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!!!! ATTENTION !!!!
Due to the on going legal assaults against my person

the likelihood that Hazel McCallion supporters
(including her bullies with guns Peel police),
will do everything in their power to destroy me, my reputation and my work since 1994 for the community - it is recommended that you make a copy of this web-site before it is destroyed by Law & Order.

I am sorry to inform you of this but when you take on the Queen of Sprawl
(Hazel McCallion), even if it is at the request the community, she will do all she can to hurt you and no act of evil is out-of-bounds.

This page contains political, legal, media, election issues and events.

 Links to the police complaint(s) regarding how the City and its politicians use the
Peel police against us.
Human and Charter Rights issues in Canada.

What our politicians are really up to and the media doesn't cover properly, if at all.

The times I have run for the office of Mayor of Mississauga.


And a host of other issues that have turned up as I have discovered just what it REALLY means to live in Canada and fight for justice, for a community's
Democratic rights.

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General note about this web-page and others that comment on persons, events and politicians.
Due to the media's bias, to report only good news or positive things about certain people and not to report negative, this creates an unbalanced image of them in the eyes of the public.
Such reporting is poison to Democracy.

My efforts are aimed at restoring the balance.
Yes, they are the posting of the more negative facts and their dark deeds but if the main stream media will not do their job in a Democracy, then some one else has to.
If we don't have a healthy Democracy - then what do we have?

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There are hundreds of stories
about how business
is really done in Mississauga and the Mayor.

This includes how our politicians have carried on.
Some have become URBAN LEGENDS because of their exploits.

If you (including Peel police & the O.P.P.), have info about where interesting items,
news articles, how things can be found - you can E-mail
Mail to - Station 'B' - Box 1504 - Mississauga - Ont. - L4Y 4G2

Brown envelops are welcome.

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If you want to receive notice of both changes to this web-site and events relating to the efforts to save the
Cawthra Bush and Mississauga's natural areas,

please send me an e-mail
asking to be put on the notification list or just paste this text to the e-mail.

Since, Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga has publicly expressed her concerns about my efforts to inform the public in regards to what is really going on in Mississauga, bad things have been coming my way.


City of Mississauga -  Public Complaints Procedure

How do you reform a corrupt political system when the local media is in bed
with those who have ruled for decades by way of cover-up of  p
ublic complaints?

New web-page set-up to index events relating to my complaints about the City of Mississauga conduct and the its new Public Complaints Procedure, that I forced them to create.

This will be another text book example of bias reporting to mislead Mississauga's taxpayers.

Dec. 3, 2008
- General Committee media report - City crafts policy to address complaints

Dec. 10, 2008
- Council media report - NOTHING! - it was pasted by Council but no report on the first ever Public Complaints Procedure by the City of Mississauga.  Why is the Missing News not reporting that Mississaugans now have a formal way to file complaints against the City?  Is it because of the embarrassing RANT by Councillor Pat Saito that was reported by the National Post?
Dec. 17-08

More of my addresses to Council at the Dec. 10, 2008, City Council regarding.

Roy Ivor
the Birdman of Erindale

More about the death of the dream of a Bird Sanctuary in Mississauga,
ruled by the Queen of Sprawl.

Dec. 13-08

"Not apologizing to anyone", councillor says

I showed up to address the City's first time ever Public Complaints Procedure and Councillor Pat Saito uses it for an excuse to go on a self-serving rant of falsehoods, that allowed Council to avoid the real questions.
A National embarrassment AGAIN, for Mississauga!

HEAR the sound clip & judge for yourself what business she has being public office.
Dec. 11-08

Scoop -- News Release -- Scoop

Just in Carolyn Parrish Mississauga City Councillor is blowing
the lid off the Enersource mess in Mississauga!

In the Dec. 10th, Mississauga Council meeting, She (other Councillors as well) and Mayor Hazel McCallion came to a major disagreement about the issue of buy the outstanding 10% of Enersource, having full control, even before deciding as if to enter into talks as to if the business deal between partners could be changed.

A Facts Sheet was handed out with facts and figures not seen before on one sheet.
Clear division exists in Mississauga Council and names were named
as to how it all went wrong!
Very serious questions need to be asked how the facts were hidden from Councillors when they agreed to 10% CONTROL deal.
More importantly, what did the Mayor know at the time?

NOW with more sound clips & pictures!

Mississauga Hydro
- Buy - Sell - Whatever -

This issue has become so big and complicated and calls for investigation that it requires its own home page now.
A home page to link to News articles - sound bits - listing of events etc. etc.........

For the first time in years interesting things are taking place Mississauga's Council Chambers, open conflict as the Mayor tired old hands lose their grip on power and the blame game gets played out in public & broadcasted!
Most importantly, the media is misleading the public by failing to report KEY FACTS.
So, as a citizen reporter who has not sold out, I am one of only couple informed reporters of events you can trust.


Dec. 11-08

André Marin, Ontario - Ombudsman of Ontario,

responds to my letter of request.

The pdf file is here.

Dec. 10-08

What is this?

A Mississauga security guard acting like she is expecting and gang war
to break out in Council chambers or worse!

Dec. 10-08


In 1988 & 2006?

In Mississauga it has long been that it doesn't matter how you win just as long as you win, so the question is how far does that mentally extend into the so-called Democratic election in Mississauga.
What are the tricks of the trades?
Does it have to be illegal or unlawful?
How does the law cover - prevent it or is it just a paper tiger largely ignored?
Do the police enforce or does it require a person from the public to bring the legal action?

One of the easiest methods of wining an election by underhanded means is to get the race down to 2 candidates and then 1 drops out of the election after the last day for nominations, so no other candidates can enter the race - then the last candidate is
Which makes a real joke of the Democratic process & elections as the so-called elected official takes office without a single vote for them, no majority, no campaign for taxpayers to consider their election platform and to vote to accept it or not.

Politicians who are acclimated often parade around like they are so damn good that no one else could even consider themselves good enough to do a better job then the acclimated one.  And those who are acclimated need not be the incumbent to part-take this ego trip.

Jumping in and out of election races are not always done for underhanded reasons but as taxpayers and voters we must watch very closely for patterns & other supporting evidence.  With that in mind consider the strange and troubling case of Stephen Morgan.

What would a reasonable person think - knowing all the facts?

How does this relate to the need for the Ombudsman of Ontario to be
impartial judge free of political influence or control for municipalities - especially Mississauga?

Dec. 8-08

Letter of Request

André Marin, Ontario - Ombudsman of Ontario,
asking he inform the City of Mississauga that he can deal with complaints made against the City is he was invited to do so, also sent to the
Premier of Ontario - the Hon Dalton McGuinty
- along with
Robert W. Runciman, MPP (Leeds--Grenville)
- Howard Hampton, MPP (Kenora--Rainy River).

Will justice be allowed to prevail?
Will there be a truly impartial judge, free of political influence or control
to deal with the serious complaints against the City of Mississauga?

Dec. 5-08

A blast from the past!

Hazel McCallion may never step down!

This is news?


Victory for Antonio Batista
Not only does he win the Appeal, he is acquitted of all charges!

The Pot-hole Poet's Appeal, by Clayton Ruby regarding his conviction for making a so-called "uttering a threat to cause death" has been successful - overturned and in the words of the Appeal Judge {S.E. Lang J.A. and agreed to by Appeal Judges, Robert J. Sharpe J.A. & G. Epstein J.A.}, "The charge of intimidation included the same element of death threats.  For the same reasons, it also cannot succeed.  Accordingly, I would allow the appeal, set aside the conviction and substitute an acquittal of the appellant on both counts in the indictment."

The first ruling by a Peel Judge was very carefully dissected to show not only the injustice by of the way it was selective in what facts were considered but also goes into detail as to our Charter Rights trump such a frivolous use of a criminal charge when a Canadian makes statements regarding their elected officials.  The reasonable person test was very clearly spelt out not only for use in the case but future use in Peel!

In conversation with Mr. Ruby, he notes it is unusual for the outcome of an Appeal to be an acquittal and "its not often that the Court of Appeal has to remind the Attorney General of the importance in a free society of the ability to criticize local officials, but they did, I hope he leans his lesson."  Yes - as we all do!
In this Appeal it was put forward that the Verdict was an unreasonable one.
Mr. Ruby notes its "very unusual" as a "unreasonable Verdict is hard to obtain and they {the Appeal Judges} substituted an acquittal and that is the end of it.  What they are saying is we are not going to allow you to put this man through it again."
Mr. Ruby has done so in the past but modestly does not recall how many times.

The Appeal Judgment.

The pdf file of the judgment.

The soulless Persecution of Antonio Batista
For more about Mr. Batista and how unjust he has been treated & how it affect all of us.

And another scoop for the DEMOCRATIC REPORTER as the first media to post the whole rule - comments to follow.
Nov. 28-08

Oh the irony of it all,
the cruelty, as fate
twists & turns against
Hazel McCallion.

The plan was to have wonderful news articles and photos of the Mayor (87), celebrating 30 years as Mississauga's Mayor at her 22nd annual Mayor's Gala at the Living Arts Centre.  The hype had been building for weeks, even a whole section in the Mississauga Business Times celebrating her 30 years as Mississauga's Mayor - how appropriate, the business news and not the other media would love her that much.

And what happens?
Hazel McCallion is splashed all-over the front page between a
women killer and the female realtor victim,
who helped battered women.

Well, not the news coverage she expected to see the day after her - its all about me Mayor's Gala.
Where they even invited TV talk show host Regis Philbin, who commented that after talking to the Mayor "I talked to her on last Wednesday and I was depressed for a week" - well, you would not be the only one Regis.

Oh well, the Mayor is never one to past up the opportunity for press and was being quoted left - right and centre on this story, "Mayor Hazel McCallion to call her death a major blow to the city.", well yes the Mayor has a special place in her heart (most of it), for those who build & sell homes or buildings in general.
Seriously Hazel, could you not have waited a day or two before exploiting another chance to see name in the media?

This another killing in a record number of murders for this year in Mississauga.
Now what Hazel, are you going to again call up the Chief of Peel police and tell him to stop the killing by (ex)Toronto police officers?  Only a few weeks ago you were all over him to explain the higher number of killings in Mississauga - will it now be stop these killer cops?  Likely no, when cops do crime they always get kid glove - slap on the wrist treatment, as much as the circumstances allow.  Like when the Mayor lost control of her car and smash it into a signal light post!

Record number of killings - mmmmm - maybe because there is a record number of people in Peel and growing each day!
That bad urban planning or urban sprawl also leads to crime & an increased murder rate - did you think of those?

{please note the husband has only been charged at this time, not convicted & details are few to explain events.
His recent surgery for a cancerous tumour on his gallbladder and drugs taken for it may have played a factor in what everyone say was very out of character for this couple.}
Nov 10-08

Peek police are at it again - rubbing taxpayers faces
in the fact the law really doesn't apply to cops!

I have not post the many stories in the past few months about the growing moral bankruptcy in the Peel police as more and more of their officers wrong doing comes to light.  No wonder they are carrying on about gun crimes to distract the public from looking closer at what the boys in black are doing to the public.  Well its a hard job but someone has to do it.

Cst. William Yakimishyn
, 57, a 33-year veteran with Peel Regional Police, was found guilty of discreditable conduct under the Police Services Act after leaving the scene of a parking lot accident he caused and lied about doing.
The main article.

This one really stinks, he is guilty as hell & admits it, he tried to lie his way out of it by all accounts which makes it even worse for someone who claims to be a police Officer, THEN he appeals his punishment and gets it hafted!  What an example to the youth he is, lets all be like him!  It is so bad the Mississauga "Missing" News prints an Editorial about it regarding the clear bias in our so-called just system.  I say, Yes there is a law for the rich & for the poor but also for the our RULERS - Government - and those who's primary job is to protect the RULERS - Government.
These days it is those who wear the black uniforms and carry guns - police.


Peel police
Their Hall of Shame

List of general police articles

Nov. 3-08

Hazel McCallion playing around in her CLOWN suit again!

Having a Mayor who can't dress herself is a special shame for Mississauga and this problem has not shown up lately,
it goes back decades.  More here.
Nov. 3-08


Here is a short slide show about the

Death of the Electric Car

- that's right -
In North American the most important change we need - from gas to electric for our cars and transportation needs has been undermined by both business and mostly government by way of the oil industry having its "good old boys" in key positions of power.  This slide show does not go into all the details, however there is a video call "who kill the electric car?".
You should watch and get very mad about the facts in this case
or visit the the Wikipedia site for these details.

The slide show

And in Canada there is the shameful story of the ZENN car.
The Canadian-made ZENN - Zero Emissions, No Noise car, for less than $17,000.
So clearly a Canadian success story the reasons why it is illegal in most provinces are obviously,
it is a Canadian success story that the U.S. of A. can't allow!

Toronto-based ZENN ( has sold about 350 ZENNs,
mainly in the U.S., where 40 states allow "neighbourhood electric vehicles".
In Canada, ZENNs are street legal only in Quebec and British Columbia.
Not coincidentally, vehicles are built in St.-Jerome.
So when smug Canadian's say they are smarter then Americans - not so.

And related to all this is,
The End of Suburbia in Mississauga
The Solution to it A New Urban Development Economy.





Police State Style Data Base Records
City of Mississauga - security - just in!

That's right - right off their computer screens, the actual data base file they are keeping on me (well some of it),
and HUNDREDS of other Mississaugans, for many different reasons.
Have a look at how local government is keeping track of us.
The questions these records raise are many for those who know how these things work.

June 20, 2008

of car speed surveillance has hit the streets of Mississauga - literally!
NAILED right into them!

We are hearing a lot about photo-radar and how the City of Mississauga is pushing it,
well here is a new version for measuring the speed of a car that many people will drive right over and if they see it, will not know its purpose - sneaky!

Click Here for more.


June 11, 2008

No way wait till fall - City wants to dance with me, I lead!

More letters to the City - telling them how it is going to be.

Now posting the E-mails of City security & their (as I call it), lie speak.


June 4, 2008

Sign of the times,
profiting from paranoia - should this not be illegal?

On the other hand - how about this one by a youth.


June 5, 2008

Mississauga Muse of Mississauga Watch
{Ursula Keuper-Bennett}
Has come out and declared herself as going to make a complaint regarding City security,
by way of a letter sent to City of Mississauga Council & published in Council agenda,
June 4, 2008,
- copy to Mayor's office - even if, at the meeting in question there were no copies of the full agenda for members of the public who were in attendance.



June 8, 2008

Thank You,
John Steward of the Mississauga News,

for reminding me of how Mississauga By-Law enforcement had harassed my dear old father & I during the election of 2006.
That has been added to my list of complaints and will get the facts up about it on web-site very shortly.
So all the less then flattering things I have said about the "Missing News" and your reporting - I take some of them back.


June 8, 2008


Scoop -- News Release -- Scoop

This is the Corporate Report for the special City By-law to deal with my complaints about City staff and politicians that I forced, being not such a fool be believe that the City lawyer could ever be a fair & unbias judge of my complaints.  And making it clear to Council that evidence was edited and destroyed by City security involving a criminal case
- in such a way as to benefit City security staff and politicians.

That's right a special law to deal with little old me!
But wait there is more!

It should have been passed at Council May 21, 2008, but it was not - stalling?
Trying to find a new ways to screw me?
I have called for the Ontario Ombudsman to deal with this,
as he is the only one who could ever be considered unbias, fair and just.
It goes back to staff because of the resulting
the resolution.

Then there is the strange and mysterious endorsement that City Council actually VOTED on, after coming out of an in-camera meeting for
Janice Baker!
The same
Janice Baker, City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer, who wrote the above Corporate Report AND - get this - was named Canada's Most Powerful Women (in 2007 & 2005), along with the Mayor!  As Hazel would say "interesting".  It appears that by way of Council actions - not to approve Janice Baker's action plan/report, that Council has in fact lost faith in Janice Baker and are throwing up a smoke screen - an endorsement to fool us.
Or could it be that Council is trying to protect the "Most Powerful Women" prize as it is connected directly to the Mayor?  If so a 4 members of Council were not around to show support - rift in Council?

So what the hell really brought it on?


Profile of Community activist Donald Barber

April 14, 2008

His continuous conflict over the Cawthra Bush.

By Shauna Cade - journalist with a B.A. Political Science

??? Monster Crane with Wings ???

Friend or Foe?

In General News


Good News - Bad News
from world media;

Good News - Big Bother video surveillance has been dealt a serious blow.
It is wonderful news that "Britain's multibillion-dollar surveillance network "an utter fiasco," Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville said video footage has solved only 3 per cent of crime.".  That "the estimated 4.2 million closed-circuit television cameras in the U.K. have made barely a blip on the graph of public safety".  That and the fact these cameras did nothing to stop crimes like the attacks on London's transport system.  How did this true come to light?  The Freedom of Information Act was used to uncover it - otherwise the police & government would have been more then willing to keep shoveling taxpayers money into their [we want to control everything], pet project and tell no one the truth.

Bad News - I am proven right again - wording to illustrate the point that in Canada the legal system no longer serves justice or the poor.  WE have become a growth industry and shut out from seeking our own justice in the Courts, as these words would note - "
We have entered an era of juristocracy -- the regime of laws, judges and prosecutors -- where only those admitted to a professionally approved class of lawyers may plead a case." & "Issues once resolved behind the scenes and based on human interaction -- in parliamentary debates, the press and on the hustings -- have given way to legalistic canons and precepts."

Fact is that due to control mass media has on public opinion our elected officials are too afraid to do their jobs and be in control of making laws - it has been left up to the police & Crowns (the persecutors), who are literally changing our laws by coming up with creative interpretations of existing laws.  That not only strip away our general rights and Charter rights but expand their power and control over all aspects of our families lives.  "Security", has made our lives worse, we have less security from the biggest bullies, the police and government - the very reason why Democracy was created to do.
Even less in the future, when the electrical dictatorship becomes a reality because of lack of leadership and wisdom from our elected politicians.



I am hung again,
this time in the old Peel jail,
now the Peel Heritage Complex - Art Gallery.

It an oldie but a goldie,
if you are going to steal - take a lesson from the Peel police - go big, steal construction equipment!!!

This early news article was a brief flash of hope that the Mississauga "Missing" News would be acting like a real News paper and report all the wrong doing & evil-doers in government - no such luck.

Its Interesting that "this might constitute a negative image of Peel Police (and police in general), Catney was first to argue the opposite." - say what?  Maybe with an attitude like that coming from the Chief, that is why the Peel police have gone on to set records for disciplined problems or even criminal acts.

Some Peel cops in the wrong

Formal request for charges & arrests
in regards to a death threat and/or intimidation towards
- in other words a TERRORIST ATTACK -
City of Toronto Elected officials, City of Toronto staff and suggesting destroying City hall.

My letter to the Editor regarding this.

Have now received a letter from the Chief of Toronto police - William Blair
or who he saddled with the task of responding to it

**** Breaking News ****

The Apr. 4, 2008, letter from Janice M. Baker, CA - City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer, notes the matter has been reopened and that she will work to "map out a process and structure as to how these complaints will be handled".
Clearly I was right!  And that complaints will be investigated - in some way.
Not kidding self, cover-up is the name of the game at Mississauga hall but this is the second time I have shot down a City lawyer in Council chambers!  Proof also that no one should accept a letter from a government lawyer as being a fair judge of a complaint.


Right to
City of Mississauga Council's face
City Security edited & destroyed video evidence
in a criminal case - involving the Mayor & Councillors!


Hazel McCallion's home is broken into.

Who will be arrested - Me?
Why not, politicians and police (the boys in black with guns), have learned that they can
at a drop of a hat falsely charge innocence community representatives
and that the Courts will happily play along.

Oh, This is a story I broke as the Missing News reporter was asleep at the switch when the Mayor let the cat out of the bag.


Mar. 26, 2008
Addressed City Council and filed major complaints.

Click here for the official minutes (story) and what really happened - that reversed the Cover-up or at least will make it more challenging for City hall.



Even before they are out of the gate the
2008 Federal Election goes negative,

thanks to a Tory mailing that takes a page right out of the
Mike Harris-(ment) election play book.
Remember how he got elected on law & order and beat up those on welfare?
Remember how hated he became, even by those who voted for him?
How he left Ontario deep in debt & jumped ship before it was found out?

More about the Hate & Greed flyers here.

Hazel McCallion's eyes are watching me

At the Feb. 2, 2003 - Youth Peace Vigil - the Mayor of Mississauga really like to keep her eyes on me.

Peel police Discipline Reports

For the first time ever the actual Peel police discipline reports that they submit to the Peel police Service Board (PpSB),
are being posted on the Internet.

Peter Tabuns M.P.P. (NDP),
spoke to all interested groups and individuals in Mississauga about how
                   we can work collectively to stop McGuinty and the OMB from building the
3 or 4 more Gas-fired Power Plants planned for Mississauga.
At this meeting Roy Willis noted the 4 levels of government in Mississauga that had power over this
                   matter and got a good laugh.

Up-dates on my Formal Complaint against
City of Mississauga Security

The general index of this complaint.

As no action from Councillor Carolyn Parrish - Ward 6 &  Councillor George Carlson - Ward 11,
Tried sending it to whole Council, Mayor and the City Manager - nothing!

Then attended Council Dec. 12, 2007.
Interesting how staff will say whatever falsehoods they care to make a member of public look bad - before the TV cameras.

Got a nice screw off you are not important enough for City politicians to take you seriously
letter from Mary Ellen Bench - City Solicitor.

So I write a letter requesting clarification of her letter for better understanding. 

To add insult to injury, the City is now in the process of approving a By-law to make legal what should be illegal - the empowering City security guards to order you off City property at whim or arrest you for not obeying them.
When they tell you to dance, you must dance!  The draft pdf file.

Meserat Demke's story of how
City of Mississauga abused her and the children in her care.

A very detailed account and one that truly shows how City staff do their evil deeds on innocent taxpaying Mississaugans.
A lesson for all of us - in case they try to turn you or your family into a make work project.

The truth is out there as to how Hazel crushes descent & those who feel they have been wronged by City of Mississauga staff.

She is a Community Hero for coming forward with her account & more should follow her example.


Feb. 14th - 2008
It has been ruled there is no need for a Peace Bond against me,
that I have suffered enough.
Details to follow.


Here is a nice political cartoon about how Hazel McCallion is being two faced in her efforts to lead an effort for more money for Cities while being one of the richest politicians going.  After some 30 years of sucking at the public purse can you imagine how great it would be for Mississauga if she gave back just 1/10 of her income?

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