin patches enjoyed by so many city dwellers throughout the fall. 

    “It is vital that we act now to protect our remaining precious farmland.  It is vital now more than ever with the climate crisis that we feed ourselves from local sources.  If our country’s largest metropolis cannot feed itself from local sources, we will be a third world country,” predicts Taylor.

    Taylor as well as several other founding members of the Peel Region Group was one of the original signatories to the OMB appeal.  Six of seven of those executive committee members also quit the club.

    Taylor resigned in the spring because she questioned the leadership of the regional group, especially how the interim chair was handling the farmland appeal.

    On behalf of the group, Peter Orphanos, along with developers, the City of Brampton, Brampton Brick and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing settled the appeal with the Regional Municipality last Friday.  Full details of the settlement agreement with Sierra Club have not been disclosed.

    While it seems surprising that Sierra Club would settle for more sprawl, “it is not surprising to me,” says Taylor.  “This chair doesn’t understand the issues, especially the multi-edged, sprawl sword — air pollution and its affect on our health, gridlock, food security and climate change.”

    Taylor, like many American Sierra Club members, including Paul Watson, questioned Sierra Club's policy on massive immigration.  Sierra Club of Canada won’t properly address the politically sensitive immigration policy because of a huge donation granted to its American counterpart.

    “In terms of climate change, how much sense does it make to welcome massive numbers of people from more temperate climates to the GTA each year.  Our climate is often very inhospitable.  If we are going to wrestle our carbon emissions to the ground, we’ve got to become more efficient about keeping bodies comfortable, warm during winter, cool during the dog days of summer, before we welcome the world to our doorstep.  Transportation is also a key carbon problem since Brampton doesn’t have a decent public transit system.”

- 30 -

Contact: Therese Gain Taylor, Citizens for Ethical Civic Engagement

Roy Willis's 2006 Election platform statement
as given to City TV in Oct.

Oct. 31 - 2006

{so far nothing from the Mayor - ? - } 

Regarding the conduct of a City solicitor
Mary Ellan Bench

Oct. 31 - 2006

The City Manager should investigate the matter that I have already brought to the attention of City solicitor - Mary Ellan Bench, regarding her grand misinterpretation of the Legislative jurisdiction and authority the that Information & Privacy Commissioner (IPC), has.

This is an election issue for candidate Donald Barber as it deals squarely with the issues of accountability of City staff - to the public - not politicians.

 Formal complaint regarding the conduct of Darren Bryan, City Sign Unit
- telling developers how to violate the City’s Sign By-law,
to entrap a Majority candidate and using his office in City hall to
           project his personal politics into situations,
while trying to harm my election chances.

Oct. 30 - 2006

Time to let the world know how the City is run and how elections are won by City cheats.

CANCER on Democracy
Developing in City halls

BANNING those who are
the Whistle Blowers, Ask the hard & Intelligent questions
and are more successful than politicians at serving the greater good of taxpayers.

police, lawyers and legal orders
are now the WEAPONS of choice as
Security Insanity Plague
us all!

Another man elderly man banned from City property, in Ontario - so far it is 4 cases of this EVIL-DOING
by government - MORE keep turning up!

"Mr. Williams, who has previously been a candidate for council and continues to be an active opposition member was once described by a member of council; as one of its biggest thorns in council’s side."
"I’m a prisoner of my own town who can’t use any of the facilities that I’m paying for.  I’ve been tried, convicted and sentenced for unnamed acts by unnamed individuals!”  At this point, the only assertion we can make is that it does appear as though, at least on the surface, that Mr. Williams has become another victim of the Town’s practice of trying and convicting its opposition members from behind closed doors, without a trial, without a jury, without proper defense, or; an accredited Judge."

!!!! DYING !!!!

Oct. 26 - 2006

This is not a joke or hoax

Mississauga Election
Begins to

Oct. 25 - 2006

Almost daily more police charges, harassment and claims of wrong doing surface in a very telling election - the fight for the 1/2 million dollar seats on City Council.

Mississauga councillor broke rules
Toronto Star - Oct. 25, 2006 - Eve Adams - her election hopes have been stabbed in the heart.  The misuse of City "resources, including employee staff time and computer systems", & "Use of city resources gives a candidate an unfair advantage over rivals," and the list goes on.  Well the VOTERS can fire her Nov. 13, if they are smart enough.

Pat Saito admits she is responsible
for involving the Peel police who charged 75-year-old Antonio Baptista.

Councillor's brother sends bogus e-mail
The brother of Councillor Nando Iannicca, well known Hazel McCallion supporter and can often be heard telling the dear old Mayor what to say at City Council, sending intimidating E-mails?

Signs, Signs, Illegal Developers Signs


Oct. 24 - 2006

City staff say call the Peel police to ensure a developer can break the law?  Peel police to ensure the City's sign By-law can be continued to be broken?
Say it is not so!
Well we are talking about McCallion's Mississauga!

City of Mississauga
By-Law attacks!

Oct. 24 - 2006

Against a Mayoralty Candidate in the current Mississauga Elections.
Will this election never stop getting dirtier and dirtier?

Is this the same kind of harassment that is currently going on in other parts of the City,
as noted in the Mississauga News?

"strong-arming residents to place her election signs on their properties, charge her two former office workers.
The workers, who earlier claimed Adams forced them to work on her re-election campaign, say the councillor threatened homeowners with bylaw infractions if they didn't comply with her wishes."

For City staff to try this on me, during an election and when all the other candidate harassment is going on,
makes you wonder how can they be so dumb?
Or maybe they were banking on me publishing about this, to help undermine the Mayor's creditability?

Web-page has pictures of the So-called Backyard Evil-Doing
 you be the judge!

Is this Hazel McCallion approving
the City of Mississauga
being defrauded?

Oct.  23 - 2006

In this News article it is stated,
"City staff who were forced to work on Adams re-election campaign."

Then the Mayor goes on the record saying
"McCallion said the matter is being reviewed by the City's legal department,
but concedes the City's hands are tied because Adams is an elected official.
"It doesn't seem there is any other action we can take," the mayor said."

Only from the corrupt mind of a person who has been milking the City of Mississauga for all that can be had, would see things that way.  I would say the matter is clear - City staff were wrongfully working the personal goals of a Councillor, not doing City business,
therefore their wages should not be paid for by City with our tax dollars.
Eve Adams should be BILLED for the full amount - right away!

Clayton C. Ruby
has been retained to defend
Antonio Baptista

Oct.  23 - 2006

Antonio Baptista is a 75 year old Portuguese man and candidate in the Mississauga elections, who first helped local residents get tax money back and then wrote a poem about the Ward 9 Councillor, Pat Saito, made some very flippant remarks about potholes in her Ward, like they were a good thing.

TOP legal gun,
Clayton Ruby to champion the rights of Canadians to make fun of their politicians and NOT face serious jail time.

Click here for more details - including the poem that the Peel police are calling illegal.
Are they saying this poet does not have his poetic license or political correctness is now an arrest-able offence?

A second poem about Pat Saito is now posted
- What is good or bad with Mrs. Pat Satio - by the Bed Wolf -
that the Peel police have not criminalized - yet.

Just another example of how morally bankrupt government is in Mississauga.

Peel police are refusing
to properly investigate the ownership of the painting 1984,
thereby denying my right to use it as a part of my election campaign
for the office of Mayor and to sell it to raise funds for this election
- a very political move by the Peel police

Oct.  23 - 2006

More details on this in the next day to show how reasonable efforts were made to prove my ownership and Peel police simple refused to talk to those who would confirm it!  While at the same time demanding a far higher level of prove of ownership then reasonable.  It is like to set about requiring what they knew could not be done.

The transcript of my visit to City Council June 7th, 2006
- * -
Proving that no disturbance was caused and that the actions that day,
by government, were unjustified or an illegal entrapment.

A picture of Hazel McCallion in her clown suit?

Those in the media say Hazel McCallion does not campaign for Mayor as she is so loved - fact is they are lying to you & that the media does her campaigning, for her.  That is right, in each election year the articles about the great and wonderful McCallion come out and no one questions the bias of covering her and not those who are running against her - equally.  No one is smart enough to ask why this politician, who has been around for over 30 years and the media never publishes all the bad things she has done and to people.  Why?  Because one sided statements are campaigning statements and the Newspapers are campaigning for the Mayor and the rest of us care so little about our Democracy we allow it to happen.


Oct.  22 - 2006

The City of Mississauga election is fast going to the dogs or should I say the police! 
Like never before the Peel police have become the weapon of choice for candidates and unlawful acts common place.  In the past Mississauga has had its fair share of underhanded and unlawful acts but they were usually discovered after the election
- now they are the main event!

One sure sign of a corrupt or morally bankrupt government is just this kind of activity.

The new web-page.

Check out these headlines about the Mississauga election;

Mutiny on the buses
accused of election abuses
Council candidate charged
Police probing bribery allegations
Residents angered by mayor's comments
Councillor in conflict over use of staffers

Hazel McCallion is feeling the pressure so bad that she has sent out a letter to the Ward 1 community to tell us her version of events, signed also by Councillor Carmen Corbasson.

What is really interesting is that this letter came inside the pamphlet for Mario Pascucci, running for Separate School Trustee Wards 1 & 3 - that also included Carmen Corbasson flyer.  Is that not interesting?  Who paid for this letter to the community and can it not be considered to be election material?

The bigger question is can Hazel take the heat or will she have to leave the kitchen?

When the plan to extend the Toronto Subway into Mississauga was
the smoking gun was clearly seen in
Hazel McCallion's hand

Oct.  19 - 2006

Not only was her long time Council responsible (or should I say totally irresponsible), then, (as she was), how can we trust them to act any more responsible now,
when in 1995 they effectively declared WAR on mass transit because their friends in the business community wanted the City to spend taxpayers such an insane thing!
The Mayor is only too happy to spend taxpayers money on making her business friends happy, no matter the cost.

More on the TRANSIT nightmare
Hazel & her Councillors created that can not be hidden or even denied and we pay for it not only in dollars & cents
but with our quality of life, if not our very lives!

The paper trail that leaves no doubts;

Hurricane Hazel - McCallion upends City councillors
Etobicoke Life - Dec. 22, 1993
She [Hazel McCallion] put her agenda on the table and ­ wiped the floor with us,”

New City Centre’ for Etobicoke denounced by local interests
Mississauga News - Mar. 14 (?) 1995
the Newspaper article regarding the passing of City of Mississauga - Resolution No. 77-95.
A declaring of WAR on Mass transit into Mississauga!

Scoop ---- Scoop
Is it true?

Oct.  18 - 2006

The Ministry of the Environment is completing the Clarkson Air Shed Study
in which it will list the major air polluters in south Mississauga.

The study has been four years in collecting and analyzing data.
This report will likely be made public in late November.

Another case the the Province withholding very important information
till after the Nov. 13, election
so that voters can not use it in making their minds up as to who to vote for?

More on Mississauga's air pollution here and where it comes from.

More & More
Examples of Cities
Banning Taxpayers to keep them from Questioning Politicians.
Just as I have, its an
Epidemic of Lawlessness in Canadian Government to Protect Politicians!

Oct.  14 - 2006

This article also provides me with a defence - thank you Unions!

'In a free and democratic system, every citizen must be
guaranteed the right to freedom of expression relating to
government as an absolute privilege.' - Justice Kenneth Pedlar

!!!!  ESCALATES  !!!!

Oct.  14 - 2006

My letter has just been published by the Toronto Star that shows a better way to deal with Mississauga's transit problems then the LONG time Mayor and her Council have - "councillors and city planning staff blew it big-time "!
For the Toronto Star to print this letter proves the media is rebelling against the Queen of Sprawl - Hazel McCallion.  It also shows the media supports another candidates ideas for the future of Mississauga!

The question is why would Hazel McCallion not support using
hydro corridors for Mississauga's transit?
Maybe the reason can be seen on this for sale sign seen along side a hydro corridor
(parts of which are being sold off by Hydro), on the Queensway at Dixie Rd.


Oct. 11  -  2006

This is about something that all amateur naturalists' or those who struggling to save a forest or wetlands, etc., wish for.
To discover something so new it deserves to be
mentioned in a scientific journal or written up in a report.

Click here to view.

In the past I have found the
Jefferson Salamanders, the Fairy shrimp
and the Chimney Building Crayfish, in the Cawthra Bush.
Important, yes but now there is recognition of something more important as it deals with the habitat requirements of Jefferson Salamanders, necessary for designing proper conservation plans.

Natalie Helferty is an amphibian biologist & natural heritage ecologist with expertise regarding the Jefferson Salamander and actively involved in protecting the habitat of this endangered species within the Jefferson forest in Richmond Hill on the Oak Ridges Moraine.  She has written a report for Save the Rouge System Inc. and the City of Toronto, called

Natural Heritage Planning for Amphibians and their Habitats

It is a 71 page report, on page 18 & 19 is reference to what I have both observed and supplied two pictures of, Jefferson Salamanders nesting/denning communally.
On page 60, References, it states;

"Barber, Don. 2000. Friends of the Cawthra Bush. Personal Communication."

It is very rare for a grassroots group to be honoured so but we earned it.

A growing concern!
Is the future of Mississauga that of an
Air Pollution Slum?

Oct.  11 - 2006

Has Hazel McCallion sold her soul
the heath & welfare of Mississaugans and their families
to the Province so Mississauga can be
separated from the Region of PEEL?

!! Dropping power plants like bombs on Mississauga's communities !!

Hazel watchers know that if there is one thing the Mayor wants regardless of cost,
it is Mississauga as a stand alone City, to complete "her work" to be the first woman in Canadian history to be able to claim to have given birth to a City.

BUT, at what cost to the taxpayers & their loved ones?
The Province wants power plants in Mississauga, to south (one is already approved at the foot of Southdown Rd. and one is proposed for the old Lakeview site), to the north, to the east - ringing Mississauga with this burden.  The air-shed in Mississauga is already pumped full of pollution.  There is the garbage incinerator that has operated for years in Mississauga, that also generates electricity, there is the Air-port and all the exhaust from its jets, which sometimes dump their fuel into our air-shed.
No matter which way the wind blows, we will get it.

Has the Mayor made a deal to accept power plants into Mississauga in exchange for Mississauga's separation from the Region of Peel?

Why will the Mayor not go on the record saying beyond a doubt that she will fight by all means possible to stop more high volume pollution sources like power plants?
Stop dancing around the issue Madam Mayor and go on the records with
more than this statement.

Consider this - "The authority received four bids — two in Milton, one in Halton Hills and one in Oakville — and will make a decision Nov. 15, two days after the municipal election."
That is right, just after the election the decision will be made.
How very nice for the incumbents and their re-election efforts!
The article from which the quote was pulled.

Transit in Mississauga is a disaster
by all accounts
- even by Hazel McCallion!

Oct.  10 - 2006

There is a way out of the problem that our current elected officials both got us into and which they can see any way to get us out of.

"use of hydro corridors or right of ways for above ground rail transit."

A better future is possible if only we would see it & work towards it!

Hazel McCallion
used the
Chinese for the
"Lowest Prices in Town"

Oct.  9 - 2006

There has been lots of talk about the Mayor of Mississauga and Racism,
would this be part of it?
It is how she ran her personal business and got very well off by it.
More on Hazel McCallion here.


OCT. 28 - SATURDAY - 10:30 am - @ Dundas & Hurontario
{ Revolution Square }

By the Mississauga Coalition for Peace & Justice MCPJ

A unique and first time event in a Mississauga election!

A Candidate for Mayor of Mississauga will be in attendance and speaking.

By E-mailing
Canadian organizations
Calling for Action on Afghanistan on October 28

The call for a pan-Canadian day of action was originally co-signed by the Canadian Peace Alliance, the Canadian Islamic Congress, the Canadian Labour Congress and the Montreal coalition Echec a la Guerre and announced at the World Peace Forum in Vancouver on June 26, 2006. Since then, the following groups have added their endorsement to the call:

Council of Canadians, Canadian Arab Federation, National Union of Public and General Employees, Canadian Union of Public EmployeesCanadian, Union of Postal Workers, Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association, Muslim Unity Group, Act For the Earth, Halifax Peace Coalition, Rassemblement outaouais contre la guerre, No-War Paix, Student Coalition Against War, Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, The Boundary Peace Initiative, Kootenay Region United Nations Association, Kelowna Peace Group, Palestine Community Centre of BC, Niagara Secular Humanists, Burlington Association for Nuclear Disarmament,
Let all your supporters know for the best possible turn out.

!!!! Public  Call  for  Trail  Evidence !!!!
This is the City Security guard who is a part of the City of Mississauga's
"plan of action" against the editor of The Democratic Reporter,
which is also noted in a City Memorandum as
"security program" & "without any documentation"

Oct.  9 - 2006

Information and evidence is needed as to her character and if she has, in the past laid false charges or given false statements - for use at the political trial resulting from her actions.
You can E-mail me or mail to Station B, Box 1504, Mississauga, Ont. L4Y 4G2

Your help is needed to right a wrong and protect Canadian Democracy.
This picture was taken after the so called assaults by her and she does not look too shaken up - yes?  And Historically we all know what kind of people wear all black uniforms.

Signs, Signs, Developers Signs,
Blocking the sidewalk & Pedestrian Right of Way.

Signs, Signs, Developers Signs,
Blocking the Driver's Sight Triangle.

Signs, Signs, Developers Signs,
Breaking By-Laws - at the Mayor's directions!

Oct.  9 - 2006

It would appear that the only way to get City staff to do their jobs'
is to post complaints on the Internet.

Former villages adapting to intensification
Special Deal for Streetsville?

Oct.  8 - 2006

FRAM-Slokker Canada's success in Port Credit
and with the
Port Credit Business Improvement Association

Media rebelling
against Hazel McCallion

Oct.  8 - 2006

No longer do they heap praise at her feet from even the main media who have been her strongest supporters over the years.  They are questioning her leadership for so many years, its lack of vision, not supporting her pass actions & lack of results, lack of platform, the lack of voter turn out and opening stating voter dissatisfaction.

Check out the quotes that are being made in printed news articles
that the public will use to decide who they vote for;

Mississauga has changed enormously in the past decade, and now sits at a very important crossroads in its development.  As the city transitions from a suburban to an urban community, sound political leadership is needed, which makes this election especially significant.

"Residents angered by mayor's comments"

transportation is among the most pressing issues facing the city right now."

"Mississauga is unlikely to ever have a truly efficient public transit system, because the city wasn't developed with that in mind, admits Mayor Hazel McCallion."

councillors and city planning staff blew it big-time "

"No matter how many buses we put on the road, they're going to have to fight with cars,"

"Now McCallion isn't advocating city state status for Mississauga, or dare we say it, a virtual dictatorship,
but her ongoing battle to remove her city from the Region of Peel continues unabated.

"The lack of an interesting mayoral race has affected voter turnout in Mississauga.
Last election it was around 20 per cent,"

number one issue in this campaign is Ms. McCallion's age. At 85, there is no guarantee
she will be physically fit to fulfill her full, four-year term,

"she will be a few months shy of her 90th birthday." at the end of the next term.

More then the usual close-up pictures of her face - just to make the point.

Does she have the energy to continue the struggle?"

"Twenty-eight years (in power) is ridiculous. When are Mississaugans going to wake up?"

monster high-rises around City Hall. "You can look and see the high-rises from almost anywhere in Mississauga,""

"Ms. McCallion opened the floodgates of development, transforming Mississauga into Canada's sixth-largest city."

Guess the News papers are waking up to the fact
 Politicians are a lot like diapers,
they need to be changed often - for all the same reasons!

Hazel McCallion
wishes she was in Russia!!

Oct.  6 - 2006

To hear that from the lips of the Mayor of Mississauga was shocking!!
I want to jump up call out say it isn't so but as I was under a court order not to, speak to Mississauga's politicians because McCallion's Council entrapped me and her security guards (that wear all black uniforms), had framed me with false charges, so the Peel police could arrest and send me to prison as Mississauga's (Hazel McCallion's), first political prisoner
- I had answered my own question.

She confesses of dreaming, of the absolute power to say NO, not to make decisions
yes or no, the power to say
Hazel shows her true colours Nyet, Nyet Soviet!

Peel police
are tough on

Oct.  6 - 2006

Yes, yet another example of Peel police being the willing political weapon
of City of Mississauga politicians!
Will it never end?  
A 75 year old  Portuguese man (who not speak so good and will need an interpreter for his trial), with white hair, about 5 foot 5, bit round and never hurt a fly or do a crime before, is charged with with threatening and intimidation a Councillor - because of a POEM?!?  Forbidden from going to City hall or contacting City politicians.
Especially Pat Saito who is at the core of this act of evil.

Was he charged because of his poem or because he did good deeds for the community you be the judge!

Peel police a BIG barrel of BAD APPLES?
Peel police go on a drunken rampage because they were caught with pants down?

Sept. 30 - 2006

Why is it that police get enraged to the point of violence, when they are photographed?
A person would think they knew they were breaking the law and
trying to destroy the evidence,
like any common criminal would.
And to think, society holds these HOOLIGANS up as role models.

there are a growing number of cases & complaints about this very kind of serious misconduct in the ranks of the Peel police and I can guarantee you there will be more.
You have to wonder about how would these officers get home after getting so drunk??????}
{Would they be driving themselves home??????

Grant Ouellette
jumped out of the Mayor's race into the Ward 2 race,
he made some videos and posted them on youtube

Sept. 30 - 2006

Hazel as sock puppet with a rubber stamping approval for monster high-rises,
not far from real life.  To get there from here;

Click on - Categories
Then click on - Entertainment
Put "grantouellette" in the search bar & his Grant 4 Mayor, 9 Scene are listed.

Mr. Ouellette
has noted himself as part of "The Anti-Incumbent Squad",
well job well done, so far there is a race for all elected offices.
Lets hope there are not any significant drop-outs in the next few days.

Mouseland by Tommy Douglas
to explain why I was arrested

Sept. 27 - 2006

why Mississauga voters should not vote for CATS!

- Public Question Period -
A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost.

Sept. 25 - 2006

The sound clips have been added.

Hear Hazel McCallion's confused rant!

Kenneth L. Easton - DVM
Veterinarian Extraordinary - Obituary

Sept. 21 - 2006.

Ken Easton was one of the main Vets who help in the effort and spoke a number of times but no one could stop the grinding effort from City hall to put a end to the Cat shelter, not even the local Ward Councillor David Culham, could find reason in the Mayor's chair.  Ken even diagnosed "Flipper" of the 60's fame problem - Mississauga soot!

Lois Stevens (the "Cat Lady"), writes about Ken;

I first met Ken in the late 80's. He was a quiet spoken gentleman, with great compassion for all animals.

He had many dreams regarding animal welfare and with tenacity he followed them. He spoke with elegance on behalf of animals and he wrote superb letters to politicians to change Bill C-50 in Parliament.

The Veterinarian world will miss you Ken.

History of

- Public Question Period -
A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost.

Sept. 12 - 2006

This history even has sound clips so you can hear the confused double talk that the 85 year old Mayor of Mississauga uses to try and explain how a honoured Mississauga political tradition was changed without notice and used in an election year to entrap a known candidate for Mayor who has a habitat of asking the questions that they do not want to be asked.

Cable 10,
was contacted for a copy of the June 7th City Council meeting
that they broadcasted live and the copy provided - twice - was

Sept. 12 - 2006

The Cable 10 - Rogers - DVD has been edited and a 2 second black screen can be clearly seen, where 24 seconds have been removed.  The part that has been removed is about 3:14 into the DVD and deals with the Mayor joking while saying, she's been doing it wrong for past 30 years, because just this part was removed, that really just a person who was concerned about the technical - legal part of this event, it was no mere accident!  More here.

M = Mayor    D = Don B.

M - Where it can be debated and staff has an opportunity to investigate it.

(cuts out for 2 seconds)

What was removed;

M - Otherwise, it come here and we send it to general committee.

D - When, When have you formally changed these procedures?

M - It has always been the procedure. No change.

D - No.

M - I just have not been following the procedure, being far more

D - For the last 10 years?

M - liberal with it. Yes, that is right.

D - For the last 10 years.

M - For last 30 years. (smiling & joking with other Councillors Nando Iannicca direction & joking as for Hazel, it is all just one big joke.)

D - For the last 30 years you have got it wrong.

M - Yep, yep, any ways, (Cuts back in 24 seconds removed) the item tha tha what do you wish to deal with and we will follow the procedure, what is the item?

Thank you
got the letter!
Did you read about what the police were saying about me?
"He had also set up a storefront recently which was offensive towards the mayor."

Peel police (Pp)
Threat Assessment
Donald Barber

Community Leader & Educator.

Sept. 8 - 2006

Proof of Law & Order but no Justice
 in police records that have a passing acquaintance with the truth.
Records that seek to eliminate the key element for Justice, unbias investigations and balanced impartial evidence,
that do not deliberately lead their readers to a prejudiced prejudgment or wrong understand
of events and motives.

Proof of the evil of profiling by Peel police force
in this case to aid a politician who thinks there is a "
coup" out to get her.
(Sounds like she needs all the help she can get!)

Click here for more or at bottom

A letter has been sent to Chief Metcalf asking him to explain how your intelligence or
 INTELL can be so complete wrong?

    Have just got, by way of a Freedom Of Information request, t
he Paid Paranoids of Peel - Threat Assessment - about me and other Pp records regarding my efforts to up-hold the community's Democratic right to be meaningful involved in their government and it reads like they were written by a NAZIS or FASCIST nut case - truly dripping evil.
Proof the Peel police reward politicians and those in government who do evil to those representing their community's & the environments best interests and too poor to count by their political standards.

    I knew the government was out to get me for standing up to Hazel McCallion but this is so beyond the pale, it is a void of any reason and even (as I would say), competent or professional standards that would make it creditable in the real world.  Only in the shadowy world of HOME LAND SECURITY, where politicians are served by those who are never held accountable, that reports like this are made and used - to destroy law abiding citizens trying to play within the rules and protect Democracy from those predators in government who are doing us all - evil.  The one sided bias and prejudice is shamelessly clear on every page - its all what Hazel McCallion's servants say (with no or next to evidence), never about the how I or the community were harmed, never our side.  Never notes the complaints filed about the wrong doing by Pp or even the letter by Clayton C. Ruby, saying we were in the right and the Peel police were in the wrong.  Never about the Mayor should make peace with a community representative and the issues the community wants dealt with, in order words to DO HER JOB!!!  Never about the group effort only about just me as a lone individual, in order to create a false paper trail - one for the purpose of malicious & unjust arrest, prosecution, that clearly serves a political agenda. 

"You can not have a Democracy based on the laws and practices of a dictatorship."

These records are written to create hate and prejudice in its readers - to spread this hate to those who could harm an innocence man and our society by allowing such ill-will and politics to govern the police forces actions.  Apparently written by those who hate our Democratic freedoms (as it clearly tries to end them), and the very idea of justice.  As it supports driving taxpayers from government and public processes, as well as, denying Canadian citizens service they have paid for with their tax dollars.  The Pp, so often just repeat the political correct version of events (that serves Hazel McCallion well), it leaves little doubt they are not investigating events, period.  After all, the Pp would not want to step on the toes of their political master who vote for their pay increases, more cops and more toys for them to play with.

    Then there are the falsehoods or outright lies, things I have never even heard of and things so minor that even to note them makes the writer of this report and the Pp a laughing stock.  This shows why the City of Mississauga has made such a great effort to keep its records from me - to make sure I would not know how many false records they have created.  To think we (taxpayers), have paid for this report that reads like a grade school bully trying to justify harming another person for the most childish and immature of reasons BUT when you are a cop serving Hazel McCallion, it will fly!  Ah, the joy's & profits of HOME LAND SECURITY and doing evil for the government, when you are on the right side of the guns & government.  Pp - to serve and protect politicians unlawful agendas.

The Pp are in affect rewarding and encouraging unlawful & criminal conduct toward a member of the public.

Lying to the police for gain.
Because the Pp will not act as responsible unbias civil servants, those in government know they can just snap their fingers and evil will befall a poor member of the community whose only deed was helping others.  Never having to be concern that the Pp will question bureaucrats and/or politicians as to how such this sad state of affairs came to be, between the community and City hall or worry that suggestions will be made on how to get all parties working together.  To not question why those in government can't act with civility towards a community representative means they can and will act like tiny abusive  dictators, who will fear no accountability.  A license to harm taxpayers by the Pp.  All those who heard that the Pp are acting so, will know they too can lie about me in any way they care to in their efforts to harm me as well
- open season for sick bullies on a good man helping others.
This is the brave new world of security that our government and police are leading us into
- above its gates there is this sign -
HELL abandon all hope.

Some in the Peel police feared a
Pandora's box"
would be opened by going after me.
What do you think?

My, how governments become the same thing, that they claim to be trying to save us from.
    So in Peel, especially Mississauga it is a crime to stand up for Democracy and the Democratic rights that our soldiers fought & died for but which our politicians want gone.  Those who would defend them, are now
labeled as terrorist.

There is more about this here & the insane things they believe.

If you have any reason to believe the government or police are against you, make a FOI request and see what you can, before they throw you in prison as they did to me.

Sadly, because the Peel police and Mississauga's politicians have got themselves in so deep with this outrageous behaviour and immoral conduct, their only way out is to arrest me on far serious charges and we all know what happens in jail, could fall down the stairs and not get back up.

City of Mississauga Lawyer makes a
Claim of Libelous Comments
by me towards the City Clerk
and is Discredited !

Aug. 13 - 2006

This is a perfect example of why we need Public Question Period - to hold City staff and politicians accountable with they get out of line.  Presented is a series of letters to show how I used the Public Question Period to make a City staffer service the public - something our Councillors hates, when they have to call off their attack dogs.
A "
a cheap, unprofessional set up, a sucker punch."?

Sadly this is one of many examples,
to show a pattern of City staff trying to use the law as a weapon,
to serve their political masters, by removing opposition to
Hazel McCallion's rule.
An early effort at entrapment by City staff.

This is a good example of a person sticking to their guns (as the saying goes), and not being intimidated by government trying to scare a community leader away with morally questionable methods.

This also shows how City politicians like
Councillor for Ward 1, Carmen Corbasson, just does not care to do her job.
But why worry?  The Missing News will not cover it or they will report the person trying to get City service being arrested BUT the real reasons why!

And then there is about the Mayor,
"Friendly advices or a thinly veiled threat?"


Aug. 7 - 2006

This web-page will be up-dated with events regarding trying to get my picture

Byron - please get the letter to me.

People are wondering
how things got so bad for me
and how the Peel police have such
disregard for the law
in order to serve the Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion.
How does this EVIL happen in Canada?

Aug. 7 - 2006

Slowly - over time and by a very insensitive & arrogant politician (Hazel McCallion), making a very bad miscalculation.
That if she and those she commands were to bully me, I would go away and they would write the official records that would state I was a nobody who didn't know what talking about.  Why not, it has worked so well in the past?
However, the desire to serve my community was not going to be put out so easily by the Mayor, but the Mayor being an old dog that can't learn new tricks just kept trying to pull the same one over and over.
I was labeled by the Mayor as a nobody, as I was poor and as a person with no public support, despite all the evidence to the contrary.  Even after years of having public meetings, having paying members, public protests and all the other evidence that would make a
sane person conceded that there was ample community support - Hazel McCallion refused to acknowledge any of it.
We even formed a ratepayers group and the City of Mississauga refused to recognize it.

As the old saying goes, cut off the head and the body dies, the Mayor targets me to eliminate informed community opposition.
Talk about no evil deed being to great to end local Democracy by Hazel McCallion!

Because she knew that the we did not have the money to take the City to court and make them act reasonably toward taxpayers and the Peel police would obey her & carry out her evil plan without question, even if it meant illegal acts.  Which, bring us to the current state of affairs.

Can't buy justice in Canada - you get none!

On my other web-site there is a
Chronological  Listing of events and accomplishments
by the Friends of Cawthra Bush & Greater Mississauga Area - FCB and the Cawthra Ratepayers' and Residence's Association, CRRA from 1994 on.  It needs to up-dated but you can see how the Queen of Sprawl like to, or have her staff, harass and intimidate those who disagree (for good reason), with her City hall.

I am the
Legal Owner of 1984.

The Hazel McCallion painting,
that is the end of her majestic political legacy
and the beginning of her infamy!

Aug. 6 - 2006

The following public NOTICE of Legal & Rightful Ownership
has been post on the windows of 106 Lakeshore Rd. E.

The above painting by Byron Osmond is the legal property of Donald Barber.
Proof of this fact has been served upon one of the landlords on July 15th
by of a letter from Byron Osmond.

This painting is not abandoned and no one should remove it believing it could in any way belong to them, for any reason.

A letter has been sent to Peel police about this and we are playing phone tag.
As usual the story is getting thick with interesting details, like the role Peel police played in evicting Mr. Osmond.  The fact that painting was facing outwards and could be seen from the front window and now it faces the wall, the position it would need to be if the painting was to be removed from the frame...

Has this important cultural work been destroyed to appeases the Mayor's ego?

Carolyn Parrish
! Sighting !

Aug. 4 - 2006

The Parrish Mobile
or the
The Carolyn Cruiser

or maybe you have a better name for this traveling advertisement for who the driver is.

Any ways, this
photo scoops the "Missing" News again!
Her web-page for Mississaugans to refer to is up and more info from her is coming soon enough.


Who is the current YOUTH Candidate
For Mayor of Mississauga - 2006?

Aug. 3 - 2006

Hazel McCallion        =        85 years old                                                              

          Roy Willis        =        65 years old    -  
 20 years younger than Mayor

  Donald Barber        =        50 years old    -  
 35 years younger than Mayor

         Its me!                                                              

A spring chicken by comparison.

What is wrong in Mississauga that this is the case?

He can fight city hall, if he plays nice?
But the City can cheat to their hearts content!

July 31 - 2006

Yes, I have to play by the rules they change without notice and even makeup as required to serve their political masters.
This is a good example of the MEDIA being the poor mans court.  As soon as Mike Funston started to ask questions the City sobered up and granted me access to the Mayor's detailed Expenditures
- a NO became a YES!
Good work Mike, scoring one for the little people, without lawyers!

Shame the Toronto Star not put this article on its Internet site,
but can't have everything - right?
There are people all over the world who visit my web-site and were asking about where this news article was,
got it up faster than normal just for them.

My letter of THANK YOU to Mike Funston for his article.

The Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion
"sicked the police on me,"
"Hazel was using the police to do her dirty work." 

July 30 - 2006

Yes, Hazel McCallion does use the Peel police as her own BULLY BOYS & political tools
so, I am not the only person City politicians go after.
More examples to come.

BIG Sister of Mississauga,
 Mayor - Hazel McCallion
 is  watching  me

A copy of each request shall be forwarded to the Mayor's office for
logging and follow-up

More signs that McCallion is a control & power freak.

$$$$$ - R I C H - $$$$
Hazel McCallion?

July 29 - 2006

After decades as the Mayor of Mississauga, with her development companies, apparent land flip and other hidden business deals, just how many millions are the McCallion's worth?
How much has her inside knowledge of government gain her - financially?
Many people wonder this and the dear sweat Mayor should start to come clean with her financial details!
Are Mississaugans being asked to elect a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE as the next Mayor?

If you know or think have useful information about this - contact me.

City of Mississauga ABUSES the law again
to protect the Mayor!

The City of Mississauga - FOI Coordinator - Barbara McEwan,
uses a Frivolous & Vexatious excuse to wrongly deny access to the details of the Mayor's expenses,
even after she is told it is complete false - how professional is that?
Does it not serve a certain politician, more than the public or Media that made the request?
Here is the letter sent to her and which she has not responded to;

Dear Sir:         July 25, 2006

    In regards to our phone conversation today.  I called you because you have not been processing my latest FOI request for the details of the Mayor's expenses.  In the phone conversation following your Apr. 12-06 letter, it was clearly noted that I was not seeking records that would be found in records available to the public, as you were claiming that the requested records could be found in old Council minutes and they are not.  When we spoke today you clearly stated that my bail conditions do not allow me to contact City staff, you were told that was untrue and when asked who informed you of that, you refused to state who and hung up.

    For the record there are no restrictions on me contacting City staff what-so-ever and further more, even if there was, there are no restrictions on you finishing this FOI request and sending me the records.  Unless, as has been the case in the past, the Mayor has unlawfully ordered the City's FOI Coordinator not to provide the records that could be an embarrassment to City politicians in an election year.

    I will expect you to contact me about my current FOI request, noting when the records will be provided and to inform me, who told you about my bail conditions.  If you do not, this will result in a very public FOI Appeal and complaint against you regarding the service you provide to taxpaying Mississaugans / Canadians - in an election year - during the election campaign.   Have a nice day.

Donald Barber - Editor - Candidate for Mayor 2006

Further examples of my efforts at serving the community.

July 25 - 2006

A new web-page on the Cawthra Bush web-site has some of the photos from the many times I have taught classes in the local schools, put up displays at public meetings or events and held public meetings, in the effort to save the Cawthra Bush and teach people the value of the natural world.
Click here.

Drug crime, sex assault on the rise in Peel
Or are they?

July 22 - 2006

Are sex assaults on the raise or is it case of the police arresting men for no good reason to encourage women to make false claims against men, which will keep the police busy and employed during times of a general decline in crime rates?  From personal experience I can say this is the case.  Men are being arrested even when the evidence is against the women as to if the event could even have happened, especially true when dealing with claims of threats to women.

For a Change of Pace,
My Efforts Rescuing Canada Geese
A Certificate of Appreciation
From the Canadian Wildlife Service

Front-page coverage that does not Involve the police or a political act of evil.

July 21 - 2006

This is an older news article, put off doing as it is a large picture but as the City and police are trying to label or profile me as nothing but a lone trouble maker who doesn't help any one or have support in the community - here is some the large volume to prove them wrong.  Shame, the media does not accurately report the truth all along.  If they did the City and police, would not even be trying what they are.

Another example of false or not reporting the facts harms people in the community, our community and society in general, is the Mississauga (Missing) News's position not to report important details of the court case against me.  Details of how I am being cheated of justice or the false and misleading statements being make to justify totally unreasonable bail terms. 

    Facts like City security guards claiming their actions were reasonable because of the "Disturbance", they claim was caused in Council chamber, during a Council meeting.  A meeting that had 3 Rogers-Cable 10 video cameras and 1 overhead City video security surveillance camera recording events AND yet there was no video tapes in the Crown disclosure!  I was told that the police had to review the video to decide if lay charges should be laid however, nothing but the City's security guards hand written notes is proved.  How fair and reasonable it that?
Does this not sound like they are loading the dice for an unfair trial - no justice for those who question the Mayor?

Then there is the fact the Mississauga (Missing) News failed to report that when I first ran for the office of Mayor it was because of Hazel McCallion unlawfully shutting down the FOI Act to make sure the truth did not become known about what City staff were doing and the falsehoods being said to justify it, in the 1994 election year.
If you have blindly placed your faith in the Mississauga (Missing) News to defend your Canadians Rights and Freedoms - you are unwise and foolish.

Grave side humor for a police state.

July 19 - 2006

An election is like a police line-up in reverse.
You look at a line-up of candidates to decide which one you want to rob you.

If you can't beat 'em...
Mayor's critic will make a play for the job.

July 19 - 2006

Mississauga News coverage my entrance into the Mayor's race.
One of the better or more balance articles about me.
Right now it is just on the Mississauga News on-line news.
One of my letters was printed in the paper - paper.
It is heavily edited and you can see exactly how.

Peel police tracking me & Court case!
Proof of interest at highest levels.

July 18 - 2006

Into Court again and efforts to change bail terms resulted in big waste of time.
One of the Bail terms is
"Not attend within 200 metres the residence of the Mayor of Mississauga or any counselor for the City of Mississauga;"
It is almost impossible to obey this as how am I to know where they all live and where 200 metres is from their home? Has the Crown supplied me a map, NO.  What if this 200 metres covers major roads?  Am I to be denied the right to drive on the roads my tax dollars have paid for because it is claimed I raised my voice?!?
How can this be called justice?
At the bail hearing I was denied my right to even address the wild claims being made against me by the Crown and that resulted there insane bail conditions that are totally disproportional to the events and accusations.
But they do serve Mississauga's politicians in this election year!

As I stepped out of the Court room a police came up to and called me by name, odd.
He, a staff Sergeant no less, explained he was going to be watching over me and tracking the progress of the Court case for the Peel police.  When I noted this to the lawyer who attended my last appearance, he was surprised that the police would do something like this for such a minor matter - clearly the powers that be do not see this as a minor matter.

As the staff Sergeant was leaving he said "its nothing personal", like maybe he knows wrong-doing is going to be done.
In fact one attempt at false arrest has already been tried by Peel police.

As claim of assault is being made by a women and in Peel arresting men on little to no evidence by women claiming assault or being threatened has become a growth industry.  Fact is, when I was in jail almost every man was there because of women making some kind of frivolous & vexatious claims with just their word as proof.
One poor man was sleep when his wife attacked him with a knee to the groin!
Who gets arrested?  The man!

A part from this educational experience was to learn that Peel police love to arrest men on unsubstantial claims by a women that they have in some way violated their bail terms.  Again, just their word and most men even have proof the women is lying but it doesn't matter as it is job security for the Court workers, Judges, Justice of the Peaces, Peel police and lawyers to keep the Courts & jails full innocence victims, who have to pay & pay, to try and buy justice in Canada.
For more on this click here - Canada Court Watch Program.
People should wake up to how many peoples lives are being ruined by police using them for make work projects and to justify hiring more police than are needed.  Creating criminals and trying to arrest as many people as they can, so we are photographed & finger printed and have some kind of police record is just plain evil.

"Those who desire to give up Freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve either one"
- Thomas Jefferson -

What next?
Likely a claim will be made that bail has been broken and back to jail.
Hazel McCallion's supporters know that if I am in jail it is a good way to make sure I am not able to run against the Mayor of Mississauga in the up-coming election.

Hay any lawyers out there want to help me?
Could use some money for a defence fund too.

Hazel McCallion
Mayor of Mississauga

July 15 - 2006

This the first in a series of web-pages about the failures of Hazel McCallion.
One of the greatest pit falls for politicians is having their name associated with a project, person, group and/or building - that FAILS, becomes a blunder, mistake or an absurd error in judgment.  These often happen as the EGO of the politicians is the voice heard and not the voice of reason.  That politicians want all the trappings of grandeur, open big buildings and projects to ensure their political legacy, without fully considering just how bad it could go when rushed before its time or at the expense of quality.

Hazel ready for bronzing

July 14 - 2006

I broke this story and scooped all the other media.
Missing News makes it a front page story.

How do you get ahead at Mississauga City hall?
You assault people and then blame the other person and
make sure to call the police to be really evil!

As it has been documented with how those who tried to start a Union at City hall
and other past encounters with City security - there is a pattern to how these women run government in Mississauga.

Proof that Hazel's crew affect the Internet.
Have noted not to long ago that web-pages on this web-site that use to be in the top 10 results from search engines, had all but disappeared from the results and wanted to know how it done.

Well the evidence had already been posted on this web-site.
Twice in the past Hazel McCallion had been promoted by way of the Internet, beyond what should be the case.
First in the World Mayor Contest and secondly by high jacking the
"Greatest Living Torontonian" contest.
The "Greatest Living Torontonian" being the most obvious case of abuse.
She was not even a Torontonian and a well known Toronto basher, those running the contest openly questioned those promoting her.
Guess it proves the old saying,
"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!"


July 13 - 2006

This web-page has been up-dated with letters for 2006
including a couple by me and
one with a word of warning to artists regarding what was done to Byron Osmond.

More SOVIET Style
Political Correct Rewriting of History
By the one person who would have the power to do so
Hazel McCallion

July 13 - 2006

After all, who other than the Mayor would have the power to tell City staff
to completely leave off mention of Ward 5 from an
Official Commemoration Plaque?
(or maybe Mississauga's "world class staff" can't count?)

Fact is, it proves what I have been saying all along, if something happens that the Mayor does not like, both the media and government will try to
cover it up by acting like it does not or never did exist.

People are sending this stuff in and keep it coming - Love you!
The truth is out there - share it with someone who cares.

Up-date on the Mayor's
Political Double Think
regarding how they change our
Democratic traditions for the better - without changing a thing!

July 11 - 2006

Mississauga City Council Meetings of Note


July 7 - 2006

A new section to list of letters to government or organizations that deal with government, that detail the development of an issue.

Includes letters to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD),
regarding concerns about Hazel McCallion's driving habits.

Notes on the police City state known as Mississauga.

When I was wrongfully arrested by Peel police serving City hall politicians, what was seen on their computer screen truly told the tale.
It said I was
well known to Hazel McCallion.
This would not likely refer to the fact I have ran for the office of Mayor 3 times in the past or that I am a community leader for years.  It is more likely instructions to Peel police officers to arrest me at any opportune, as it would please her worship.

Back in the early 1990's I informed City Council that I would write their history and soon the police were at my door questioning me,
then they reported back to the Councillor's that sent them.
In 2006, I announced that the project to write the political history for Mississauga had begun - a few weeks later I am entrapped by City Council and sent to prison.

Hazel McCallion's first political prisoner?

Why are Mississauga politicians so afraid of someone actually looking very closely at how they get elected and do business, that the police attack?
Is it because of things like how McCallion got acclaimed in 1988?

My Visits to
Mississauga City Council
Others of Note.

July 3 - 2006

This includes the infamous events of June 7-06.
Will take a while to post it all.

The Hazel McCallion
Portrait Challenge.

July 3 - 2006

A web-search has turned up a new indulgence by the Mayor.
Clearly she wants the image that her adoring fans remember her by,
to be more of a self image, than a Dorian Grey representation.
Personal I think the Malina portrait has a 2-dimension cartoon quality to it
(maybe from too much wrinkle be-gone being used), that leaves it less than memorable.

But seriously folks, an official life sized sculpture, a state portrait, what next?
The Mississauga equivalent of Lenin's tomb for the Mayor?
Maybe McCallion's developer friends are going to build a pyramid for her and we can only hope
that the rest of City Council & senior staff, are in way of ancient tradition,
walled up with her to serve her in the after life - forever.

By the way Mayor, if people were not screwing around with my web-sites search engine results,
would not have found these and spoiled your surprise - my how the lord does works in mysteries ways.

Up Dates to the
Therese Taylor's

July 3 - 2006

Gore's message strikes home - An Inconvenient Truth
As well as other items.

Scoop ---- Scoop
Diane Young - sculptor - states,

July 3 - 2006

"I am proud to announce that I have recently been commissioned to execute an
official life sized sculpture of the mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, Hazel McCallion."
Think someone should warn her about what could happen
she tries to add a halo or wings.

The problem with promoting McCallion ('s ego [will the sucking up never end?]),
is the same as piling garbage,
it has no strength in its character or integrity.
It can only go so high before it comes crashing down on its builders.

None-the-less, I have always said we should erect a huge statue of the Mayor and put her under it!

Hazel McCallion's
Index of her Deeds and Misdeeds.
What the Mayor & Media does not want you to know.

Wicked Witch of the West
Hazel McCallion
Hovers over her Council
on a Broom.

A statement about the media protecting
a Canadian politician's misdeeds.

    This is from my first book - The Culham Brief.

Over time the lack of reporting has allowed the Mayor to get more and more outrageous in her behaviour as the media was not there to reign her in.  The media should see that it has a responsibility to be part of the checks and balances in a Democracy but that is increasing not the case.  I have wrote to the major news papers in the area about having a story about the Mayor of Mississauga and the response from
Conrad Black it the best example of how they feel -
"Mr. Black's relations with Mayor McCallion have always been perfectly civil and although your story is "unique" the proposal in not one which Mr. Black would be interested in pursuing."

     Now it has gotten to the point where if the media was to start reporting the facts the public would ask the question, why has the media not reported the facts for so long?  Creating such bad circumstance now, the media is like Dr. Frankenstein.  The media can see they have created a monster and it is running amuck but they do not act responsibly, vainly believing they can cover-up or under-report Hazel's transgressions, until it no longer matters.  Her gender and age have helped the Mayor get away with murdering our Democratic processes, since many believe how dare anyone pick on a little old grandmother!  A clear gender bias.

And Hazel McCallion is a sacred cow for developers.

Sheard Property
Brief & Comments
to the Planning Process

June 29 - 2006

This is what we were trying to present to Mississauga City Council when the trap was sprung on me.
It is not all here yet but the cover letter for the supporting documents does spell it out very clearly.


Hazel McCallion
the Mayor of Mississauga
is a Drunk Driver
According to Family Insider!

June 29 - 2006

The evidence strongly suggests that I was charged to try and terrorize me into not going public with my research about Hazel McCallion and other City politicians & City staff.

Donald Barber,
has today, June 29, 2006,
thrown his hat into the ring for
the race to be the next Mayor of Mississauga.

Government ENDING free speech on the Internet ??

June 29 - 2006

In the past my web-site about Hazel McCallion
was in the top 10 list for her name and
now it is not even in the top 100!

Has the Canadian government (at any level), acquired the power to get
Internet search engines to remove certain web-sites from search results?
Web-sites, that in the greatest of our Democratic tradition, are revealing facts about
wrong-doing politicians.

How is this done?
If you know anything about this please let me know.
As the visitors to this Web-site were growing and
now are down to a trickle, in a very short period of time.

Am I now listed as a TERRORIST in Mississauga
as I use the facts to question Hazel McCallion's political legend?

Open Letter to the media to cover the other side of the story in this
political entrapment court case.

June 27 - 2006

While we are on the matter of the media and the way it covers Hazel McCallion,
lets review how the Mississauga (Missing), News rewrites history in the Mayor's favor.
Oct. 21, 1988 the Mississauga News stated about Hazel McCallion election - "despite being found guilty just before the election of violating four sections of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act"
Then in the Dec. 11-12, 2004, special supplement - Mississauga 30 year mile stone, it is stated
"McCallion acquitted of conflict charge."
Interesting how "guilty" can become "acquitted" in the hands of bias media!
Good thing there are people like me to catch it.

How are people reacting to this?
Like normal human beings - the bank manager at the Scotiabank refused to open a business account for me and noted reading the front page article in the Mississauga News as a reason. Byron warned me how the business community screws those who cross the Mayor.

The Mississauga Muse
reports on the Mayor's rambling double think & talk in Council.

June 27 - 2006

"We have not eliminated Question Period. It has not been eliminated".
the key part for the last 29 years has just been changed by removing it,
so politicians can control, in an election year,
who speaks and on what subject.
Can you say "Political Damage Control"?

Grave side humor for a police state.

Is it not the supreme irony that politicians,
who are commonly known for spewing endless amounts of
bullshit or fertilizer on the public,
are now paranoia of bombs made of fertilizer?

Meaning of Words & Phrases

June 27 - 2006

What does EVIL really mean?
Many words are used today in the media, by World leaders and on this web-site,
but what do they mean and in what context?

Candidates web-pages
in the
2006 Municipal Election
City of Mississauga.

June 19 - 2006

A special web-page that lists candidates web-sites,
more information than would be found on the
City of Mississauga's election page.

The window is bare
Byron's Photography.

June 19 - 2006

Last call, has past, for viewing the most watched store window in Mississauga,
as his store has been locked up by the landlord.
One of his finial pieces of art to be on display.

We will miss you Byron.

The guest column submitted to Mississauga (Missing) News.
June 16, 2006

Council Conflict

Will they print my letter?
Not likely, they have painted themselves into a corner with the evil-doers, one big happy family.  It is too easy to destroy the lives of those who question or try to do good for the community then to admit wrong doing and
more money in it too!

Crown or Persecutor
at Bail hearing
suggests that being on public land asking the public to sign petitions
is somehow wrong and reason to limit my freedom & Democratic freedoms.

June 15 - 2006

Clayton C. Ruby - Lawyer - Disagrees !!!!

Obligations of the City of Mississauga and the Peel Regional Police under the
         Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

When you are poor they will make totally unreasonable claims
knowing you can't fight back or buy justice in Canada.

Challenge Security Certificates
Candlelight Vigil

Tuesday June 13  -  7:30

Revolution Square Hurontario & Dundas

In solidarity with The Freedom Caravan and Camp Hope, The Mississauga Coalition for Peace and Justice is holding a candlelight vigil to support the Security Certificate Hearings at the Supreme Court of Canada next week. The United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and thousands of Canadians have called for an end to such abuses.

In light of the recent arrests based on suspicions of terrorism, we are standing up to demand due legal process, fair trials, and the abolishment of human rights abuses at the national level. These arrests perpetuate the Canadian legacy of racial profiling, and oppression towards cultural groups from the beginning of Canada's foundation with the genocide of the First Nations.

Demands of MCPJ and Freedom Caravan:

* End Racial Profiling and imprisonment based on ethnic origin
* Free Canada's Secret Trial Detainees
* End Secret Trials in Canada
* End Deportations to Torture
* End Arbitrary Detention Without Charge
* End RCMP/CSIS Harassment of Immigrant Communities
* Create A Just, Fair System for Refugees

For more info visit Homes Not Bombs @ The Mississauga Coalition for Peace and Justice Email:

Donald Barber's

June 11 - 2006

Media Articles - Recent Events
What do I am about & look like.

I would like to publicly thank and applaud
Mr. Roy Willis.

He promised to join me at the podium in City Council chambers if the Mayor & City Council started to give me a hard time regarding Mississaugans right to address them
and he did.

Proving he is a man of his word,
an honourable gentleman who says what he means
means what he says.

Most other people would never even consider helping
in such a case and even fewer would keep their word.

He was not with me when City security came on to me, as we split company outside Council chamber.  I was determine to go to City Clerks office
and review what the rules really were for "Public Question Period".
Mr. Willis was being closely escorted out of City hall.

Byron's Latest Windows

June 10 - 2006

Its has a foreboding omen in it for me.
Click here to see it.

Activist charged with assault

June 10 - 2006

I had asked for a publication ban to stop this from becoming a political show trial
BUT no!
Why should the powers that be listen to a poor in little Canadian
who doesn't even have a lawyer?
Well, if they want a media circus then lets get it on!

Public voice denied!

June 10 - 2006

A Mississauga News editorial that for comes out swinging that
Mississauga politicians have really blown it this time!

John Stewart's BLOG
About Hazel McCallion ending a Mississauga Democratic tradition.

June 10 - 2006

As usual he dumps on me and leaves out important facts but he does makes some important points.
Like she has been breaking the rules of City Council meeting for years and no one has the guts to telling so
- well almost no one.

Mississauga speaker's corner ends
as citizens ejected from council.

June 10 - 2006

And so begins the media circus. 

Sorry not up-date this web-site for the past few days
Just got out of PRISON !!!!

June 9 - 2006

!! In a Canada PRISON for my political views !!
I dared to try and question the actions of Mississauga City Council
and help them improve the quality of their planning decisions.

They felt so threatened to see both Mr. Roy Willis & me, dressed in a suite
in City Council, which could only mean that I was going to ask the hard questions
- that they hope to avoid and they even said so,
they changed the rules regarding how Council meetings were to held
in a vain hope of avoiding a political embarrassing situation.
Instead they showed their true anti-Democracy colors and
truly dug deep the graves of their political career's.

As the Mayor of Mississauga, her Councillor's & City staff
have drawn first blood, it is clear they want,
A political war in this election year,
A political show trial to persecute those not in their clique of cronies,
A political correct character assassination by corrupt legal means
hide behind court ordered restrictions on Democratic rights accomplished by
morally bankrupt methods,
it is time they discover the error of their wicked ways,
as my - word - processor - is - stronger - than - their - sword.

Wording sound strong?
Well here is a reality check - This is what the 85 year old Mayor thinks is going on!

"There is a coup going on, there is no question about it, Mr. Barber is
          a member of it and I hope no member of Council are involved."

The ever vigilant
Roy Willis

May 26 - 2006

Did a major planning error occur?
Did Mr. Willis catch a major planning error missed by both the City's Planning staff and
Mark Rogers, John D. Rogers & Associates Inc.,
The Democratic Reporter WILL FIND OUT!?!

Bloody hand prints
on Byrons window
bloody foot prints seen too.

Calls for Hazel McCallion
to END her
Political Career keep coming, now from prominent politicians such as
John Snobelen

May 24 - 2006

Singing the same old song

The Toronto Star makes it clear that the old fashion politicians who get elected too often should call it a day
and Hazel McCallion is noted as best example.

John Snobelen, a former Mississauga-area MPP is right to say it
"is not good for democracy".

My letter to the media about this issue.

Still more on this from the Toronto Star

Three terms enough on city council

One. Two. Three. Thanks, you're out !

Car Crash that beats the odds!

May 24 - 2006

No one died, driver only had a broken ankle and the luck did not stop there.
Would you believe a speeding, out of control car could (in one way or another),
hit all 6 newly installed brick pillars across the front and side of a property?

Byron Pleas for Mercy

May 24 - 2006

Changes to Byron's window give more details about what has been happening to him,
to drive him out of business & town.

"Economic interference - no problem"
"Dirty Cops - No problem"
"Telephone - no problem"
Break-ins - no problems"
"Computers - no problems"
"Change room incident - no problem"
"Highway tactics - no problem"
"Attacking my 4 year old as a warning - problem"

Artist DOWN in Mississauga !
! Chalk Marks the Spot !
A BLOODY Sword close by!

May 10 - 2006

Click on the picture - if you dare!


May 10 - 2006

The events at Byron's Photography, above & below, relate to how the local BIA has treated him over the years
and which the Ward 1 Councillor is involved with.
So in that vein, the details of another battle involving a local BIA, store owners and Hazel McCallion is reposted,
forgot to include when first posting items to this new web-site.

On Public Display - Hazel McCallion's portrait

May  9 - 2006

! A Horses Head in a Bed !

!! A Bloody Sword !!

!!! A Column of Media Money !!!

!!!! A Devils Mask !!!!

!!!!! An Apology because the Mayor of Mississauga had no Sense of Humor !!!!!

??? What does it all mean ???

A news release from
The Democratic Reporter - Hazel's Car Crash

May 4 - 2006

Also an unexpected article about my efforts by the Toronto Star.
A Thorn in McCallion's side pulls smooth move,
and a word from a pesky political mosquito.

As this issue & event is an ever growing media event a special web-page
has been set up to be the
Hazel  McCallion Car Crash - Table  of  Contents  web-page.

Apr. 27 - 2006

Apr. 27, 2006

The Legend of Hazel McCallion being able to do it her way no matter how old she is,
is fast coming to an end - as I said it would.

Click here for the details.

Seriousness of Hazel McCallion's car crash

False Location Given!
People have started to mark the true site any ways.

Peel police cover-up or did the Mayor really not know where she was?

Photos from the REAL Car Crash scene
the bottle - card presented to the Mayor earlier in the day.

Will charges be laid?
If it were you or I who drove our car into a street sign and post you can bet we would be.

This scoop is about being the first with the facts to the public!

Hazel McCallion
Mayor of Mississauga Crashes her car after Awards Ceremony!

Apr. 27 - 2006

The 85 year old Mayor of Mississauga has finial crashed her car and not been able to cover it up!
The number of stories that people have inform me of that she banged into this or that,
well if only I had a quarter for each one.

On Apr. 12/06, I appeared before City of Mississauga Council to present my concerns about the fact the City of Mississauga was not supporting the efforts of 
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), as well as our "neighbouring cities, like Toronto, Hamilton and even small towns in Ontario have in some way stepped up to the plate to protect its citizens and work with Mothers Against Drunk Driving."  In my letter to City Council it was noted - "Mississauga's elected officials need to set a better example when it comes to drinking and driving.
Chauffeurs should be used for events where there could be drinking. "
Regardless of how much Hazel McCallion drank that night, a chauffeur would have likely prevented the accident.

I told you so!


Apr. 26 - 2006

A new project for this election year has begun.
Political History & Almanac of Mississauga
for the who's who of Mississauga, is underway.

 Hazel McCallion
- Mayor of Mississauga -
 Fan Club

A web-page to detail the awards, appointments, accomplishments, achievements, accolades
that Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga presents to the world,
as well as other factual and note worthily items.
Any comments on this web-page are those agreeable to  her Worship.

Drunk Driving Politicians
?? Mississauga ??

Apr. 13 - 2006

Standing before Mississauga City Council the question was asked
- why the City of Mississauga has not supported
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) as much as others Towns & Cities in Ontario?

It was also asked if there was any one on City Council,
who wished to "
unburden their soul of this guilt" about past drunk driving, now would be a good time.
Most avoided answering - but not all.

It was noted that past examples of drunk driving by Mississauga's politicians
are coming to light.

Hazel McCallion's
Political Cartoons
Other interesting Images;

Apr. 1 - 2006

A twisted building designed by MAD
that is being called by some as
"The Hazel"

Apr. 1 - 2006

I like it already!

Hazel McCallion
? Angel or Devil ?

Mar. 23 - 2006

An interesting question we must all address in this election year.
This picture could help you decide.

! VOTE on this issue !

Mississauga Coalition for Peace and Justice
Press Release

Mar. 10 - 2006

Peace March and Rally
 Mississauga event to participate in International Day of Action:
March 18 2006 - 10:30 a.m.
- Corner of Hurontario and Dundas -

    On Saturday, March 18, concerned citizens of Mississauga and Brampton will have the local opportunity to join the world in participating in the International Day of Action.  This date marks the third anniversary of the ruinous US/UK led invasion of Iraq.
    The Mississauga Coalition for Peace and Justice (MCPJ) along with student, community and faith groups throughout both city's are anticipating a large and ever growing turnout to this year's peace march and rally to be held at 10:30 a.m. with participants meeting at the southeast corner of Hurontario and Dundas. 

    Transportation will be provided afterwards to participants from the Mississauga rally to the Toronto demonstration, to be held at 1 p.m. at the U.S. consulate, 360 University Ave.

MCPJ will again be generating awareness about Canada's international role
and what Canadians can do to express their concerns. 
MCPJ has for years been;
- holding peace marches and rallies,
- public meetings with informed quest speakers,
- and video presentations.
That have increased the community's understanding about world event such as;
- what the real Palestine issues are,
- Canada's increasingly aggressive role in Afghanistan,

its role in overthrowing a democratically elected government in Haiti,
- as well as the renewed government interest in missile defense.

         MCPJ also encourages the welcoming of war resistors who seek refugee status in Canada.
"We also hope to unite to send a loud and clear message to all levels of government regarding our strong opposition to Canada's role in an illegal and immoral invasion that has already claimed over 100 000 lives," says Fizza Mir, one of the organizers of Saturday's peace demonstration.  "Blatant civil liberty violations, rampant racial profiling, illegal detentions, increased militarization, cuts in social programs and environmental neglect are among the pressing domestic issues facing our communities." Canada has  historically been a safe refugee for Americans not wishing to fight in unjust wars.

Keynote speakers at Saturday's peace demonstration include (
others have yet to confirmed);

* Carolyn Parrish, former out-spoken Liberal MP.
* Ilias, from Palestine House.
* Shaila Kibria, from SAC Equity - University of Toronto - Mississauga.
  * Jaipaul, from the Green Party.

 For more information about this event,
contact the MCPJ at

City of Mississauga Councillor
Is Cliff Gyles a reflection of society?

Feb. 18 - 2006

A very damning editorial!

"Does he feel any shame?"
"Does be enjoy this excretion in public?"

Read to find out.

Ontario Realty Corporation

Feb. 4 - 2006

A collection of media articles to document one of Ontario's darkest chapters.
Government corruption both legal and moral so bad that these were used all to often in news articles -
"scandal", "criminal investigation", "police are investigating", "taxpayers were bilked", "shady deals", "audit", "taxpayers swindled", "stench", "bid-rigging", "evidence" and "wrongdoing or criminal behavior in the ORC".
And it just goes on and on!

If you have more news articles to add, please send them to me.

Salary Disclosure
Ontario Realty Corp., (ORC).

Jan. 30 - 2006

Tony Miele has been the top paid executive at the Ontario Realty Corporation (ORC),

for a number of years, most of which there were very serious concerns about the ORC selling land a prices far below its real value

- ripping off taxpayers. This has lead some to question Mr. Miele's high priced salary and looking over the list that shows an ever growing list of staff being paid over $100,000. Is this just wage increases or has the ORC been hiring very high priced help?

Has the ORC become just another government pig trough our money is poured into?

Tony N. Miele
now has his own web-page.

Jan. 29 - 2006

Boy has he earned it!
As the President of the Ontario Realty Corporation
he always said he did things legally and by the book
BUT others disagree.
Ontario Environmental Commissioner,
Gord Miller files a scathing report about how the ORC has been doing business
"We found that the Ontario Realty Corp.
broadly disregarded this environmental legislation."
"The Ontario Realty Corporation is breaking the Environmental Assessment Act
by not conducting studies for environmentally sensitive land it is selling...
The environment is vulnerable.
Last year (1999), the ORC sold $200-million worth of property
without conducting a single environmental assessment
???? - Where in the world is Tony Miele - ????
If you know where Tony Miele is now or why
he left the Ontario Realty Corporation so suddenly
please E-Mail us and let us know,
would very much try to interview him to get his side of this story.

If you have more details regarding Tony Miele's history please forward to
The Democratic Reporter - Brown envelopes are welcome.

Court Cases & Investigations
of Note

Jan. 25 - 2006

A NEW web-page just to list Court Cases that have involved well-known
Mississaugans or have affected
Mississaugans/Mississauga in some way.
There are many, that most people do not know of and in time they will all be presented.
Also, related items will be posted here.
So keep watching - you never know who will show up here next!

Ontario Realty Corporation's
President and Chief executive officer Tony Miele who has just resigned
is also named in a major law suite.
Being just one item of interest and what is not noted in the news articles
when he resigned,
The Democratic Reporter has.

The Right Honourable Paul Martin
Prime Minister of Canada.

Jan. 4 - 2006

Request for action regarding Corruption
in the
Governor General's office.

Will Paul Martin and the Liberal Party of Canada
???? step up to the plate on this issue of Corruption ????
I am keeping him in the loop on this!

Roy Willis
files his election papers to run for the office of
Mayor of Mississauga

Jan. 4 - 2006

Against Hazel McCallion

Hazel McCallion's
Unlawful Subdivision Application
should be Investigated by the Governor General
to discover if this Mayor is of suitable character
to be a member of the Order of Canada.

Jan. 3 - 2006

This is the follow-up to the Governor General calling for a
"A formal request for delay in Hazel McCallion's investiture
review of the decision to name her a member of the Order of Canada."

This web-site is unique in that the actual documents
are posted for people to view and be the judges of.

Also it means people can see how to investigate politicians themselves,
its not too hard!

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